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Hollywood Artists Praise Divine Performing Arts Show (Photos)

(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) International Company staged its second Chinese New Year Spectacular in the Los Angeles area at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on New Year's Eve. Many Hollywood celebrities in the audience had high praise for the performance.

Hollywood playwright: Grand, excellent show with a high degree of artistry

Oksana McGovern, Hollywood playwright, and Tom McGovern, an actor, were impressed and said that the show was marvelous.

Oksana McGovern, Hollywood playwright (right), Tom McGovern, actor (left), and their son

During the intermission Oksana McGovern said that she had put together and produced, among other shows, the comedy Angel's Wing.

She was impressed with the DPA Spectacular and said, "The show was well-conceived. The costumes were so beautiful and the choreography excellent. The show presented a complex and yet delicate picture to the audience. "

Originally from Russia, Ms. McGovern is a ballet dancer and an actress and has performed in Russia and New York, among other places. She moved to Los Angeles five years ago and is involved in movies, television dramas, and playwriting. She is a movie producer and also makes music CDs.

"As a dancer, I can tell that the dances are highly complex and difficult. The dancers are wonderful--they must have undergone rigorous training. I liked the male dancers. Their performances were very inspiring." She said that the extremely difficult movements by the male dancers made a very deep impression on her. "They really did a very good job. "

The costumes were gorgeous and looked graceful on the performers in Ms. McGovern's eyes, "The show combines all of the efforts [put into the show] and results in a high level performance. I think the show manifests a very high level of artistry and presents a highly artistic performance. It does not present just cultural dances, but a high degree of artistry. "

Ms. McGovern found the backdrop design to be unique, "I liked the design of the backdrop. It is wonderful because it showcases the effect of three-dimensional pictures. It is also very unique. I have never seen it any where else in the world."

Hollywood actor: I like the dances. They are so beautiful

Tom McGovern is an actor. He thought the show was marvelous. He liked the "Dance of the Snow -Capped Mountain" and thought is was full of energy and very beautiful.

He also was especially impressed with "The Monkey King Triumphs" that tells the story of a Buddhist monk and his three disciples suffering many tribulations as they travel to India in search of scriptures. One day when the Monkey King leaves to get food, a demon transforms itself into a beautiful lady to seduce the monk. The monk remains unmoved, but the trap closes. The three are caught in a crisis. Fortunately, the Monkey King arrives in time and ultimately defeats the demon.

He also enjoyed the first piece, "The Five Millennia Begin." "It was very deep. From an artistic point of view, the choreography is amazing. The movements of the dancers and the stories are all marvelous."

Well-known actress: The programs can encourage everyone

Well-known movie actress Ms. Leslie Garza Rivera and her daughter were in the audience on New Year's Eve. She said she was touched by the performance.

Ms. Rivera is a famous movie star in both Los Angeles and Mexico. Besides having played in many films, she also performed in Detective Privado [Private Eye].

During intermission, she said that she was completely intoxicated and deeply touched by the performances. "This is a perfect show. I strongly recommend it to everyone. People of any cultural background should see this show."

Her favorite piece was "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution." She was moved to tears as she watched. She noted that the DPA company presented not only stories from ancient China, but also what is happening today in China. "The stories of courage and conscience were very thought provoking."

Ms. Garza continued, "The dances are really spectacular. They are exciting, colorful, and full of vitality. They draw the audience into the performances." She sense the deep meaning the show imparted and recognized the traditional Chinese virtues. She believed that this show could encourage anyone.

Posting date: 1/9/2009
Original article date: 1/9/2009
Category: Falun Dafa Worldwide
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