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Insidious Nature of CCP Exposed--Practitioner Wu Jiuping Beaten and Thrown from the Fourth Floor by Police Officers in Tianchang City

January 11, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Wu Jiuping previously worked for the People's Hospital in Tianchang City, Anhui Province. On November 22, four policemen and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) personnel went to Wu Jiuping's apartment and beat him until he was seriously injured and lost consciousness. In order to cover up their crime, the police officers threw him from the fourth floor of his building and then left. Mr. Wu passed away about 8:00 p.m. that night after he was taken to People's Hospital.

It was very obvious that the majority of bruises on Wu Jiuping's body were from the beating, and not from the fall. According to a witness, after Wu Jiuping was taken to the hospital, a doctor examined him and found that he had bruises from being beaten. He was completely black and blue from the backs of both of his legs to his waist, up over his back and shoulders. His left arm and left leg were broken, his left thighbone was broken into pieces, his face had very serious injuries, his left eyeball was ruptured, his entire face was black and blue, and he had a wound from a heavy club. Mr. Wu's whole body was bloody and the white clothing he had on was all red. (Wu Jiuping was a People's Hospital medical lab technician. He was wearing his hospital uniform at the time.)

After this event, CCP personnel blockaded the hospital and the funeral home. The relevant departments in the hospital stopped running business as usual. Hospital personnel talked with the individual doctors involved and ordered them to answer questions about Mr. Wu's death in a unified answer, claiming that he committed suicide by jumping. They also followed Mr. Wu's fiancée (a People's Hospital nurse) all day to persuade her to state that Wu Jiuping committed suicide. The CCP regime from Tianchang City, the police, and the 610 Office all exerted pressure on businesses that have Falun Gong practitioners as employees. They threatened other Falun Gong practitioners and people who previously practiced Falun Gong, telling them, "Don't make any noise," or "Don't try to take care of it," as otherwise they "would have to take all the responsibilities themselves."

At about 4:00 p.m. on November 22, 2007, Cong Sichao, the Political and Security Department head of the 610 Office, along with two policemen and the People's Hospital Security Department head Xia Wenshi, went to Wu Jiuping's house to harass him. The bruises on Wu Jiuping's body showed that the policemen had beaten Wu Jiuping to the edge of death, then threw him out of the window, then tried to falsely claim that Mr. Wu committed suicide.

The noise from Mr. Wu's fall was heard by a witness downstairs. The witness shouted to ask someone to come rescue Mr. Wu. But the four people did not come to help him, instead they left the scene silently. Wu Jiuping lost consciousness after he was thrown to the ground, but after a while moved a bit. Not long after this an ambulance from the People's Hospital, with only one person on board, arrived and the person got out of the ambulance and carried Wu Jiuping to the ambulance. He said that he would take Mr. Wu to the hospital for treatment. (It is not clear whether this ambulance with only one person was arranged by the four people who accosted Mr. Wu to take the body away. If this person came to truly help him, why was there no medical staff with the ambulance?)

After he arrived at the hospital, according to an insider, Wu Jiuping could talk, and had a clear mind. After he was put on an IV, he started to ramble incoherently and later he could no longer talk. Wu Jiuping passed away about 8:00 p.m. that night. It was reported that Wu Jiuping's body was taken to the morgue, and it is not clear whether his body was secretly cremated or not.

Mr. Wu Jiuping, about 30 years old, was a medical lab technician in Tianchang City People's Hospital. People who knew him said that he was a good and talented person.

He had been persecuted many times by the CCP, only because he was a Falun Dafa cultivator. From1999 to 2002, he had been illegally detained and then sent to a forced labor camp for two years. In 2003, he went to a village near his hometown to clarify the truth, and someone there reported him. Because that area was under the jurisdiction of Xianggou Village, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province, he was persecuted by the Yizheng 610 Office and was illegally given a four-year sentence. During the detention period, Wu Jiuping was subjected to all kinds of tortures. He was forced to agree to be a so-called "inside hint," or a spy, and for that he was released one year ahead of time. It was a so-called "probation." The CCP personnel told him that his sentence term would expire in October 2007. After he went back to work at the hospital, the 610 Office personnel, the police, and the security department of the hospital closely monitored and harassed him.

After he came back home from the prison, Wu Jiuping immediately published a solemn statement stating that anything he said or did against Dafa was a result of intense pressure and persecution, and he resumed his cultivation in Dafa. But Yizheng 610 Office policemen, the Tianchang 610 Office and hospital personnel often harassed him, exerted pressure and threatened his parents.

Later, they tried to persuade Mr. Wu to go abroad as a spy. They told him that he was young, had knowledge, and they wanted him to go abroad to destroy Falun Gong and Falun Gong activities. If he did well, they said he would enjoy many benefits after he returned home from abroad. They would take care of all his expenses. If he did not do well, he would have to take care of all the expenses. If he did not come back to China, his parents would have to take care of the expenses. They told him he would have to be trained for six months to be such a spy. Wu Jiuping rejected the offer. The CCP organized people to try to persuade him many times but were unsuccessful. He was then often persecuted arbitrarily.

Recently Wu Jiuping clarified the truth to a patient, and the security personal threatened him. They persecuted him to death this time, taking advantage of Wu Jiuping being at home alone.

After this incident, the police from Tianchang City did not apprehend the murderers and punish them according to law, but instead, they blocked the news of his death, and ordered people who were involved to lie about the circumstances of Mr. Wu's death. Wu Jiuping's family were also ordered to say that the policemen just asked Wu several questions and Mr. Wu jumped out of the fourth floor window because he did not think it through.

Wu Jiuping had elderly parents and two married sisters. Before the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, his parents and his sisters were all Falun Gong practitioners and they all knew that Falun Dafa was good. They gave up cultivation due to the CCP's persecution. Even so, they were often harassed by the authorities and were threatened to exert pressure on Mr. Wu. It created a terrible strain on the entire family.

When 610 Office personnel in Tianchang City go to a Dafa practitioner's home to search, if they do not find any "evidence" to use against them, they will take out a piece of truth-clarification literature from their own pockets and drop it on the floor or on a table, and then use the so-called evidence to frame the practitioner. They do this to persecute Dafa practitioners and to get rewards from upper levels of the government and the CCP. Wang Jianping, the 610 Office head of Tianchang City, was promoted from security department head to this position of more power. Cong Sichao was promoted to the position of security department head from being an ordinary officer, due to his efforts in persecuting Falun Gong.

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