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Mr. Yang Yuxin Tortured to Death in Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region

September 06, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of August 27, 2007, Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Yuxin, from Dayangshu Town, Oroqen Autonomous Prefecture, Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region, died of torture during detention. He was only 31 years old.

At around 8 p.m. on May 31, 2007, Jiexi Police Station (in Dayangshu Town) Director De Nengshan (male) led Morin Dawa Prefecture 610 Office Chair Zhang Shibin and agents Liu Fuqing (male), Ao Liqiang (male), and Wang Baojuan (female) to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Yang Yuxin and his newlywed wife Ms. Zhen Haiyan. Zhang Shibin pointed a hand gun at Mr. Yang Yuxin's head while four to five agents carried him to the vehicle. The couple was taken to the Jiexi Police Station. These agents ransacked their home soon after. Mr. Yang Yuxin and his wife were soon taken to the Morin Dawa Prefecture Detention Center.

Nine days later, Mr. Yang was forcibly taken to a brainwashing center located in Zhang Shibin's home. Mr. Yang Yuxin did not cooperate with the forcible brainwashing. Zhang Shibin pointed at Mr. Yang Yuxin and said in front of everyone, "If you refuse to be transformed, I will cremate you." He then took Mr. Yang Yuxin back to the Morin Dawa Prefecture Detention Center. Mr. Yang Yuxin firmly requested to be released as innocent. The guards encouraged prisoners to beat him cruelly. Thus, Mr. Yang started a hunger strike to protest.

Mr. Yang Yuxin's uncle went to visit him twice while he was being severely mistreated, but the Detention Center Administration refused to let him see his nephew. They called his family only after he died. Mr. Yang Yuxin's family requested to have an autopsy done to find out the cause of his death. They found his body had dark bruises under his neck, his mouth could not close, and both of his arms were crossed in front of his chest. His body is currently frozen in the funeral home.

Other Falun Dafa practitioners from Dayangshu Town still detained in the detention center and brainwashing center include Mr. Li Jiucheng, Mr. Liu Guixiang, Mr. Li Furong, and Mr. Wang Xiancheng.

Deceived by Jiang's regime's fabrications that covered the globe, the evil CCP Secretary of Dayangshu Town, Yan Lihua (male), directly planned the systematic persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. He ordered Town Police Deputy Director Li Shuliang (male) and CCP Director Jiang Enwu (male, currently the Oroqen Prefecture 610 Office Chair) to cruelly mistreat all Falun Dafa practitioners in the town. His malicious acts caused three practitioners' deaths, including Ms. Li Haiyan and Ms. Liu Yan. Many practitioners are being sentenced to detention, forced labor, and prison.

Jiexi Police Station Director De Nengshan: 86-13904708806 (Cell)
Morin Dawa Prefecture 610 Office Chair and Police Department Director Zhang Shibin (male, in charge of brainwashing center): 86-13848600007 (Cell)