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Additional Facts About Yin Ling, A Falun Dafa Practitioner from Heilongjiang Province Who Died in the Persecution

November 18, 2005 |   By a practitioner in Heilongjiang Province


Reference: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/3/17/33424.html

Police illegally arrested Ms. Yin Ling, 34, a Falun Dafa practitioner from 597 Farm of Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province on December 28, 2001. Later she was again arrested and taken to the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. During her period of forced labor she went on a hunger strike to resist the persecution. The lawless personnel from the labor camp, however, did not stop abusing her. On November 13, 2002, when she was in critical condition, her family members were then allowed to take her home. Soon after going home, Yin Ling died on December 11, 2002. Following is her story:

Yin Ling lived at the 597 Farm in Baoqing County, Heilongjiang Province. She was a hairdresser. On August 28, 2001, Yin Ling returned home with her 9-year-old son from a vacation. She did not violate any law, but the police, without showing any documents, and while her son was crying bitterly for his mom, arrested her under duress. Her son was shocked and screamed after his mother, "Mom where are you going? I am frightened! I am frightened!"

The mother and son were thus separated. The child was left at home alone with no one to take care of him. Yin Ling was first taken to the 597 Detention Center. The next day, police chief Zhu Shaokun led people to forcibly remove her and take her to the Jiamusi City Forced Labor Camp. The whole process was completely devoid of any legal proceedings. These illegal events were all based on the local farm leaders and on the police making up false evidence, paying bribes, and other such despicable tactics to forcibly and illegally send her to three years of forced labor.

In fact, before Yin Ling went home, the police had already broken into her residence four times by climbing over the walls to ransack her house. They even went to her parent's residence and took both older persons away as hostages. After they captured Yin Ling they did not release her parents.

Yin Ling suffered cruel tortures at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. On October 28, 2002, Yin Ling started a hunger strike there to protest the illegal forced labor. During the hunger strike her lower abdomen became severely swollen and she fainted twice, but the guard still handcuffed Yin Ling to the bed during the day and at night.

According to the description of witnesses, Yin Ling went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution but she was further abused and tortured by being force-fed. Some time later her nose, esophagus and stomach could not withstand the piercing of the tubes. The persecutors either handcuffed Yin Ling to the bed or one person would hold her down and pull her hair, pinch her nose, or pinch her cheeks. Then they force-fed her with corn porridge or rice porridge laced with a high concentration of salt. Each time Yin Ling would be tortured over one hour.

After suffering all these tortures and persecution, Yin Ling became extremely weak. She had difficulty urinating and eventually had a catheter inserted. It was not until she was in critical condition that the forced labor camp officials ordered her family on November 13, 2002 to take her home. She passed away on December 11.

When a reporter investigated this in December 2002, a female police officer from the Jiamusi Forced Labor camp did not admit that Yin Ling died, but her replies seemed contradictory and confused. At one moment she said it was because Yin Ling "had no shoes to wear and thus caught a cold and showed symptoms of kidney infection." At another moment she said, "She got healthy after practicing Falun Gong. If she stopped practicing wouldn't she then get ill?" At the next moment she said, "Who said she died? I saw her still practicing Falun Gong." On March 17, 2003 the reporter once again called the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. This time a male police officer did not deny that Yin Ling had died.

Persons who took part in Yin Ling's persecution:

Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp guards: Gong Chunbo, Zhu Tiehong, Hong Wei, Yu Wenbin, Zhang Xiaodan, Liu Yadong, Zhang Yan, Yin Hong, and Wang Guili
Prison Doctors: Dr. Yang, Dr. Song and Dr. Liu and others
Defense office of the Politics and Security Division from the Shuangyashan Farm and from the 610 Office in Shuangyashan

Personnel from the 597 Farm in Heilongjiang Province who participated in the persecution:
Chief of the farm, Fu Yechun: 86-469-5059998
Farm CCP Committee Secretary: Sun Naisheng: 86-469-5059889 or 86-469-5059885
Police department chief, Zhu Shaokun: 86-469-5059008
Politics and law committee secretary, Chen Jianfu: 86-469-5059951
Ex-politics and law committee secretary, Du Wanfa: 86-469-5059372

Related persons in charge:
Yang Shulin: 86-469-5059188
Bi Lihong: 86-469-5058296
Zhu Minquan: 86-469-5059229

District Police:
Zhang Longbo: 86-469-5059997, Cao Mingjun, Yu Zhentao: 86-469-5059715, Zhu Songshui: 86-469-5059731, Zheng Yuqin: 86-469-5069709, Zhang Yubao and Du Xiaolin: 86-469-5059575, Qi Zhenhong; Yan Chuanliang: 86-469-5059533 (He has passed away. His wife Wang Li took over his position)