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Luo Zhixiang's Husband Talks About How Authorities Killed His Wife for Practicing Falun Gong

October 14, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) What follows is a detailed account by Huang Guohuang, husband of Luo Zhixiang, of how officials from the Tianhe District "610" office [1] and the Guangzhao City police brutally tortured and finally murdered Ms. Luo.

At 1:00 p.m. on November 20, 2002, my wife Luo Zhixiang and I were sleeping in our rented room at #201, Building No. 5, the fifth branch of the Shangchongcun Zhongyue Road in the Haizhu District of Guangzhou City. Suddenly four or five Shangchongcun security guards broke into our room and searched our personal belongings. It was obvious that they had come with ill intentions. When they found our Falun Gong books, they immediately called the Nanzhou Street Police Station in the Tianhe District. About half an hour later, Li Zhizhong, the head of the police station (badge number: 024430, phone: 86-20-84204836), and another policeman bound my hands behind my back with an electrical cord.

They only discovered a few Falun Gong books, but to obtain a bigger bonus (anyone that arrests a Falun Gong practitioner is awarded a 5,000 yuan [2] bonus, while anyone locating a Falun Gong materials site receives a greater reward), they tried to make it look like more. They videotaped a few dozen CD's and claimed they were Falun Gong truth-clarification CD's. When I disclosed their scheme, the policeman who was videotaping turned red in the face and refused to look at me.

At 3:00 p.m. on November 20, 2002, my wife and I were taken to the police department and interrogated. We refused to cooperate with their illegal conduct. In the end, they got no information. That evening we were thrown into two separate cells. At that time my wife Luo Zhixiang was three months pregnant.

Two nights later, just after midnight on November 22, 2002, we were transferred to the Haizhu District Detention Center. To protest our illegal arrest, we went on a hunger strike for two days. The police started force-feeding us on November 24. We were force fed in an emergency treatment room of the Number 177 China Navy Hospital on Chigang Street in the Haizhu District of Guangzhou City. A nurse named Tang Ying participated in force-feeding us. They forced a tube about one meter long down into our stomachs. It was extremely painful when they shoved the tube in, and the tube was bloody when they pulled out.

We were force-fed once every day or two until November 28. Because my wife Luo Zhixiang was pregnant, she was taken away from the Haizhu District Detention Center by Xinhua Street "610" officials from the Tianhe District in Guangzhou City on an "awaiting interrogation" warrant. She was put into the Huangpu Brainwashing Class, the most brutal in Guangzhou City. Luo Zhixiang was very weak, having begun her hunger strike on November 20 and maintaining it until she was tortured to death on December 4. She was moved to the Tianhe District Chinese Medicine Hospital for injections. She was in a double room on the third floor. The outside room had two beds, one for Luo Zhixinag and one for the person who monitored her, and a video camera mounted above the bed. The inside room housed two security guards with a monitoring device. The bathroom was in the hall.

On November 30, the Xinghua Street "610 Office" notified Luo Zhixiang's elder sister Luo Zhifen to come see her. They said that Ms. Luo was terminally ill. Luo Zhifen asked to take her sister home, but Cheng Di, a "610" official, denied her request. They did not want to release her because she refused to write a pledge to give up Falun Gong, but they did not want to take responsibility for her death either. If she died, they could claim that her sister was with her.

Although Luo Zhixiang was closely monitored, she secretly told her sister that she intended to escape. Around 6:00 p.m., Ms. Luo pulled out her intravenous needle and walked out when the monitoring staff was in the inside room. When she got to the elevator entrance, however, she was intercepted. Luo Zhixiang did not have the energy to run away since she had not eaten in so long.

Around 9:00 p.m., her sister Luo Zhifen drank some water from the carafe in her room and quickly fell asleep. The "610 Office" intensified their surveillance on the two sisters. According to Zhifen, she is usually a very light sleeper and awakens at the slightest noise. That night, however, she slept heavily until awakened by the sound of running footsteps around 1:00 a.m. She did not see her sister and thought that maybe she had escaped, so she prepared to go home. Suddenly a security guard rushed into the bathroom then ran downstairs. Luo Zhifen felt something terrible must have happened. She hurried into the bathroom and saw the window open. She looked out of the window and saw her sister Luo Zhixiang lying unconscious directly below. Since so many people had already gathered on the scene, Zhifen realized that it must have been some time since her sister fell.

Luo Zhifen rushed downstairs, crying. She saw a person taking pictures of Luo Zhixiang. She begged them to help her sister, but no one listened to her pleading, nor did anyone look worried. After the pictures were taken, doctors carried Luo Zhixiang in to take X-rays and do an ultrasound. She had no fractured bones, and the baby in her uterus was normal. There was a small amount of blood on the ground where she fell. A subdural hematoma (a blood clot on the surface of the brain) was discovered under the rear left part of her skull where she had hit the ground. She was carried to the emergency room.

About twenty people, including "610" officials, a security guard, doctors, and nurses entered the emergency room, but Luo Zhifen was not allowed in. A few minutes later, she heard her sister's terrible cry from the emergency room. Luo Zhifeng saw through a crack in the door that someone was removing her sister's pants. Then someone in the emergency room saw Zhifeng and drove her away. Her mind was racing, "What were they doing in the emergency room? Why did Luo Zhixiang make that heartrending cry?"

Someone reported the incident to the local police, who soon arrived. Chen Di, the head of the Guanghua Street "610 Office" was so angry he shouted, "Who called the police?" He didn't want anyone, even the local police, to find out about the inhuman and illegal conduct at the brainwashing center. The police took a report from Luo Zhifen, which took about 40 minutes. They told her that her sister had been transferred to Huaqiao Hospital at Jinan University, and offered her a ride there.

When she arrived at the hospital at 3:00 am on December 1, the doctors at Huaqiao Hospital told her that their examination revealed two injuries at the rear of her sister's brain, one on the left and another on the right. The left injury was caused by the fall from the third floor, but the result was only clotted blood in the brain covering, which should heal after relieving the pressure. The injury on the right side, however, was very deep. Even if it did heal, she would probably be a vegetable.

Luo Zhifen was confused. In Tianhe China Medicine Hospital, they did not say anything about two injuries to her sister's head. She was advised to ask the people who had transported Luo Zhixiang. Xinhua Street "610" officials Chen Di and Gui Jia explained that her fall from the third floor was interrupted by the air conditioner on the second floor. Her head hit the ground and bounced up, injuring the right rear brain. Zhifen could not believe that a rebound injury could be more severe than that from a three-story fall.

The police said that Luo Zhixiang had attempted suicide. It is well known that Falun Gong prohibits killing life, including your own. Besides, she was pregnant. Luo Zhixiang had even called her mother-in-law in Shandong Province to tell her about her pregnancy. With one female and two male guards in the room and her sister Luo Zhifen in a deep sleep, how was it possible for this deathly ill person who had been on a hunger strike for 11 days to jump from the window of the bathroom on third floor for no reason. In addition the two sisters had been under surveillance by the "610 Office" 24 hours a day including visits to the bathroom.

On December 2, another practitioner went to Huaqiao Hospital to visit Luo Zhixiang when he heard the news about her. The Xinghua Street "610" officials of were afraid to ask this practitioner how he found out. It was not until December 4, when Luo Zhixiang was confirmed dead, that her sister's surveillance was discontinued.

When Luo Zhixiang fell from the building, her sister notified my parents. On December 4, she died. Her brother Luo Ji from Boluo County, Guang Dong Province, went to Guozhou City. On December 5, my parents Huang Youqin and He Guangrong and our daughter Huang Ying (also known as Kaixin) went to Guangzhou City. "610" officials anxiously demanded that Luo Zhifen sign a cremation authorization so they could destroy the evidence before more people came. Luo Zhifen refused to sign.

When my parents arrived the next day, "610" officials ordered them to sign the authorization. My parents firmly refused when they were told that their daughter-in-law died as the result of suicide. The "610" officials stayed in a hotel in Tianhe District for about seven days, forcing my parents and daughter out of the hotel, an official of the Tianhe District political commission having paid the bill. My parents and our daughter went to the Xinhua Jie "610 Office" to ask why, but they were driven away by a dozen people at the orders of Cheng Di, director of the "610 Office." They were homeless in Guangzhou City for almost four months.

They went to the Tianhe District "610 Office." The director ordered them to sign a document stating that Luo Zhixiang had committed suicide. They refused. Liu (phone: 86-20-38622610) then said, "It doesn't matter if you don't sign. The result will be the same. She will be cremated either way."

During this time Luo Zhixiang's brother Luo Ji and her sister Luo Zhifen appealed to the "610 Office" of the Political and Judicial Commission of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, the Police Department, and the People's Representative Committee of Guangzhou City on behalf of Luo Zhixiang, claiming she had been tortured to death by the Tianhe District and Guanghua Street "610 Offices." The Tianhe District "610" office colluded with higher governmental authorities to put pressure on Luo Ji, a civil servant in the transportation division of the police department of Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, in order to cover up the facts. The Political and Judicial Committee of Guangdong Province pressured Huizhou City, then Boluo County, then the Police Department of Boluo County. Finally, an envoy from the Police Department of Boluo County delivered a secret message to Luo Ji in Guangzhou. He told Luo Ji to read it and then took it back. Afterwards, he said to Luo Ji, "Consider your future before you appeal for your sister."

As a lower level police officer, Luo Ji knew well that Jiang's regime could do terrible things, and he dared not appeal. He was very angry, but felt he could do nothing about his sister's murder, so the appeal was delayed.

The "610 Office" originally did not want me to know of my wife's death. When the situation became so obvious that they could no longer hide it, they told me the news. At that time, I was in the forced labor camp and under their control. They tried to trap me and ordered me to sign the cremation document. They threatened that if I did not sign, my term in the forced labor camp would be extended, and my wife's body would be cremated without the signature. In addition, they threatened to punish my wife's brother Luo Ji.

On April 2, 2003, the Tianhe District "610" officials came to the Guanzhou Forced Labor Camp and announced the news of my wife's death. This announcement had been delayed for four months. They took me to the Yinhe Yuan funeral home in Tianhe District of Guangzhou City to see my wife's body. Her body was so emaciated and distorted that I hardly recognized her. Within two minutes, I was pulled out of the room by Zhou Jianxiong, the captain of the second brigade, and policeman Li Weicheng. The Tianhe District "610" officials had prepared a cremation document and directed me to sign it. I saw there was already a signature by "Luo Zhifang." They claimed it was my wife's sister's signature, but it was obviously a forgery, since her name is actually Luo Zhifen.

When I exposed this mistake, they became enraged and ordered me to sign. I appealed to them, "How can I sign this without discussing it with my wife's brother and sister. If your wife was dead, would you cremate her body without talking it over with her parents and family?" They had no reply and stopped trying to make me sign. They agreed that I must see my wife's brother and sister.

About 10 a.m. the next day, a guard from the second brigade asked me to come to the reception room of the forced labor camp. My wife's brother Luo Ji and sister Luo Zhifen had arrived, but my parents and my daughter were not allowed to come because they are also Falun Gong practitioners. At the same time, about twenty people came in from the Tianhe District and Xinhua Street "610" offices. I questioned how my wife died. They insisted that she had committed suicide. I said, "That is impossible for the following reasons: 1. Falun Gong prohibits killing, 2. She was pregnant, 3. Why didn't she commit suicide when she was caught outside of the hospital? The only logical conclusion is that you killed her." They dared not say any more. I then asked why they didn't allow my wife's sister to bring her back home while she was alive. The "610" officials gave the excuse that she was not following the China Family Plan [3]. I protested that that was a matter for the Family Planning Committee and had nothing to do with the "610 Office." Again they could not argue. Meanwhile, my wife's sister informed me that their brother had been severely pressured by the "610 Office" officials and the Political and Judicial Committee. I understood his tough situation: he dared not say that he would not sign, nor that he would sign, because his sister was murdered by the "610" officials, and they could easily ruin his life as well. He did not know what to do and remained silent. In the end, in order to relieve the huge strain on my wife's brother, I unwillingly signed the document.

The above is my detailed account revealing how my wife Luo Zhixiang was tortured and brutally murdered by the Tianhe District "610" officials. More information remains to be discovered. I believe that one day this will all be disclosed and the criminal acts of these murderers will be exposed.


(1) "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

(2) 5000 yuan is about 600 US dollars.

(3) The "China Family Plan" is a policy of the Chinese government to control the population that requests each couple have only one child.