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Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Wang Minli Escapes the Evil with Righteous Thoughts and Continues to Expose the Persecution

August 08, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Minli's throat was slit, her ribs and cartilage in her chest were fractured and broken, and three ribs were so severely dislocated that she is still unable to move her left arm, even today. After a 23-day stay in Jilin City Hospital, when she was barely out of danger but had not yet fully recovered, the police from Jilin City Changyi District Police Department tried to force her family members to give them 20,000 Yuan* to cover costs for the medical expense. Her family members were infuriated and refused the demand. Faced with the family's refusal to give them the money, the police forced Minli to leave the hospital early, for the following reasons: 1. Wang Minli's family could not afford the medical expense. 2. They were afraid that she would expose their evil crimes. 3. After realizing that she was able to speak still, Changyi District Police Department authorities wanted to continue to torture and interrogate her.

Later, Changyi District Police chief Liu and policeman Du Xingze again tried to force her family members to give them the money. Wang's family members did not have that much money. The policemen then continued to interrogate Minli. They wanted information about how Dafa practitioners access the Internet, the source of truth-clarification materials, the names of contact persons and other information. She refused to cooperate with the evil. Realizing that they couldn't what they wanted from Minli, the police then detained her inside her rented room. They secured all the windows with metal bars, locked the door from the outside, and monitored her around the clock. Persons from the Dongdatan Police Station in Changyi District were in charge of this assignment. Police chief Wang Zhongren did not allow her to get any rest at all. To prevent her from getting any rest, he ordered the officers who watched her to have a light on all the time, turn the volume of the television set to the maximum, play pornographic videos, play cards, and open the windows to let the mosquitoes in to bite her. The police themselves had mosquito nets covering their beds.

Since Minli's wound on her throat had not yet fully healed, the police used cigarette smoke to choke her, which made her cough badly. It also caused her to suffer severe chest pain. She could hardly breathe. She could hardly get any sleep, sleeping only one to two hours each night. She could only eat half a small bowl of gruel every day. Police chief Wang Zhongren also threatened to give her a laxative. He also said that her family members had to turn in 20,000 Yuan in three days or he would get this money by selling her by posting an advertisement "seeking a spouse." This man also slandered Dafa and Master, as did policeman Zhang Shouyi, who watched Minli. Zhang Shouyi also viciously threatened that he would suffocate her to death with a pillow and then announce her death as a case of suicide. The police tried all means to threaten her so as to aggravate the persecution.

Three times Minli's teenage child and her sister attempted to see her, but their requests were denied with flimsy excuses. After getting back home, her child became sick from missing her and worrying about her. On June 5, the police tried to record her on videotape. They wanted to edit the tape to use for defaming Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Their effort failed, however. On June 26, Jilin City Police Department persecutors removed Minli from her residence for interrogation. She firmly refused to cooperate with their questioning and gave them none of her fellow Dafa practitioners' names. After the police failed to get what they wanted, they completely isolated her from the outside and stopped her medical treatment, even though she had not recovered yet.

If it were not for the benevolent protection from Master as well as overseas Dafa practitioners' continuous efforts, calling the related personnel and departments to clarify the truth, Minli might have already been tortured to death. On July 7, Minli, with her strong faith in Master and Dafa, and with her steadfast, righteous resolve that she would continue to validate Dafa as long as she lives, this courageous woman walked away under the eyes of the police during the daytime! She has once again immersed herself into the mighty current of Fa-rectification.

On July 7, Wang Minli walked out of the den of evils with her righteous thoughts. After she arrived at a fellow practitioner's home in another location, she had difficulty walking and taking care of herself. Her life was in peril. However, with her firm belief in Master and Dafa, she kept on studying the Fa and practicing the exercises every day, despite the severe pain. She sent forth the righteous thought every hour to eliminate the evil factors that persecuted her in other dimension. She told us, "Master protected me and let me keep this flesh body to continue validating Dafa. I will redouble my efforts and accomplish what I should do as a Dafa disciple during this Fa-ratification period." Her recovery was miraculously fast. Now she has almost fully recovered.

While Minli was illegally arrested and brutally tortured, the crimes that the police in Jilin City had committed were exposed on Clearwisdom Net. Dafa practitioners in China and abroad had sent forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that persecuted Minli and help her get out of the den of evil with righteous thoughts, something that has played a very important role.

In recent days, several Dafa practitioners in Jilin City who were previously illegally arrested also successively escaped from detention centers with their righteous thoughts. This has greatly accelerated the elimination of the remaining evil factors, aided truth clarification and the rescuing of sentient beings in the local area.

In the matter of rescuing Ms. Wang Minli, Dafa practitioners all over the world have made a concerted effort and have really formed an indestructible and harmonizing entity. This finally resulted in Minli's and other Dafa practitioners' successful escapes from the detention centers, which allows these practitioners to again immerse themselves into the mighty current of Fa-rectification.

Minli asked us to express her appreciation to Dafa practitioners all over the world through Clearwisdom Net. In the meantime, she hopes that the overseas Dafa practitioners would continue to make phone calls or send faxes or mail to China.