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More Details About Practitioner Yu Xiulan's Death from Persecution (Phone Numbers Attached)

March 17, 2003 |  


(Clearwisdom.net) Yu Xiulan, a 60 year-old woman, lived in Big Poplar town, Oroqen autonomous district of Wulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. On September 26th 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal to the government under the law. After the local police took her back, she was illegally detained in No.2 detention center of Oroqen autonomous district for 10 months. She was finally unconditionally released July 10th 2000.

Yu Xiulan didn't give up her belief in "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance." On November 12th 2000, she was taken from her home and arrested by police head Bai Li from the Center Street Police Station and local policemen Liu Changxiao, a person with the surname Peng and others. She was illegally detained at the No.2 detention center of Oroqen Autonomous district. At that time, those who directly participated in persecuting her also included the assistant to the head of the police station, Li Shuliang, security section manager Li Benxue and administrative assistant Xu Changfa of the Center Street Police Station. Yu Xiulan went on a hunger strike to protest being illegally detained, in late of December 2001. She became very weak, and since the police were afraid of being held accountable for her condition, they finally permitted her family to bail her out.

However, before the Chinese New Year, when she was still very weak and sometimes even unconscious, many people from the police bureau and the Center Street Police Station came to her home to take her to court for a so-called "trial." Because of her physical condition the court had to agree to let her family send her to the hospital for emergency treatment. A few days later, the president of the court, Chen Peng, and his associates went to her home and claimed to have held the trial and illegally sentenced her to three years in prison. On April 24th 2002, the detention center person in charge, Yin Liansheng, jail doctors including Su Baohua, Ao Yulin, took her to the detention center by force, and sent her to Baoanzhao forced labor team. There, Yu Xiulan remained on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, and she was locked up in solitary confinement. Later, she appeared to have a cerebral blockage. She lost the ability to take care of herself, and she became emaciated. Her family asked for her release due to medical reasons, but the person in charge of the forced labor team claimed: "If she isn't "reformed," she will not be released; even if she dies. And if she dies, it would be counted as natural causes."

On December 25th, 2002, the forced labor camp called her family to come and get her body. Before her body was cremated, there was only a piece of paper called a "death report" produced and shown to her family.

The main parties and persons responsible for this case are:

Baoanzhao forced labor camp, Tel: 86-482-6700272

Police Bureau Tel: 86-470-5852043

Vice president: Li Shuliang, security section manager: Li Benxue

The Center Street police station in town of Big Poplar, Tel: 86-470-5712600

Person in Charge: Bai li

Police: Liu Changxiao, A person with the surname of Peng

Administrative assistant: Xu Changfa Tel:86-470-5712833

No.2 detention center of Oroqen autonomy district, Tel: 86-470-5712600

Person in charge: Yin Liansheng

Jail doctors: Su Baohua, Ao Yulin

The court, Tel:86-470-5852052

Court president: Chen Peng

Procuratorate, Tel: 86-470-5852370