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In Memory of Practitioner Ms. Yu Xiulan

February 12, 2003 |   By a Dafa disciple from Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Yu Xiulan, 60 years old, lived in the town of Dayangshu, Eqi, Inner Mongolia. Ms. Yu was persecuted to death in the Baoanzhao Prison, Inner Mongolia, on December 25, 2002.

Before she began her practice of Falun Dafa, Ms. Yu suffered from severe arterial inflammation. Her legs were in so much pain that she was often bedridden. The problem could not be cured even after many years of hospitalization. Just when the pain was so severe that she'd almost lost the will to live, Yu Xiulan was fortunate to discover Falun Dafa in 1999. When she began practicing Falun Gong, her health was quickly recovered. The arterial inflammation that she had had for so many years disappeared. It was Falun Dafa that gave her a second life. How could not she be grateful to Dafa and be persistent in cultivation?

On July 20, 1999, the concept of right and wrong was turned upside-down overnight. Slander and rumors against Falun Dafa were rampant as Jiang's regime began it's brutal persecution. Yu Xiulan looked at a photograph of Teacher, pressed her hands together in Heshi [a gesture of profound respect], and said as she wept, "I will go to appeal in Beijing. Such a good Teacher, such a good practice, it is not wrong. Teacher, I will not return home if Falun Dafa is not vindicated." In this manner, she, together with two other practitioners, traveled to the Appeals Office close to Tiananmen Square. Before they even stepped into the Appeals Office however, they were illegally arrested, and the local police were notified to come and take them back home. Upon being brought home, they were illegally detained in the Dayangshu Detention Center.

Because Ms. Yu insisted on practicing the exercises and refused to write a guarantee letter renouncing Falun Dafa, she was illegally sent to Alihe Prison. She was released in July 2001 due to numerous requests and guarantees from her relatives. On November 12, 2001, she was again arrested for clarifying the truth and distributing truth-clarifying materials. She was sentenced to 3 years in prison. On April 5, 2002, she was taken to Baoanzhao Prison. There, Yu Xiulan again insisted on practicing the exercises. She suffered all manner of tortures, including being handcuffed and confined in an isolation cell. She went on a hunger strike for 50 days to protest. She was already extremely thin. The 60-year-old woman collapsed due to weakness, and could not take care of herself. Her relatives requested many times that she be taken to a hospital outside the prison, but their request was refused. She was kept confined in the damp isolation cell with no sunlight. On December 25, 2002, two prisoners watched as she passed away.

A 60-year-old woman without the slightest bit of malice was deprived of her life just because she remained persistent in her belief and spoke the truth. Where is justice? People, please remember that there will indeed be a day when those who persecute Falun Dafa are punished by the heavenly principle that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil.