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Torture in Huludao City Forced Labor Camp Makes People Boil with Anger

November 16, 2003 |   By Shen Ping

(Clearwisdom.net) According to the newspaper Shenyang Today, during the morning of October 15, Huludao City Intermediate People's Court opened a session to try a case involving eight Huludao City Labor Camp prisoners who had tortured a prisoner to death, instigated by the labor camp police. Their confessions brought out several gruesome facts. They exposed other criminals, and according to the large amount of evidence presented by the prosecution, horrible things happened there. Between March 18 and April 16, 2003, at the instigation of the camp police, these eight prisoners forced Zhang Bin, a camp prisoner, to take off all his clothes. They then beat him with plastic tubes filled with fiberglass. These tubes were about one yard long, the thickness of a finger. They also beat him with shovel handles and hammer handles. He sustained cuts and bruises all over his body, and they then put hot pepper powder in his wounds. They also doused him with ice-cold water during the winter. When Zhang Bin was near death, they stuffed his mouth shut with cloth strips because they did not want to hear his moans. They then let the naked Zhang Bin lay on his face on the ground and poured cold water on him. Within two hours he died. Zhang Bin was from Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. He was sentenced for theft to one and half years of forced labor in this labor camp last September; he was 36 years old.

Labor camp police cannot avoid responsibility

During the trial, defendant Zhang Shuli claimed that the team leader of the labor camp had instigated the beating and the team leader also beat Zhang Bin.

The camp police often savagely beat other people detained there at will, for example, the Dafa practitioners detained there. Other suspects said that if the team leader and the political head of the camp had come out and stopped this beating, the situation would have not developed to such an extent. One suspect said that when they went out to work, the division head would assign a lot of work to the prisoners. If the prisoners could not finish the assignment, the division head would "deal with" the group leaders of the prisoners. They had no choice but to beat the prisoners who worked slowly. The prosecution showed during the court session that Huludao City Labor Camp indeed has problems in their administration.

Presently, the camp's personnel-related issues are being dealt with in a separate case. This should not affect the sentencing of the eight suspects who ruthlessly tortured Zhang Bin.

Other news from Clearwisdom.net:

The criminal actions of Huludao City Labor Camp police are even more barbaric when they are torturing Falun Gong practitioners.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Wu Guoliang was a middle school teacher in Gangtun Township's middle school in Huludao City. Since Wu Guoliang was detained in the Huludao City Labor Camp on October 31, 1999, he was often forced to do outdoor physical work that exceeded his physical capabilities. The heavy labor lasted over eight hours each day. The excessive work exhausted Wu Guoliang physically. He was also forced to sit on a stool for extended periods even when he was critically ill. Due to all the torture, Wu Guoliang was extremely weak and had no strength to even walk. In December, when he was on the verge of death, he was sent to a hospital. He was diagnosed with terminal tuberculosis. In order to avoid responsibility, Huludao City Labor Camp officials released him on bail for medical treatment. He was skin and bones when his family picked him up and he died a few days later. He was 35 years old when he died.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Chen Dewen was 40 years old when he died. He was from Chencun Village, Gejia Township, Suizhong County, Huludao City. He had been held in this labor camp since December 1, 1999 and was frequently beaten. The police often beat him and electrically shocked him because he refused to wear the prisoner's uniform. He held a hunger strike to protest the torture, and he was force-fed with a saline solution. The police used an entire bag (about 1 kg) of salt to force-feed four people. Chen Dewen coughed all day long from the force-feeding but he still refused take in any food and water before he died. Later, the criminals lied, saying that Chen Dewen died of heart problems. Several people who knew the situation questioned the criminals, "Why did you electrically shock him if he had heart problems?" The criminals could not come up with an answer.

In the beginning of January 2003, Huludao City Labor Camp organized all of its police forces to persecute steadfast Dafa practitioners. They used the most vicious means. Police officer Liu Guohua, the division head of the First "Strict Control" Division, screamed, "Use three police officers to deal with one Dafa practitioner. If there are not enough police, use armed police; if still not enough, use the army." Police officer Wang Weizhen, a team leader of the First "Strict Control" Division, screamed, "Let me tell you, in this life the Communist Party struggles against people, against the earth, against the sky, and against the gods."

The following are facts concerning some Dafa practitioners being persecuted in Huludao City Labor Camp:

Dafa practitioner Pei Zhonghua: On January 7, 2003, police officers Zhang Fusheng, Song Zhongtian, and others forced several pills into Pei Zhonghua. They then beat and tortured him with four or five electric batons for six hours, after which they forced him again to swallow some drugs. Zhang Fusheng said, "I will force drugs into your mouth until you are muddle-headed." They then beat him for another two to three hours. Even now, the scars are still visible on Pei Zhonghua's back, hips, and thighs. Because several police officers also received shocks while beating him, they retreated a bit. Policeman Zhang Fusheng then slapped Pei Zhonghua's face repeatedly. They cuffed Pei's hands behind his back, stripped off his clothes and shocked him again with electric batons. They felt that the electric shocks were still not enough. They poured water on him, beat and cursed at him for eight to nine hours. Pei Zhonghua's private parts swelled up from the beatings, and he had bruises all over his body. They also used a wooden board and a rubber baton to torture him.

They tortured Zhu Mingkui with four electric batons simultaneously under his armpits, back, genital area, and feet. He was beaten so badly that he had multiple wounds around his body and had no bowel and bladder function for 2-3 days. His lips were torn, because they had tied his lips together by aluminum wire so that he would not scream. Policeman Zhang Fusheng claimed, "We will keep torturing you until you transform."

Dafa practitioner Deng Wenxing was tortured by Zhang Fusheng and others. They used four to five electric batons simultaneously. Deng's neck had a large blister from the electric shock. His face was swollen and so badly deformed that no one could recognize him. He was continuously tortured and abused for 24 hours. On the third day he was again tortured for two hours. He was not allowed to sleep during the entire time. After 26 hours of torture and abuse, Deng had wounds on his feet, legs, back, armpits, and face, virtually his entire body.

Police dragged Dafa practitioner Wang Zhongtao outside by holding the collar of his clothing. Zhang Fusheng even asked to beat him to death. The police used four electric batons to beat and shock him. They then used six electric batons to torture him after noticing that those four were not enough. Wang's genital area was red and swollen after this renewed torture, his right ear was swollen and he had many wounds all over his body.

Dafa practitioner Wang Haiqing was forced to perform 150 squats, and was then forced to lay down on the floor with hands cuffed behind his back and legs stretched out. A child's chair with a person sitting on it was placed on top of his legs, which immobilized him, and wooden planks were used to raise his foot. They then shocked him with five electric batons. Seeing that torture didn't work, the police lifted his body. Five electric batons were simultaneously targeted at his armpits, the bottom of his feet and his back. He had wounds all over his body.

Dafa practitioner Gao Kaifeng was tortured the same way as Wang Haiqing. They raised his heel five inches. He said to the police, "My foot is going to break." Their response was, "Nobody cares even if we beat you to death." On October 28, Gao Kaifeng didn't cooperate with the brainwashing, so the police used glass to cut his neck and wrist. He was watched closely afterwards.

Dafa practitioner Liu Wanli was tortured with three electric batons on the evening of January 6, 2003. After the torture, his face and neck were swollen badly, and his entire body was covered with wounds. Since he shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" when he was tortured, the police put an electric baton into his mouth. Because of that, his teeth were loose and his mouth was swollen and inflamed. The police stepped on his face and electrically shocked him in his cheek until he threw up blood. He was tortured again the next day.

Dafa practitioner Liang Guoman was first beaten with five to six electric batons and then shocked with seven to eight electric batons simultaneously. His face and neck had multiple bloody streaks and were severely swollen. His genital area was also red and swollen. The back of his head was beaten so badly that it took him several days to recover. The electric shocks burned his upper legs. The other parts of his body, such as the feet, back, armpits, and buttocks were injured from beatings and electrical shock.

Police officers Wang Shengli, Guo Aiming, and Sun Zhongtian tortured Zhang Liguo with electric batons on December 9, 2002. After the torture, his entire body was shaking and his shoulders were trembling. The doctor's examination revealed that his blood pressure was 110/180, his heartbeat was very rapid, and he had problems with his heart. In order to cover it up, police did not report it to their superiors, and didn't tell Zhang's family what happened. The police later said, "Nobody ever tortured you."

Dafa practitioner Li Guanghai: His situation is not very clear. We heard that he was severely tortured. On January 11, his extremities were shaking, and he was sent to a hospital. Li Guanghai has been on a hunger strike for 13 days.

The above are just some of the crimes committed against the practitioners by the Jiang regime.

October 19, 2003