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The No. 1 Police Department in Changchun, Jilin Province Established an Interrogation Hall to Cruelly Torture Falun Dafa Disciples

June 24, 2002 |  


By Eye Witnesses in Shuangyang No.3 Detention Center of Changchun City

There were 50-60 inmates and detainees locked into a 40 square-meter room. More than 20 of which were true criminal prisoners. In the correction facility, only two meals were provided a day which were scanty and of very bad quality. There were not enough quilts, everyone had to sleep on their side regardless of one's age. A large number of elderly women were forced to sleep on their side and sit on a board [a method of torture by forcing the prisoner or detainee to sit on a wooden board without moving] during the day for "self-reflection," while being cursed by young police officers constantly.

  1. Most Dafa practitioners who had been abducted were harshly beaten with wounds that covered their bodies before they were sent to the detention center. Some practitioners' bodies were covered with bluish-purple bruises on their buttocks, lower legs and eyes. There were needle marks from injections on their arms. Some of them were sent by the Luyuan Police Substation to the detention center and had stapler marks covering their arms and feet. Some practitioners sent to the detention center had internal injuries and could not eat anything. The criminal prisoners and the police all knew how brutally these Dafa practitioners were treated. Especially after March 5, 2002 when Changchun Cable TV broadcasted the truth clarifying program, the persecution towards Falun Dafa practitioners had been cruelly escalated. Under the orders from Jiang, "Kill [Falun Gong practitioners] without mercy", death is nothing and counted as a suicide. The detention center took in Falun Gong practitioners regardless of their physical conditions while alive. If any Falun Dafa practitioners were tortured to death, the police recorded it as a "natural death" and did not notify the family members. Anyone that protested by hunger striking counted as suicide. No one cared if people died.
  2. Falun Dafa practitioners who were brought to the No.1 Department to be interrogated had all been tortured by brutal devices and almost all were harshly beaten to the point of being unable to walk independently. They were either carried or helped by others to go back to their cell. These incidents are standard. Some police could not bare seeing healthy practitioners being tortured to this extent but they were unable to help. Falun Dafa practitioners were on a hunger strike to protest these tortures and refused to be brought away for their interrogation. However, following the Changchun TV Truth Broadcast and Jiang's "Kill Without Mercy" order, the No.1 Department turned rampant in their interrogation and torture.
  3. Changchun Falun Dafa disciple Wang Yuhuan was escorted by two vehicles filled with policemen and tortured in the No.1 Department after being arrested. There were many wounds on her body from the interrogation by the No.1 Department. She lost her hearing on one side and could not eat. After several days, the police hid her face with a black hood and dragged her to a wooded area near Jingyuetan to scare her. She was hanged and beaten. She felt worse than if she were dying. Then she was brought into a special interrogation room filled with torture devices used specifically for Dafa disciples. The police forced Wang Yuhuan to sit on the "Tiger Bench" [practitioners are forced to sit on a small iron bench that is approximately 20 cm or 6 inches in length. Practitioners' knees are tightly tied onto the small bench and they are forced to sit straight up with hands tied on the back or placed on the knees while looking straight ahead. The victim is not allowed to turn her head, close her eyes, talk to anyone, raise her hand or call out for the attention of the guards. Many inmates are assigned to watch the practitioner. If she turns her head, they force the practitioner to keep her head in that position. If the practitioner raises her hands that are kept on her knees to call for the attention of the guards, they force her to hold her hands in the air indefinitely. If she speaks, they forced her to keep her mouth open indefinitely. Usually, some hard objects are inserted underneath the practitioner's lower legs or ankles to prolong her suffering. See illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html] If a movement is made, it endangers one's life. There were 7-8 young gangsters torturing her throughout the night. They told her that they had beaten another Dafa disciple to death and buried the disciple nearby. When Wang Yuhuan was sent back to the detention center, she had internal injuries and could not eat or walk by herself.