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Some Thoughts On Fa-Rectification Above Iran Over the Weekend

(Note: In the following article, a Dafa disciple shares his understanding of scenes he witnessed in the skies over Iran during the last leg of Jiang's five nation tour.)

( I would like to share some of what I saw and enlightened to while joining Dafa disciples around the world in purging the evil every hour on the hour.

1. Clearing away the evil in multiple dimensions

In many previous efforts to send forth righteous thoughts I had witnessed the clearing away of evil. But seeing that it still existed in the human world afterwards became a barrier for me. Through sending forth righteous thoughts in the past two days, I saw that possessing spirits and the images of the head of the evil still existed in many dimensions, making it clear that it is not enough to destroy it in only one dimension. Consequently, when I sent forth the righteous thoughts this time, I continued to eradicate it from another dimension after I had done so in one dimension. What was different this time was that it has become much easier to eliminate it from one dimension - the evil is powerless to defend itself, merely awaiting its demise.

2. The head of the evil relies on being propped up by many other evil beings

The head of the evil is like a bag, containing all sorts of evil inside. When we purge the evil inside, it becomes a sunken, empty bag.

3. Every time disciples send forth righteous thoughts, it is a heavy blow to the head of the evil

At the top of each hour, when Dafa disciples sent forth righteous thoughts, the head of the evil struggled desperately for survival and experienced all kinds of agony. Every Dafa disciple's righteous thoughts are lethal to the evil beings inside its body. In some dimensions, however, I saw it regaining vitality after the time for sending forth righteous thoughts passed. I'd therefore like to suggest that the duration of sending forth righteous thoughts towards it be extended a bit, as this may be helpful for fundamentally eliminating the evil.

4. Dafa disciples in other dimensions

In other dimensions, I could see that every Dafa disciple assumed the image of an indomitable Buddha standing between heaven and earth while sending forth righteous thoughts. When they continuously projected supernatural capabilities towards the evil from somewhere far away in the cosmos, every supernormal capability emitted a powerful light. In the dimensions above Iran, the skies were completely lit because of this, creating a grand scene made up of the Dafa disciples' brilliant, colorful energy.

5. The power of righteous thoughts

When sending forth righteous thoughts, how can we make them more powerful? Master has talked about this many times. My own experience is that only when we apply every part of our being, can there be adequate power. Looking through celestial eyes, when merely reciting the verses, the energy that is sent forth is intermittent and not continuous. Only by fully applying ourselves to send forth righteous thoughts, giving all there is in our minds and bodies, can the energy be strengthened. The energy, when connected together, looks like a pillar of light. This pillar of light is very powerful and capable of eliminating any evil.

6. When necessary, request help from Master

While eliminating the head of the evil, I was once faced with many dimensions, each resembling a cube. Many of them had already been purged clean, but the ones towards the lower level still contained the head of the evil. Furthermore, the old forces didn't sit idle while it was being eliminated. While I had just finished purging it from one dimension, I saw it reappearing in some other dimensions that had previously been purged clean. At those moments, I would request Master to give me strength, allowing me to clean out those dimensions. At this moment, I would feel enormous energy coming from above and filling up my body, to the point where every cell in my body was shaking. Before my eyes was very strong light. In this manner, I was able to eliminate the factors in other dimensions controlling the head of the evil in many dimensions. When it was purged in those dimensions, sometimes it disappeared instantly and other times it was transformed into powder.

When the head of the evil was in its den, the old forces blocked off the energy potency of overseas Dafa disciples. This time, when it was away from its den, overseas Dafa disciples fully demonstrated their mighty power in the fierce battle to eliminate the evil factors that control the head of the evil. In fact, wherever it went, it could not avoid the many waiting Dafa disciples. The only difference, from my standpoint, is that in some areas more Dafa disciples joined together to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil.

I hope that Dafa disciples worldwide will continue to give their best efforts. While proactively clarifying the truth, we will fully utilize the power of righteous thoughts to completely eliminate the factors in other dimensions controlling the head of the evil, creating an environment that will allow more people of the world to find salvation in this short period of time.

Posting date: 4/23/2002
Original article date: 4/23/2002
Category: Fa-Rectification Stories
Translated on 4/22/2002
Chinese version available at

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