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Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence (Rationality)

Tell the Truth to All People

In various occasions, such as the New Year Celebration, the Chinese Spring Festival, the National Peopleís Congress, the exhibition against Falun Dafa at the military museum, and the Human Rights Conference of the United Nations, a large number of Falun Dafa practitioners have stepped forward successively to safeguard Dafa. I think that as long as the rectification of the Fa has not finished, we should not just sit and wait around. I will step forward again if there are more opportunities. Since I came back from my last appeal, however, I had often felt not completely ready to step forward again. I realized that once I returned to an everyday personís life and settled down, I developed the attachment of the fear of losing and became apathetic to Dafa being undermined by demons. Yet the undermining of Falun Dafa became more and more fierce: one practitioner after another was tortured to death; the media produced vicious lies and slanders; more and more despicable murders occurred, but practitioners were framed of committing suicide; plots to assassinate Teacher were being hatched. Meanwhile, the realms of those who have stepped forward wholeheartedly for the Fa regardless of life and death have encouraged me. Each report of another practitioner being tortured to death is a trial to every Falun Dafa practitioner. Some feared that they could not bear the torture, so they did not step forward. ďOnly after we were ensured to be safe, would we step forward.Ē Was that not the standpoint of our inner selves, and hasnít the attachment of life and death not been given up yet? One day, I had a thought, ďIf I were tortured to death, it would awaken more practitioners and worldly people. If necessary, I could give up my life.Ē

April 25 was approaching, and some practitioners decided to go to Tiananmen Square to show Falun Dafa to the world. I decided to join them. At that time, when making banners and sharing experiences, more and more practitioners decided to devote themselves to the rectification of the Fa. I felt that unlike last April 25, this time the government was well prepared. To step forward is truly a trial to the attachment of life and death, but lots of practitioners have matured, and are prepared to devote themselves to the Fa.

On April 25, there were not many tourists at Tiananmen Square. Almost all were plainclothes police officers in different styles of dark blue clothes. We were all watched at the moment when we stepped onto the Square. Some practitioners were caught right after taking out the banners, without being able to open it. Some opened the banners, but could only hold it up for a few seconds. While I was waiting for an opportunity, practitioners coming with me were all arrested. I was unwilling to be caught like this. I wanted to let more people see Falun Dafa. So I took a taxi, left the Square and arrived at a bridge over a highway. I opened up the slogan that was blown by wind against the railing tightly. All the traffic underneath could see it. After a while a police car came. It had to take a loop to come onto the bridge, which gave me enough time to pack up the slogan and leave by a taxi.

I took a brief rest and headed toward Tiananmen Square again. I changed my mind on the way, and opened up the slogan at a pedestrian path of a major road. All the people riding bicycles and buses could see it. One stopped and asked in surprise: ďFalun Gong is a righteous Fa?Ē I nodded solemnly. Gradually people formed a circle around me. I told them about the big improvement of my health and Xinxing after practicing cultivation. Another asked me, ďBut on the TV they said that many people died because of practicing it?Ē I told them that those were completely fabricated, some had mental illnesses and some had fatal illnesses. There was no direct correlation with Falun Gong. I left after answering their questions.

In the story of A Journey to the West, when seeing demons all over a mountain, monk Tang and his disciples wanted to make a detour. When facing plainclothes police all over the Square, Falun Dafa practitioners had no fear to show Dafa to the world, even if for only one moment. When facing plainclothes police packed outside the appeal center, Falun Dafa practitioners walked calmly ahead, even knowing clearly that they would be detained or labor camped. Falun Dafa practitioners are really great!

On the other hand, when I could give up the attachment of life or death, when I saw blue-clothed men put practitioners into police cars one time after another, what is in my mind was not the issue of whether to step forward or not. I realized I should calm down and think of more effective and powerful ways to assist the Teacher to rectify the Fa.

During the past year, millions of practitioners have come to Beijing to appeal with sincere hearts, with no regard for the resulting detentions or labor camps. Nevertheless, no one in the government listened or talked with us. We have performed the rights listed in the constitution, and peacefully practiced on the Square to show people the Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Tolerance of Falun Dafa. Yet what we encountered were only brutal beatings and illegal detentions. We have given the government enough time to understand us. We might continue doing this, if this could make them recognize the righteous Fa and place well their future positions. However, most of the people still do not know the truth. They did not have a fair opportunity to place their positions in the future universe. In other countries, with the constant revealing of atrocities in the persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners, the western media reports are getting deeper and closer to the truth. In China, it is just the opposite. Although the spread of Dafa during the past few years has laid out a foundation for Dafa to spread, the minds of everyday people are still very weak. Penetrated with powerful propaganda and viciously fabricated stories, people received information about Dafa that has been completely distorted from the truth. We have been telling the truth to the government during the past year, now we should tell the truth to the people around us and in the society.

When people get to know the numerous medical miracles brought by Dafa, who will believe the lie of ď1400 deathĒ?

When people truly read Zhuan Falun, who will say Dafa is an evil cult?

When people know that a model citizen like Xie Yufeng, who has been well educated and came back to China after overseas studies and selflessly donated his large amounts of savings to the country, is suffering from cruel torture and long-time illegal detention just because of his legal appeal, who can ensure oneself can be exempt from willful persecution?

When people know how innocent Falun Dafa practitioners were beaten to death and even cremated alive to destroy evidence, canít they tell who is righteous and who is evil?

When people know the spread of Dafa saved the country hundreds of billions of medical expenses each year, yet vicious leaders have used huge sums of money to suppress the most self-disciplined citizens and to cover their violation of human rights with dirty political deals, canít they tell what really perils the Communist Party and the nation?

Dafa practitionersí loyalty and devotion made it convenient for the demons to damage Dafa. Why canít we show the people the truth of Falun Dafa at flexible times and places? If one hundred practitioners scattered the streets of Beijing to spread the Fa, how many people would get to know Dafa? If each of the one million practitioners appealing in Beijing told the truth to ten people, then all the people in Beijing would know the truth. If each of the ten million practitioners told the truth to ten people, the whole country would know the truth. At that time, who would be willing to serve as a tool for the vicious demons to do the conscienceless and inhumane deals that bring them karma? I heard that when there was an exhibition slandering Dafa in the military museum, several practitioners distributed clarification materials outside the museum to the attendees. Isnít this a behavior that perfects the Fa in the human world?

Water can carry the boat; it can also overturn it. When rectification of the Fa comes to the human world, the cosmic changes depend on the changes of peopleís hearts. We donít want anyoneís power, nor will we develop into political forces. However, we need to give people a fair opportunity to place their positions. We donít know what politics are about; we only want to be good people.

In foreign countries, in order to let the world know what is happening in China, almost every overseas practitionerís work is overloaded. In prison, many determined practitioners live on the edge of life and death. Without their undertaking, we would not even have the environment for practicing at home.

All practitioners in China, letís step forward from our attachments and various notions!

Letís tell people the purity and selflessness of the invaluable Fa.

Letís tell people Teacherís noble character and integrity, and his strenuous efforts to save people.

Letís tell people Falun Dafaís miracles of purifying mind and body, and rejuvenation.

Letís tell people that millions of practitioners suffer from hunger, wander far from home, and risk their lives to appeal to the government for the sake of the nation and people.

Letís tell people the stories about practitioners in prisons that suffer hunger with great benevolence and tolerance, and suffer cruel tortures and mistreatments with no discontent or hatred.

Letís tell people about Zhao Jinhua, Chen Zixiu, and Zhang Zhenggang, who would rather die for truth than surrender.

What is evil? If such deeds were evil, would there be righteousness?

Let people and history judge what is evil and what is righteous!

Posting date: 7/3/2000
Original article date: 4/29/2000
Category: Views on Cultivation
Translated on 6/27/2000 from http://www.minghui.cc/gb/0001/Apr/30/xiang_renmin_shuoming_zhenxiang.html

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