Official from Chinese Embassy Quits the Chinese Communist Party

At first dismissive of a practitioner clarifying the truth to him, an embassy official in Europe comes around to understanding the idea of top CCP officials being held accountable for the persecution, and chooses a bright future for himself by withdrawing from the CCP and its organizations.

The Eight-Month-Old Prisoner

The CCP's cruel persecution continues and spares no one, not even a toddler, as an entire family is held in a black jail.

Prosecutor's Outrageous Accusations During Show Trial Deemed an “Embarrassment” by the Judge

A prosecutor's rant spins so out of control that he is stopped by a CCP judge, who orders recordings of his actions deleted.

Mr. Zhang Guoli in ICU after Being Given Unknown Drugs and Tortured

A middle-aged practitioner's family is only summoned when he is deemed to be in critical condition as a result of the persecution.

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