2014 Mid-USA Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference Held in Chicago

Practitioners from more than ten states in the Midwest gathered in Chicago to hold the region's annual experience sharing conference, providing each other with insights, support, and encouragement. Regional gatherings like this one are held in various cities around the world each year, as are major international conferences such as the one held in New York to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day in May.

“A Shame for Mankind”: World Transplant Congress Attendees Condemn Organ Harvesting in China

Medical professionals from around the world found out more about the organ harvesting atrocities happening in China and expressed their indignation.

West Australia: “This Act Is the Last Step for Humanity” (Photos)

Practitioners initiated a signature drive to stop the organ harvesting in China, and were joined by passersby in garnering more support.

Russia: Events in Moscow and St. Petersburg Call for an End to Human Rights Violations in China

Russian practitioners took advantage of the July 20 anniversary to raise awareness of the persecution via a candlelight vigil, exercise demonstration, and truth-clarification events.

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