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Article Submission Guidelines

Article submissions to Clearwisdom are always welcome— Just send an email to Please provide your full name, telephone number, and the general area where you live.

As a rule, we will put the author's name on an article only if the piece was written for another publication or for another purpose, such as an academic paper. As Falun Dafa practitioners, we seek no fame and no personal interest. We will, however, include the area where you live, and indicate that you are a Westerner if that is the case.

All articles are thoroughly reviewed by the Clearwisdom editing team. This process takes some time, but you can expect your submission to be either posted or rejected within one to two weeks.

The editors reserve the right to modify submitted articles as necessary without first seeking the author's approval. We ask for your understanding in this matter, as not only are the requirements for the content on Clearwisdom unique, but as volunteers, we simply do not have the resources to explain our editorial decisions or reasons for not posting a submission.

Some authors ask that their articles be posted word for word without any changes to the content. Although this is possible theoretically, it's a rare article that does not require some editing, so this request has the effect of greatly reducing an article's chance to be published.

Do not let poor writing skills or poor command of English stop you from writing and submitting articles. The editors can fix these problems, and are happy to do so.

For advice on writing experience sharing articles and ways to improve, please review the article “Guidelines for Writing Experience Sharing Articles”

Thank you for contributing to We hope to hear from you soon.

Clearwisdom Editors

You are welcome to copy and distribute the materials as long as you do not modify the contents