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Recollecting the Wave of Lawsuits Against Jiang Zemin

Jan. 25, 2024 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing

(Minghui.org) Master Li, founder of Falun Dafa, published two new articles around the 2023 Chinese New Year: “How Humankind Came To Be” and “Why Save Sentient Beings.” He explained heavenly secrets and unveiled the Fa-rectification of the human world that will occur. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I sincerely hope that everyone in the world will cherish their precious affinity with the divine. 

A year ago, former leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Jiang Zemin died. He was the instigator of the persecution of Falun Dafa, which continues under the current leadership. As the saying goes, Good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. The nationwide severe persecution of Falun Dafa and its practitioners has also brought devastating consequences to China and its people. 

A significant number of people lost their lives in natural or man-made disasters, especially during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic (also known as the CCP virus); the infection spread across China and around the world. Right now, the Chinese people are suffering another round of a new variant infection. A large number of Chinese citizens, young and old, have lost their lives, and the crematoriums and funeral homes can’t keep up with the demand. Some crematoriums run 24/7 and still struggle with the increasing death toll. 

My Family Joined the Lawsuit Against Jiang

All traditional cultural values encourage people to be kind and righteous. One example of this is the surging tide of lawsuits that started in May 2015 against Jiang, the former head of the CCP and the chief culprit who began the persecution of Falun Dafa and its practitioners in July 1999.

I was pleased to see the news on Minghui.org in May 2015 about Falun Dafa practitioners filing criminal lawsuits against Jiang. So, I started to prepare my criminal complaint against Jiang. 

My wife finished writing her complaint on June 11 and mailed it to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Supreme People’s Court of China by express delivery the same day. I sent a copy of her complaint to the Minghui website, which was soon published and included in the Minghui periodical. 

To make the best use of this opportunity, I included more details in my complaint about the persecution I had experienced. At the same time, my mother and sister-in-law also wrote descriptions of how the persecution affected them. In the end, I compiled a joint criminal complaint from my family members documenting Jiang’s crimes. 

My son was a third-year university student at that time. I asked him if he would like to join the lawsuit as well. “Yes, sure,” he said firmly. I was very happy for his courage. In fact, many Dafa practitioners in other places were unlawfully sentenced to heavy prison terms by the CCP for suing Jiang. However, my son held no fear about the possible impact on him, such as whether or not he would be able to graduate, find a job, etc. 

I printed out the lawsuit complaint, and each of us signed it. On June 27, I sent the criminal complaint from my family of five by express courier to the Supreme Procuratorate and the Supreme Court of China.

“Can I sue Jiang, too?” a young colleague, Jin Feng (pseudonym), asked me. She was a new Faun Dafa practitioner who took up the practice only two years earlier. 

“Of course you can,” I encouraged her. “Someone gave you a copy of Zhuan Falun a long time ago. If there had been no persecution, you would have started practicing Falun Dafa at that time, and your whole family would have benefited even more. Jiang launched the persecution, spread rumors, and slandered Falun Dafa. He also deceived the entire world and he is extremely evil. You are also a victim. Of course, you can sue him.” On June 25, she filed a lawsuit against Jiang using her real name.

Practitioners in Nearby Towns Start Filing Lawsuits Against Jiang in July

On July 1, 2015, feeling that suing Jiang was an upright thing to do, I posted the news about our lawsuit to an online chat platform, hoping that more people would know the truth and encourage more righteousness in society. The effect was excellent.

I met Xiaolian (pseudonym) when I was forced to stay away from home in 2003 so I wouldn’t be arrested. I helped her family set up an information materials production center so that she could provide Dafa materials to other practitioners in her area. She has now finished her graduate studies and is working in another city. 

Both her parents are Falun Dafa practitioners. After they heard about lawsuits against Jiang, they also wanted to file a complaint but didn’t know how. Xiaolian happened to see the message I shared and immediately told her parents to contact me.

On July 2, her parents came by train to see me. I told them to describe in writing what they had suffered during the persecution and helped them put the content in the required format of a Criminal Complaint. We then sent it to the Supreme Procuratorate and the Supreme Court of China by express mail the same day. 

The old couple contacted Xiaolian and encouraged her to file a lawsuit against Jiang. Xiaolian took a day off work and came to my place on the express train. She wrote a complaint and sent it out the same day before going back to work by overnight train.

Xiaolian’s parents wanted to get back home straight away to help other local practitioners file lawsuits against Jiang, so I drove them to the train station. While waiting for the train, I briefly told them about the procedure and format required, but they still felt unsure if they had all the details. I talked with my wife, and we decided to drive them home to help the local practitioners. The old couple was very happy.

As soon as we arrived at their home on the evening of July 4, I contacted Chang, a practitioner I came to know years ago. At that time, she had learned how to overcome the internet blockade and print materials from the web. She also helped set up many family-run material production sites that produced information about Falun Dafa in the surrounding areas. 

She came over quickly and started writing her complaint against Jiang. Meanwhile, Xiaolian’s father and I drove to nearby villages to inform local practitioners about what we were doing. We also visited other practitioners in the city, telling them that they could write their own complaints; otherwise, they could come to Xiaolian’s parents’ place the next day, and we would help them.

It was already midnight by the time my wife typed out Chang’s complaint. While driving her home, I said her family members could also sue Jiang for starting the persecution. Her son and husband supported her Dafa cultivation, and they maintained excellent health. Chang told me that her son was in Beijing, but her husband, who had been doing odd jobs out of town, happened to be at home at that time.

To my surprise, her husband came to me very early the next day with his ID card. He had no fear of suing Jiang and signed and fingerprinted the complaint straight away. 

Starting from the morning of July 5, fellow practitioners kept coming for help with their lawsuits. Some of them could write, so after they understood how to proceed, they went home to write their complaints. They came back with their drafts and a copy of their ID card and signed and fingerprinted their complaint once it was typed out. Then, they sent it out via the local post office. 

As for those from the rural areas and elderly practitioners who could not write, my wife wrote down what they wanted to say. One couple in their 60s wanted to sue Jiang on behalf of their daughter, who lost her life as a result of the persecution, leaving behind a little girl. 

One practitioner had written her complaint and was about to mail it. I told her that her family members could also join the lawsuit against Jiang. She said that her daughter was very supportive of her practice and that she would ask her if she wanted to sign before she posted the letter. 

The next day, she brought a copy of her daughter’s ID card and a signed and fingerprinted the complaint. She told me that her daughter agreed to join the lawsuit very happily. Her husband was also willing to sue Jiang, but when he heard that an ID card was required, he hesitated because he often traveled inter-provincially, and this might cause him problems. He didn’t sign in the end, and we all understood his choice and were very grateful for his support of our lawsuits against Jiang. 

Another practitioner in her 60s also wrote a complaint against Jiang, and she was suing Jiang together with her son and daughter-in-law. 

In the evening, we began typing out all the remaining complaints from fellow practitioners. My wife had never typed much before, and I was not very good at it. So we typed all night, but we didn’t feel tired. 

Two local practitioners were very keen to help others. Their son was a good typer and knew a lot about computers. After I explained to him what needed to be done, he was happy to help out. By then, I felt quite relieved as everything was in place to help the local practitioners file the lawsuits. 

More Practitioners File Lawsuits from July to October

After returning home, we started to encourage our local practitioners to file lawsuits against Jiang. One practitioner said he would not sue Jiang because he had not done well in cultivation. I encouraged him, and in the end, he agreed to file a lawsuit as well. 

When my wife talked with two other practitioners, the couple said they would think about writing a letter of complaint. On July 11, the husband came to my place and finished his complaint. He went home and encouraged his wife to do the same. The next day, they both came with their ID cards and completed their letter of complaint. 

The husband was a bit hesitant when it was time to mail it at the post office. There had been cases in other places in which practitioners were unlawfully detained by police when they went to post their complaints.

My wife offered to go with him, and they mailed the complaint. The husband felt happy, and he had no fear at all. He came to my place again the next day and helped another practitioner post a complaint letter.

Unlike some surrounding areas where the local post offices were monitored and controlled by CCP secret police, our local post office never caused us any trouble, so many practitioners from surrounding rural areas came to mail their complaints at our local post office. 

There was a practitioner who was unlawfully imprisoned at the same time as me. After I told him about lawsuits against Jiang, his whole family, including his mom, younger sister, and brother-in-law filed criminal complaints. 

Local practitioner Shenglian (pseudonym) also came to my place to write her complaint. She and her elder sister were among the first group of practitioners who went to Tiananmen Square to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. Both of them were unlawfully sentenced to prison and suffered a lot while incarcerated. She and her father (non-practitioner) wanted to file a lawsuit against Jiang. As the elder sister was unlawfully imprisoned again at the time, we helped her draft the complaint and asked her lawyer to take it to her for her signature. 

A practitioner in our area is a native of Shandong, where the persecution was very severe. Inspired by the wave of lawsuits against Jiang, he went back to his hometown to help the local practitioners do the same. Not long after, he came back with seven legal complaints, representing 15 people. One of them was from a family of six, and each complaint was filled with uprightness and courage. 

On July 22, all seven complaints were successfully sent to the Supreme Procuratorate and the Supreme Court by express courier. That day marked the 16th year since the CCP began persecuting Dafa in 1999. 

In July and August 2015, we mailed 27 criminal complaints against Jiang on behalf of 43 participants. It was truly an unforgettable time. Many practitioners shared their experiences and sued Jiang for his evil crimes. We encouraged each other and improved in cultivation as one body. 

In October 2015, we helped practitioners compile 11 more criminal complaints. One of them was from a family of three. The wife was also from Shandong and had spent five years in Jinan Women’s Prison just for practicing Falun Dafa. 

In her complaint, she described how she and her four siblings were unlawfully arrested by police and dragged to every surrounding village in “public shaming” parades through the streets. Her son was only 12 at the time. When he saw on a TV news program his mom in handcuffs being forced to parade on the streets, he burst out crying in great sadness.

Practitioners Continue with Lawsuits After 2016

In September 2016, practitioner Honglian (pseudonym) came to see me. She and her husband had suffered multiple times because of the persecution. Her husband Jinlong (pseudonym) felt somewhat depressed after the last time he was released from prison and had not yet filed a lawsuit against Jiang. So, the four of us formed a Fa-study group at my place, and we studied the Fa together. 

A month later, Jinlong regained his confidence in cultivation and with our encouragement. He also wrote a criminal complaint against Jiang and mailed it to the Supreme Procuratorate and the Supreme Court. Since then, he has felt happy and has more confidence and righteous thoughts.

Jinlong told me that he knew two other practitioners who had not yet filed a complaint against Jiang. We went to see the couple. The wife was a new practitioner who used to suffer from cancer. Jinlong was her colleague and encouraged her to practice Falun Dafa. Her cancer was cured after she took up the practice. Later, we learned that her husband had attended two lecture sessions taught in person by Master Li, founder of Falun Dafa. He had also been unlawfully sentenced to prison.

We told them about the surging tide of lawsuits against Jiang, and his wife said they should sue him, too. She wrote her complaint that very evening. Her husband didn’t see the importance of doing so at the time. But after we shared our thoughts with him, he also mailed a criminal complaint against Jiang to the designated departments. 

He told us later that he was a bit worried that his father would not understand what they were doing. But to his great surprise, his father, who was in far-away Xinjiang, a territory in Northern China, was very supportive and helped him find evidence such as an unlawful judgment.

In the spring of 2017, the practitioners in a rural village resumed their group Fa-study. In June, we went to join the Fa study, and two practitioners told us that most Falun Dafa followers in their village had not filed lawsuits against Jiang. They tried to encourage them to do so, but met with little success. 

After the Fa study, we shared our understanding about the importance of resisting the persecution, eliminating the vicious 610 Office, and suing the instigator Jiang. Everyone was full of righteous thoughts. When I asked if they would like to sue Jiang, they all said yes, but they did not know how to.

I offered to come and help the following Saturday morning and told them to bring copies of ID cards and evidence of unlawful detention, forced labor, and so on.

On June 10, three young practitioners and I went to the village with three laptops. Local practitioners also came, and we divided them into three groups to type out their complaints. It worked very well. By lunchtime, the three young practitioners had typed and printed out seven or eight criminal complaints against Jiang. After fellow practitioners signed and fingerprinted them, they drove to the nearby post office and mailed them out.

On their way back, they were very excited and called aloud, “Falun Dafa is good,” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forebearance is good!” They also sang Falun Dafa songs. 

I was really pleased to hear that they went back home safe and sound and were so happy. With tears in my eyes, I put my palms together and thanked Master Li for his compassionate grace.

As I am writing this sharing article, I can’t help shedding tears of deep gratitude to Master. Although the suing Jiang activity in that village was two years late, it helped practitioners’ family members and relatives a lot in reducing their fear and increasing righteousness. The cultivation environment in that village has become even better than before. 


The lawsuits against Jiang Zemin surged eight years ago, in May 2015. Dafa disciples showed no fear of the persecution. More than 200,000 people participated in the lawsuit against Jiang, and 4 million people reported the evildoers who persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners. 

Last year, at the peak of the pandemic that followed Jiang’s death, many elderly people who died were CCP members. Right now, another round of the virus has broken out across China. Children’s hospitals in several major cities are overcrowded with sick children, and some patients have already lost their lives.

I urge those who haven’t done so to read Master Li’s recent articles “How Humankind Came To Be” and “Why Save Sentient Beings” with sincerity and choose a bright future for yourself.