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The Sin of Disrupting the Fa

July 4, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) From the article “Wake Up,” I understand that we are in a transition to the Fa’s rectification of the human world and many people may be weeded out.

I understand that those to be weeded out include both non-practitioners and practitioners. Among such practitioners, some of them participated in activities that sabotaged the Fa.

I feel that the article is very important and I hope we all study it well and examine whether we have the problems Master points out.

Sometimes when practitioners experience certain tribulations or sickness karma, they can’t find the reason. Maybe it’s related to their sabotaging the Fa.

Whether it’s inside or outside of China, those who gave lectures to disrupt the Fa weren’t as rampant as before and many participants didn’t follow them as closely as before. However, I realized that many past participants didn’t fully understand the damage they had caused and where exactly they had done wrong.

Some still hold on to the attachments that attracted them to the disrupting lectures in the first place. When talking about the mistakes of those who gave the lectures, some practitioners still defend them and claim that they benefitted from the lectures and improved in cultivation.

Some of those who gave the lectures didn’t believe that their actions had caused any damage, let alone fix the damage they had caused. When given opportunities, they still spread things to stir things up. I feel that the old forces wouldn’t let them go easily and are still manipulating them through their attachments to destroy them. For such people, if they fail to face the situation with a clear mind or try to get rid of the control they experience from the old forces, they are truly in great danger.

Master taught us,

“...because every step is arranged systematically—the attachments that need to be eliminated, when you are to improve by overcoming certain challenges, the part of your body that should be enriched, which parts of a problem are to be solved, what kinds of things will emerge through cultivation, which realm you will reach… all these have been arranged systematically.” (Teachings at the Conference in New Zealand)

Master also said,

“...your spiritual development is something I, and not those people, arrange. I have to ask those of you who like to listen to and believe those people’s nonsense: Are you taking them as your master? Do you really have faith in me?” (“Another Stern Warning”)

When we give credit to those who gave lectures for our improvement in cultivation and become grateful to them, aren’t we giving the evil the biggest excuse to persecute us? When practitioners are detained, Master may even use the prison guards to remind us to improve in cultivation. Does that mean we should thank the guards and think it’s because of the guards that we improve in cultivation?

I found that many people who disrupted the Fa regard human sentimentality (qing) as compassion and I believe their misunderstanding stems from the attachment to protect and defend themselves. Their attachment often stands in the way for them to truly fulfill Dafa practitioners’ missions.

Master said,

“To correct the emerging problems promptly, I often write some short articles with specific purposes (called “scriptures” by our students) to guide practitioners in their cultivation.”(“Stability of the Fa,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

When problems occur and Master publishes articles telling us what to do, why don’t we just follow Master’s teachings? Why can’t we stay away from those people and refrain from giving them an audience instead of trying to defend them? If we can’t understand the problems and follow Master’s teaching to correct the situation, then the factors that would disrupt the Fa continue.

Those who disrupt the Fa are often veteran practitioners and they appear to be very diligent, which can deceive practitioners who don’t have a deep understanding of the Fa. The things that those followers feel interested in may be arranged by the evil to disrupt the Fa, as the evil can see their attachments clearly in other dimensions and manipulate them.

If we support those who disrupt the Fa, we are ruining the prospect of our own cultivation. The sin would be so heavy that there would be no way for us to bear it.

Master cherishes every being in the universe. He has given us one opportunity after another to mend our problems. We must walk the remaining leg of our cultivation journey with due seriousness and rationality.