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My Daughter Wowed by My Skin Recovery

July 11, 2022 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I lived with my daughter in 2008 to help take care of her child. As the Chinese New Year was approaching, I decided to go back to my hometown, so I bought a train ticket.

Shortly afterwards, I felt a small bump on my face with a little pain. I scratched it, which caused more bumps to grow on one side of my face and my entire neck. The bumps were black and the skin underneath them turned hard.

My daughter suggested that I stay, get a refund of the ticket, and go see a doctor. I told her that it was not necessary and that I would be fine by the time I was to leave three days later. With faith in Falun Dafa, I knew that Master would help me through this difficult time.

On the night before I left, I washed my face during a shower. When I got up in the morning, my face had molted a layer of skin. There were no scars, and my skin looked delicate. My daughter was wowed when she saw me. I was moved to tears, knowing that Master had born my tribulation for me. I thanked Master.

I am 65 years old, healthy, and energetic, better than myself from 26 years ago.

I grew up in the countryside, had never been to school, and was totally illiterate. I had really bad headaches when I was young, and often felt dizzy. When they were bad, I was unable to work. One day in January 1996, a friend in my village who knew about my condition told me that people were watching the Falun Dafa lectures at a villager’s home and some felt relieved, relaxed, and comfortable afterward. She suggested that I go and give it a try.

So I went there. The video was playing already and I sat down quietly to watch it. Master’s bright voice was amiable and every word touched me. I understood what Master said; he was teaching people to become good by following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. My body felt light on my way home. After three days of watching the lectures, my head suddenly felt something stirring inside, making me dizzy. I thought of it as Master purging my karma, and it went away in a short time. I later told other practitioners what happened. They asked me if I had any head illness, and said that Master was cleansing my body.

During these twenty years of practice, I always felt that Master was watching over me all the time. Although I could not read or write, I decided to buy Dafa books. I thought that I could follow others when they read the Fa, and learn to read as well with Master’s help. I first got the book Zhuan Falun, the main text of Dafa. With Master’s blessing and the help of other practitioners and my children, I can now read it smoothly, and have also since learned to read all the Dafa materials. My family was surprised and amazed.

Master also helped me going through difficult times these years and must have endured a lot for me.

Once, I suddenly didn’t want to eat anything and became bedridden. It lasted 15 days, and I only had sips of water every day. But I had no pain or hunger. My family was scared and wanted to take me to the hospital, but I didn’t want to go. I just kept thinking of what Master said,

“If he is able to let go of life and death, he is a god; if he isn’t able to let go of life and death, he is human.” (Teachings at the Conference in Australia)

I was back to normal 15 days later.

When the persecution of Dafa began in 1999, my body again experienced sickness karma. It was very serious and frightening this time. My tongue was swollen so much that it was like a hard stick. Half of my face was also swollen and my mouth was crooked. I was unable to eat or drink. My family was so worried that they asked me to drink boiled walnut shell water, a folk prescription. So I drank a little bit of it. But I immediately had an especially bad feeling, like a stream of air rushing to my ears. Pus came out of my ears. I stopped drinking the water right away.

I had Master now. I believed that Master would take care of me and cleanse me. I got well without any treatment after a few days. My family felt amazed and witnessed the supernatural power of Dafa.

I sincerely thank Master. I also thank other practitioners for helping me. I hope my experience can help others to learn the extraordinariness of Falun Dafa and its truth.