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Different Attitudes toward Falun Dafa, Different Outcomes

May 8, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) When I talk to people about the illegality of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s persecution of Falun Dafa, they react differently. From what I observed, good fortune often came to those who believed that Falun Dafa is good, and to those who chose to quit the CCP, which has been persecuting the practice since July 1999. On the other hand, very different fates seem to have played out for those who sided with the CCP or even participated in the persecution of Falun Dafa. I will share a few stories I have seen.

Good Fortune Comes to Those Who Embrace the Truth

I lived away from home in 2006 to avoid being harassed and arrested, and another practitioner helped me find a job in a warehouse. Five other people worked there, and most of them were young and believed the CCP and its propaganda against Falun Dafa. They would not listen to me if I talked about the persecution. At the time I did not want to expose myself as a practitioner. I decided to prove myself a good person to win their trust first.

Working in the warehouse in summer was exhausting. When an order came, most people would remain sitting in front of their computers instead of getting the order ready for shipment. By the time they remembered the order, I would have already taken care of it.

I often finished the heavy or messy work before they got to it, and would share the good food I brought for lunch. After a while we became friends.

Anling stopped looking offended when I told her the truth about Falun Dafa but still refused to quit the CCP. Beili told me she never joined the CCP or any of its affiliated organizations. Cai and two others considered me a nice person but believed nothing I said.

The company organized a two-day trip, and I stayed in the same room with Anling. We walked into the mountains late in the first afternoon. The next morning she woke up looking terrified. She saw photos of a man and a woman on a grave yesterday while we talked in the mountains, and the man and woman showed up in her dream last night. Seeing how bothered she was, I told her that quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations could keep her safe. She agreed to quit right away, and after that she felt calm and was no longer scared.

After a doctor told Anling that she had abnormal growth in her breasts, she came to the warehouse to quit her job. She had a big bag of medicine in her hand. From the way she looked at me, I felt that she resented me for “lying” to her, as I told her that quitting the CCP would keep her safe.

I explained to her, “If you are bound to have this illness in your life, it’s better now and not later, because you have a Falun Dafa practitioner around you. You should have faith.” I gave her examples of how other practitioners and I recovered from terminal illnesses because we believed in Falun Dafa. I repeatedly stressed that the divine beings will help those with unwavering belief.

At the time she felt helpless because her husband blamed her for spending their already little savings on the treatments. She decided to heed my advice to recite the Falun Dafa auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” every day.

A few days later, the pain and the lump in her breast disappeared. She went back to the hospital for another check-up, and the doctor dropped his jaw and said, “How did you recover so fast? How?!” She knew it was Dafa and came to me ecstatic, asking to read the Falun Dafa books.

Anling has a five-year-old son whose legs were crippled. A year after she became a practitioner, her son’s legs corrected themselves. He looked no different from other healthy boys. Anling knew that the priceless gift came from the blessings of Falun Dafa.

Many people who came to the warehouse quit the CCP and its affiliations after hearing about Anling’s story. Yesterday Beili, who once told me that she never joined any of the CCP’s organizations, confessed to me that she did join the Communist Youth League, and asked me to help her quit it. She did so because she witnessed Anling’s changes with her own eyes.

Beili began to read Falun Dafa literature and watched informational DVDs. She took the DVDs to show her parents. Upon seeing famous Chinese tenor Guan Guimin singing, her father was in disbelief, “Is it really Guan? He should have passed away a long time ago!” People at her parents’ age all knew that tenor Guan had terminal liver disease. After her parents watched the DVD and knew why the persecution was wrong, they had her ask me to help them quit the CCP’s affiliations.

A relative suffered leukemia in his 30s. He lost a lot of hair after chemotherapy and was in a lot of pain. His aunt asked me to introduce Falun Dafa to him. I brought him a disc with Falun Dafa information and talked to him. He learned the truth and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. A month later he was discharged from the hospital, because he was healthy.

On my way home from work, I saw a neighbor leaning against her door seemingly in a lot of pain. I didn’t want to expose myself as a practitioner, but I knew that I must help her. In a weak voice she told me that she had a migraine. I told her to recite “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” in her mind, and the results depended on how sincere she was. The next morning I saw her waiting for me outside. She couldn’t wait to tell me that last night she lost sleep because of the excruciating pain. She sat up and shouted the phrase I told her, and a miracle happened. The pain stopped. The pain usually lasted 10 days, even after she took her medicine. “Falun Dafa is amazing medicine,” she said.

I told her how former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin and his regime created propaganda to frame Falun Dafa practitioners and to instigate public hatred against the practice before launching the persecution. After that I told her real cases of people who recovered from terminal illnesses because they had faith in Falun Dafa. She listened carefully. From that day on, she often gathered dry wood sticks and leaves for me to make a fire and cook, knowing that I had to make dinner after I got off from work. This was how she thanked me.

Mishaps Follow Others

Unfortunately not everyone listened to what the practitioners had to say, or chose to support Falun Dafa and quit the CCP after he/she knew about the persecution.

A young man in his 20s suffered leukemia and the doctor said that he had about a year left. A practitioner in his village felt sorry for him having the illness at such a young age, and decided to find him and tell him about Falun Dafa. The young man didn’t want to listen and told the practitioner, “I’d rather die than believe you.” A month later, the young man’s dog scratched him and he died of an infection.

I had a neighbor who was the captain of a local agriculture production team. He twice led police to harass me at home, which eventually resulted in my arrest. I was detained for two months and given two years of forced labor. Many people told me that the captain told his wife that he tried to get me locked up in a prison for seven years.

When the local authorities put a practitioner in a brainwashing center, they usually appointed one person to watch the practitioner around the clock and made the practitioner pay for the person’s room and board. My neighbor, who was a village head, appointed two people instead to watch each practitioner in order to rack up the practitioner’s bill.

The local practitioners and I tried to tell my neighbor and his wife the truth about Falun Dafa. They never listened. My neighbor wanted to move up in his career by participating in the persecution. He needed a record of transforming Falun Dafa practitioners to get the promotions.

Instead of achieving his pursuit, a series of misfortunes soon happened to the neighbor’s family. His daughter got sick and died at the age of 20. A few years later his wife died after being rushed to a hospital. He remarried a widow, who later became mentally ill.

I was sent to prison in 2018 to serve a five-year illegal sentence for my faith in Falun Dafa. A woman in her 30s swore at Master and Falun Dafa and came up with new tricks to torture me every day. I told her what she did wouldn’t do her any good, and she made things worse for me.

Later she had abnormal growth in her uterus and had severe episodes of vaginal bleeding. The prison doctor told her, who did not have a child yet, that she needed to have her uterus removed, or she could die at any time.

No one would wish such an outcome on anyone, but it appears to be true nevertheless that what goes around, comes around. Good deeds bring good results, bad deeds bring bad results. We each may choose for ourselves.