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My Family and I Benefit from Practicing Falun Dafa

May 10, 2022 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) While carrying on life with a broken body, I did not know that the book Zhuan Falun, which I casually picked up to read in 1997, would completely change my life. Life has been good and meaningful since then. Many of my family members followed me and we have all benefited from this beautiful practice.

Obtaining Dafa

One day in 1997, my mother-in-law asked me to pass a qigong book to my husband, but he didn’t want to read it because as a doctor he didn’t believe in qigong. I then casually took a look at the book, Zhuan Falun, the main teachings of Falun Dafa. The more I read the book, the more I wanted to read it. It answered many puzzles in my life and I was deeply drawn to the principles discussed in the book. This was the pure land I longed for. I decided to begin my cultivation practice in Dafa.

I attended the seminars playing the video tapes of Master’s teachings during the following days. I felt the Falun in my lower abdomen while I was watching the videos. I also began to participate in group exercises in the mornings and evenings and later joined the group Fa study.

I felt that my life became fulfilled since I found Master. I was happy every day, enjoying such a good practice.

Body Healed

I had colitis since I was little. I remember that sometimes my mother had to carry me to the hospital in the middle of the night when I was ill. I always had upset stomach or constipation. I also had bad migraines, and I was unable to go to sleep when I had an attack. My family normally kept all the unpleasant things at home from me so as to not trigger my migraines. My frozen shoulder was really bad as well. My husband, as a doctor, could not do anything about my symptoms. I became easily irritated. He and the children had to go easy on me.

One night shortly after I began practicing Falun Dafa, I had a dream: I was in an open space. The surrounding was a bit dark, but I could see things clearly; I heard voices of a man and a woman; they were talking loudly, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying; my head could not stand their voices and it became unbearable for me; I shouted to Master to save me; then I woke up.

I did not understand the dream and felt a little scared. I asked a practitioner, who could not say much about it either. So I just let it go. One day after some time, I suddenly felt that my migraine was cured, which made me realize that Master had taken away the karma causing my migraine in that dream.

Later, my frozen shoulder and colitis disappeared as well. In fact, I didn’t think about my diseases or health when I decided to practice Dafa. I just thought that Dafa was good, and didn’t expect my body to change so much. Dafa is truly amazing! I have also become a gentle and virtuous person.

Family Members Joining Dafa Practice

After my family witnessed my physical changes, my mother, my sister and her daughter and grandson all joined the practice. My whole family was blessed.

My mother is a traditional woman who considered my father to be her main support. However, they divorced before I began practicing Dafa. She was so heartbroken that she often talked to people about her misery. Her illnesses of cranial neurasthenia, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer also made her emaciated.

I encouraged her to learn Dafa and she happily agreed. Her body and temperament changed a lot afterward. With all of her illnesses healed and a new life with a purpose, she gained back her lost weight and looked much better.

Once, when my paternal grandmother was hospitalized, she missed my mother and wanted to meet her since they had a good relationship in the past. My father and his sister felt awkward to ask my mother the favor and were not sure about her reaction. So I asked her and she said yes. She considered it a good opportunity to introduce Dafa to them and show them the goodness of Dafa.

During her visit, she treated my father and my stepmother gracefully as if nothing had happened between them. My father was deeply touched since he didn’t expect my mother to show up. When he told my husband, my husband said to him, “You’d better thank Falun Dafa!”

Later, my aunt and my stepmother both began to practice Dafa too. My mother introduced them to the group practice site near my aunt’s home. My grandmother also knows that Dafa is good and she often listened to the recordings of Master’s teachings.

A few years ago, my mother and I went to a restaurant across the street from my home for lunch one Saturday. When we were walking to my home afterward, I inadvertently noticed that her mouth was crooked and she was drooling. We hurried home and read a lecture of Zhuan Falun together. We focused on reading and did not think about anything else. After the Fa study, she returned to normal. Both of us witnessed the power of Dafa.