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A Fortunate Outcome During the Pandemic

April 23, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I recently moved to a new home. Before I got familiar with the surroundings and neighbors, the pandemic suddenly broke out without a warning.

Sudden Lockdown

The sudden lockdown of the city and neighborhood made the whole city lifeless. Looking out of the window, not a single person or vehicle could be seen. The only thing I could see was the person dressed in a white gown, and the only voice I heard was, “Go downstairs and do the nucleic acid test.” People were obedient and hoped that the government’s policy would really “clear” the virus as soon as possible so that they could resume their life.

Twenty days have passed, but the number of people infected with the virus was still rising daily. There was a shortage of necessities, and some people had no vegetables for days. And we had to do the nucleic test every day.

When the Five-year-old Neighbor Tested Positive

A young couple with a five-year-old child live next door to me. Suddenly one day I heard a knock on their door and overheard that the child tested positive (likely getting infected while doing the tests), but both parents were negative. The officials sealed their door while working on a solution.

Many people who encountered such situation would keep their doors closed and perhaps spray more disinfectant. But I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who has cultivated for over 25 years, I am deeply aware that Dafa can help my neighbors. But how do I deliver the information to them? 

I went to talk to my neighbors. Initially, they were scared. I told them that I am their neighbor. I learned that their child tested positive and I was very concerned. I had important news for them.

I gave them a flash drive with information about Falun Dafa and asked them to take a good look at it. I also told them the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness and Forbearance is good” and said that many infected people have recovered by reciting the phrases. I also helped them quit the Chinese Communist Party and its related organizations. I reassured them that I’d be there for them if they needed anything. I could see that they were very touched.

A Fortunate Outcome

Two days later, they were notified that they needed to be quarantined in a makeshift hospital. Before they left, they asked me to help take care of their dog while they were gone. I agreed and reminded them to recite the two phrases.

At the makeshift hospital, my neighbors shared a room with over 20 people. Some were asymptomatic and some also tested negative, but had close contact with positive patients. Since my neighbors were both negative and their child was asymptomatic, they were terrified to find those around them having a fever and coughing. They were afraid they would be infected and not be able to leave the place quickly. In fact, there was someone in their room who was asymptomatic initially and became symptomatic after a few days. I told them not to be afraid and that they would be protected by saying the phrases.

A miracle did happen! They were the first group of people released from the makeshift hospital and returned on the eighth day. I’m so glad for them for experiencing the power of Dafa.