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Eliminating Human Notions

March 11, 2022 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) After reading Master's recent article Wake Up, “The Fa’s rectification of the Cosmos has finished, and now a transition to the Fa’s rectification of the human world is taking place,” I realized that the time is pressing, and we need to eliminate attachments. Only by removing human notions can we eliminate attachments, and let the divine side of us emerge.

The Notion of “Getting Old”

Master has been teaching the Fa for 29 years. Currently, older practitioners make up a large proportion. It is observed that many of them still have the notion of “getting old” which manifest in feeling out of breath while climbing stairs, back and leg pain if they walked a long distance, paying attention to avoid certain foods, developing sickness karma... they all believe that it was caused by their age.

In fact, the incorrect state is precisely the persecution by the old forces brought on by one's own notions, and their manifestation, in turn, strengthens this notion. If a cultivator forms a notion that eating porridge will cause cancer, he might really get cancer by eating porridge, but cancer might not be caused by eating porridge at all.

Master told us:

“Old age, illness, and death are also forms of demons, but they are created to maintainthe characteristic of the universe.”Lecture Five (Zhuan Falun)

We are disciples of Dafa and aging, illness, and death has nothing to do with us. If we form the notion of “getting old,” the old forces will impose various states of old age on you, because that is what you asked for.

A senior fellow practitioner is 81 years old in our area, he goes upstairs using two stairs as one step, and even a young lad would have a hard time catching up with him. He has no notion of aging.

Even those cultivators in the mountains who cultivate lesser pathways for many years, if they had notions of aging, they won't be able to cultivate for so many years, let alone us Dafa disciples who cultivate the fundamental Fa of the cosmos.

The Notion of “Good Things”

Ordinary people view fame and profit as good things, and as cultivators, we should change that notion in order to get rid of the attachment to fame, profit, and power. We understand from the Fa teachings that the meaning of life is to cultivate and return to our original true home.

If we exchange our virtue for prestige and profit, what do we use to transform our gong? Despite our great blessings, Master Li did not arrange for us to become rich and famous for the sake of our cultivation.

Some fellow practitioners, me included, seem to care little about fame and fortune, but hope that their children will stand out, have good academic performance, get into a good university, and have money and status in the future. So the notion never changed.

A cultivator's view should be the opposite of ordinary people: when one hears not so pleasant things or comes across difficulties, we should consider that a good thing, as it helps us to eliminate the mentality of fighting, jealousy, etc.

My wife, who did not practice, had been at odds with me for a long time, and whenever she opened her mouth they were complaints and accusations. I tried to get rid of resentment for a long time. Recently, I changed my notion, whenever she opened her mouth, I thought, “Oh good, thank you.” The situation changed, she was no longer hard on me with her words

We should look at things from a cultivation standpoint, for example, eliminating the attachment to lust, enduring hardship to generate virtue, eliminating attachments to leisure and comfort, getting rid of sentimentality to family members, and treating everyone with compassion.

Trying hard to eliminate attachments without getting rid of human notions is difficult to achieve. Human notions are self-centered and selfish. We get rid of selfish notions in order to reach the standard of divinity, not just for individual consummation but to fulfill our vow, to better save sentient beings.

Let us wake up in the limited time, validate Dafa better, and save more sentient beings.