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Surviving the Pandemic: A Remedy from the Divine

Oct. 4, 2022 |   By Yu Jie

(Minghui.org) Between the Western Han Dynasty and Eastern Han Dynasty, around 9 – 25 A.D., several plagues broke out in China.

Hearing of the great suffering in southern China, Pi Tong—a great physician—decided to travel there to save people.

Saving His Mother’s Life

Not long after Pi Tong left home, his mother fell dreadfully ill.

The family sought all kinds of medical treatment, but none of them helped. Pi Tong could not come back home either, because he was busy with many patients. In the end, his elder brother Pi Zhu took their mother to southern China to meet Pi Tong.

But Pi Tong also failed to find a remedy for his mother.

“I don’t know why I’ve been able to heal the illnesses of so many, but am helpless to heal my own mother,” he said, with tears in his eyes. “The ingredients for the cure are almost impossible to find, unless we receive help from the divine.”

Pi Zhu and his mother had no choice but to return to their hometown in northern China.

One day, while walking on the road, Pi Zhu’s mother became very thirsty. However, they were in the middle of nowhere, with no villages around to fetch water from. Pi Zhu asked his mother to wait by the roadside while he checked everywhere.

Finally, in a locust tree forest, he saw a skull filled with rainwater. Two small snakes were swimming in it. After removing the snakes, Pi Zhu brought the water to his mother.

“Mother, please close your eyes and drink the rainwater,” he told her.

Already extremely thirsty, his mother followed the advice and felt much better after she drank.

A while later, they were walking through another village when Pi Zhu’s mother became very hungry. But there was no restaurant in sight. Pi Zhu had no choice but to beg for food from the villagers.

The first family he went to just gave birth to twins. The grandmother was blind and the grandfather was crippled, but they were thrilled by their new grandchildren.

When the family heard someone begging for food, they were happy to oblige. The grandparents cooked up some Chinese pearl barley (also know as Job’s tears) that was left over by the new mother, and ground up by the new father’s younger sister. Before serving, they also added an egg.

After eating the barley and the egg, which happened to have two yolks, Pi Zhu’s mother regained her energy and was able to return home smoothly.

Shortly after they arrived home, Pi Zhu received a note from Pi Tong about the prescription for their mother’s cure.

“Drink water from nature, where two dragons play. (Note: snakes are sometimes referred to as “little dragons” in Chinese) Follow with an egg of twin yolks from a family with new twins. Add pearl barley ground by a younger aunt, and have the egg and barley be cooked by a grandmother and crippled grandfather.”

“All of these ingredients are hard to obtain,” Pi Tong continued, “but if Mother is granted these by heaven, she would be cured.”

Recalling what they had encountered on the journey home, Pi Zhu knew his mother had obtained all the ingredients. He immediately wrote back to his brother about the good news.

Modern Day Miracles

Since the time of Pi Tong, thousands of years have passed. Many people have forgotten about the traditions of Chinese culture, especially after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power decades ago.

But with the practitioners of Falun Dafa—a meditation system based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance—these traditions continue. Although the CCP has persecuted Falun Gong since July 1999, people who support the practitioners have received blessings for their righteousness.

Below are a few examples.

A retail store owner

Da lives in Harbin City of Heilongjiang Province and owns a retail store. After two customers shopped in her place in May, both of them were confirmed to be infected with COVID-19.

Many people who had close contact with these two customers were transported by buses for quarantine, including Da. Upon arriving at the quarantine site, Da had the symptoms of fever, headache, and coughing, with pain all over her body. She was so frightened that she cried.

Remembering a practitioner in the neighborhood had told her to recite “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good”, she followed the advice and called her family to tell them do the same.

After that, she tested negative for the virus. The symptoms were gone after three days and she returned home 14 days later.

“I am healthy now, and business is booming,” Da said, “I am really thankful for Falun Dafa!”

Eighty-year old man

Xiao is 80 and lives in Hubei Province. Before the Chinese New Year in 2020, all five of his children and their families came to visit him, with over 20 guests in total at his house. His eldest son from Wuhan also came along.

Because of the CCP’s cover-up, the family did not know that there had been many COVID-19 cases in Wuhan already.

After a few days, Xiao’s two sons tested positive for COVID-19. The entire family started to panic, and they were sent to a hotel for quarantine. One of Xiao’s daughters has a friend who is a Falun Dafa practitioner. Upon hearing this, the friend told her and the family to recite the two phrases. And so they did.

Some time later, the daughter called the practitioner said both her two brothers had been released from the hospital and that the others had returned home too.

“Falun Dafa has saved our family,” she said.

One big family

One practitioner said his place had thousands of new COVID-19 cases in March 2022, which caused panic in the region.

“Fortunately, I had told my entire family—dozens of them—about Falun Dafa when the pandemic broke out back in 2020,” wrote the practitioner, “All of them are supportive of Falun Dafa and they have renounced their membership from the CCP’s organizations too.”

The practitioner’s family members were spread out in various areas in the city. Many of them were government officials who interacted with residents on a daily basis, including the infected. But none of the family members caught COVID.

Furthermore, one of the family members has a business that is considered essential. Although many of his peers were forced to shut down due to the pandemic or lack of healthy employees, his business miraculously survived.

“Most of the employees are supportive of Falun Dafa and they have quit the CCP organizations too,” wrote the practitioner. “None of them were infected, and we are all very grateful for Falun Dafa.”