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Notice Regarding Student Applications to the Shen Yun Arts Proficiency Assessment Center

For the Taiwan Region

Oct. 13, 2022

(Minghui.org) Shen Yun Arts Proficiency Assessment Center has developed a complete set of certification material for Shen Yun classical Chinese dance. This set of material is based on Shen Yun dance artists’ years of orthodox teaching experience. It was a product of both teaching experience and practical training. The material is classified into 10 levels based on age, state of mind, ability, and proficiency. Anyone with interest in classical Chinese dance and traditional Chinese culture can use the material. 

We are providing this training platform for all those interested in classical Chinese dance and traditional Chinese culture. Our training will also lay a solid, systematic, and professional dance foundation for people who want to become Chinese classical dance professionals. 

This is an online platform launched by Shen Yun Arts Proficiency Assessment Center on advanced dance education for dance lovers around the world. The Center promotes formal dance education and administers dance certification exams. It also aims to establish a first-class dance teaching system and provide dance instructor training. 

Artists from Shen Yun Performing Arts have come together and formed an excellent team of teachers. They established this efficient and high-quality set of classes to popularize classical Chinese dance. The teaching material is systematic and professional. It has implemented a rigorous and formal certification system on Shen Yun classical Chinese dance. 

Here is a notice regarding student applications in the Taiwan region. 

Application details:

1. Eligibility of applicant: at least 7 years old. Students will be classified based on their age and dance aptitude. During the first class, the teacher will evaluate the student and recommend the level of learning. 

2. Class setting:1) Live class has two types: individual, 1-on-1 lessons, as well as group lessons that consist of one teacher and multiple students. The group lesson will open only when at least two students register for the same class. Each student will receive one lesson per week for 48 weeks. 2) Video classes include dance demo videos for all 10 levels. One can also purchase videos separately for specific levels. The videos have no expiration date and can be watched at any time. 

3. Payment method:Both one-time and installment payment methods are accepted online. For detailed information, please visit: https://exams.shenyuncreations.com/zh-TW/category/dance

4. Certification system:An assessment team composed of senior examiners at Shen Yun Arts Proficiency Assessment Center will conduct an exam once a year. Those who pass the exam will advance to the next level and receive a certificate. (Students who do not pass the first time around will have an opportunity for a make-up exam)For detailed information, please visit: https://exams.shenyuncreations.com/zh-TW/certifications/dance

5. Contact information for customer service of the certification center is: apac_help@shenyunzuopin.com