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Fulfilling My Vows

Sept. 4, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) in May 1996. During these years I have stumbled many times, but I clearly remembered that clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings were the vows I made before coming down to the human world, and these are something I must fulfill.

Making Good Use of My Work Environment

Under the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) overwhelming defamation and suppression of Falun Dafa, just like many other Dafa practitioners, I lost my job on account of upholding my faith. I later found another job, but for the same reason, I lost it again. This happened many times. Then, I found a job in a nursing home, taking care of the elderly. Most people didn’t like this kind of job, so I was able to hold the post for a longer period of time.

I chose this job because the elderly in the nursing home have close family, other relatives, and friends from different social strata and different careers who come to see them. In other words, there are all sorts of people that I can clarify the facts to, in the hopes they will choose a bright future for themselves.

As a Dafa practitioner, I did my work well. I took good care of the elderly with a great deal of patience. I gained their trust, and that of their family members and friends. In order to show their gratitude, many of them offered me cash and all kinds of gifts. I declined most of them, but sometimes they insisted. Then I would compensate them in another way.

My work ethic and the fact that I declined gifts were acknowledged by my managers and the family members. They praised me for being a truly good person and remarked that it is hard to find such a person these days. Consequently, I was rated as an “excellent employee” many times.

People listened to what I had to say and accepted the Dafa informational materials and Minghui calendars I offered them. I even helped many of them quit the CCP and its affiliated youth organizations.

A Satisfied Daughter

The daughter of one of my clients was very satisfied with how I took care of her father. She tried to give me some cash a few times. I politely declined it, and said, “I practice Falun Gong and follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The founder of Falun Dafa, Master Li Hongzhi, taught us to be considerate and kind to others in everything we do. I just do what my Master asks us to do.”

I gave her some informational materials, DVDs and amulets, to help her get an in-depth understanding of Dafa. She accepted them all, and later quit the CCP and its youth organizations. She shared the information she learned with her family and friends – over 20 people, and almost all of them quit the Party.

Retired Police Officer and Two Sons

There was a retired police officer who lived in the nursing home. He was very talkative and always chatted with me. I took the opportunity to tell him about Dafa and helped him quit the CCP.

He told me that he received calls from practitioners outside of China telling him about Dafa and that he should quit the CCP. He’d listened to them, but chose not to quit. After talking with him a few times, I managed to convince him that Dafa is good, and he quit the Party.

Deep down, I truly appreciate what practitioners outside of China are doing by reaching out to people in China, which lays a good foundation for our truth-clarification efforts here.

The officer has two sons; one was a police officer, the other worked for the municipal government. They both quit the CCP after I told them about Dafa.

Helping Relatives Quit the Party

Sometimes, when an elderly person passed away or was transferred to another place, and I still hadn't helped some of their family members quit the CCP, I was very worried for them. So Master arranged for them to come to me for something. I seized the opportunity to tell them about Dafa and help them quit the Party.

One time, an elderly man in the nursing home passed away, but his son-in-law hadn’t yet quit the Party. I helped him with the funeral arrangements and took the opportunity to further clarify the facts to him. He eventually quit the Party.

An elderly woman's daughter and two twin sons came from Japan to see her. I clarified the facts to them all, and helped them quit the Party.

A distant relative and their family came to visit an elderly man in the nursing home. They hadn’t had much contact with him before, but suddenly came to see him several times. I told them about Dafa and helped them quit the CCP.

Helping Colleagues

Part of the staff who worked at the nursing home were volunteers who came to help the elderly, such as giving pedicures and haircuts. Doctors and nurses also came. I made use of any opportunity to clarify the facts to them.

A coworker became a very good friend of mine after quitting the CCP. She often asked for informational materials to take home and give her husband. After her husband finished reading them, he took them to his workplace to share with his coworkers. He took a few MP3 players with Dafa information on them. He kept one and gave the others to his coworkers. He said that he wanted to read, but also listen to information about Dafa.

A caregiver at the nursing home began to practice Falun Dafa after I clarified the facts to her.

Former Classmates’ Party

In 2017, our old classmates, who hadn’t gotten together for more than 30 years, had a party. Some of them worked in different levels of management in institutions, some were in the administration, or taught in the township schools, and some worked in the political and legal areas. Most of them were CCP members. Since we hardly saw each other, I knew I had to do well in clarifying the facts to them.

After fellow practitioners learned about the party, they helped me make a lot of Dafa informational materials. Some printed the pamphlet “A letter for predestined people,” some bought a digital card reader for me, some bought some memory cards and downloaded truth-clarification content on them, and some bought small plastic bags to put all of these materials in.

I had everything ready a few days before the party. I sent forth righteous thoughts intensively and asked for Master to empower me.

At the party, my old classmates sat around the dining tables and chatted with one another. So I used this opportunity to go to each table to awaken their conscience, and handed them the bags of materials we had prepared.

In the end, all 27 classmates who joined the CCP decided to quit the Party. I sincerely appreciated Master for his careful arrangement. As long as we have the wish to save people, Master will make the arrangements for us.

Visiting Local Stores

A friend of mine owns a dry cleaners. I often went to visit her, so I could talk to the customers there about Falun Dafa. When I finished talking, she helped me hand out informational materials and DVDs. She also gave her customers the materials that I left in the store. Before the Chinese New Year, she helped me hand out Minghui calendars.

There was a person who often went to the dry cleaners to chat. After he learned the truth about Dafa, he told his friends and family and helped over 60 people quit the CCP.

When I needed my hair cut, I didn’t just stick to one hairdresser. I changed to a new after I had talked to them about Falun Dafa. I took the opportunity to tell them about Dafa while they were working. I gave them informational materials and USB drives. They accepted them and thanked me, so I told them to thank Dafa's Master and to recite the phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” as much as they could to ensure their safety.

I also went to the open markets and supermarkets. Some of the young staff there were very nice, and usually quit the CCP after I managed to awaken their conscience. Whenever we saw new staff there, fellow practitioners and I talked to them. Sometimes they would ask for materials when they saw us again, and occasionally, they’d shout to us, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

Awakening People’s Conscience

Many times practitioners and I would talk to passersby on the street. Most of them listened to us and accepted our materials. Sometimes we also went inside residential buildings to hand out materials and put up truth-clarification sticky notes.

I once spoke to a rag picker. I didn’t expect him to be educated, but he asked for several different materials after he listened to me. I later ran into him a few times. Each time, he asked for updated materials.

As I neared a bus stop one time, a young girl ran toward me. She asked if she could borrow one yuan to pay for her bus fare. I thought that this child was likely someone who had a predestined relationship with me, so I gave her the money right away. I quickly told her about Dafa and helped her quit the Young Pioneers (a CCP affiliated organization). I ran in to her again the following day. She returned the money, and thanked me again. I never saw her again after that.

Sometimes, I ran into people who shouted or cursed at me. Some even threatened to call the police. One time, I clarified the facts to a middle-aged man. He seemed to be listening attentively, but then suddenly grabbed my hands and said, “You are Falun Gong. I’ll take you to the police station.”

I didn’t say anything, remained calm and sent forth strong righteous thoughts to ask for Master’s help. The man let go of my hands right away, turned around, and left.

Making Phone Calls

I started making phone calls to clarify that facts in 2011. In the beginning, I took five or six cell phones out with me each time to make the calls. I dialed the numbers and played the recorded messages. I also brought truth-clarification brochures, DVDs and other materials, and passed them out to people.

With one phone card I had, I hadn't put money on it for nine months, but it still worked. I thought: This was to encourage me, and help me make free calls so as to save more people.

Talking to Police Officers

The CCP conducted a nationwide “door knocking” campaign in 2018. Police officers came to my home to harass me many times. The last time they came they brought some law enforcement assistants along. I wasn't at home, so they told my son to have me go to the police station.

I discussed this issue with practitioners at our Fa study group. They all thought I should go and clarify the facts to the police. Some practitioners came with me and we took materials that explained how practicing Falun Dafa wasn’t against the law. Meanwhile, those at our Fa study group sent forth righteous thoughts to support me. However, when I went to the police station, the officer I needed to see wasn’t around.

The officer called me when I was at work one morning. I told him I’d call him back during my break. After I hung up, I asked for Master’s empowerment. Then, I sent forth righteous thoughts to adjust my mindset. Meanwhile, I laid out key points from the articles I prepared. I focused my mind on what I needed to do, and then called him back.

First, I clarified the facts. I told him that practicing Falun Dafa was legal and wasn't against any law, and is a belief that is protected by the Constitution. I also mentioned that Dafa is practiced in more than 100 countries.

I told him that he had the right to help us as opposed to just following orders from his superiors, and reminded him that he would later be held accountable for his actions against Dafa practitioners. I told him that Falun Dafa practitioners follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and we practitioners are all good people. I said that when one treats Dafa practitioners well, they will receive good fortune.

Under Master’s empowerment, I articulated everything very well. In the end, he kept saying, “Well said, well said.” He never came back to harass me again.

When I next went to Fa study, a practitioner told me that when she sent forth righteous thoughts, she saw my dimensional field become clear. Through the cooperation among practitioners, we managed to dismantle the evil factors behind the police officer.

Over these many years of truth-clarification and helping Master to save people, I am fully aware of my vow. I cherish this rare and precious opportunity to correct my loopholes, do my very best at the three things, and follow Master to return home.