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With Righteous Thoughts I Overcame Sickness Karma

Sept. 19, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I have been practicing Falun Dafa since 2006. During those years of cultivation, I have encountered Falun Dafa’s power and Master Li Hongzhi’s great compassion countless times.

Symptoms of a Stroke

I could not get out of bed one morning, as I had lost all feeling on one side of my body. My head was heavy and my neck was stiff. These were symptoms of a stroke.

I could not make my body move regardless of my effort. I thought about calling my husband for help, but if I did that, wouldn’t I be admitting that I was sick? This was not real, it was sickness karma. I felt I must get up on my own.

It took me ten minutes to sit up. My body then returned to normal. In an instant, all the discomfort was gone. Master must have seen that I did not get moved by illusion, and helped me get over this obstacle. My husband was amazed by Dafa’s power when I told him about it later.

Getting Over Sickness Karma in the Form of Pain

My husband and I make and sell picked vegetables during the winter. We load and unload our carts with heavy jugs of picked vegetables every day to sell at the open market.

My back started to hurt one day, and the pain lasted for a month. When the pain was at its worst, standing and squatting became unbearable. I had difficultygetting around, but I never complained. Complaining would mean admitting that I was in pain. I continued doing chores around the house as well.

When clarifying the truth to people, I claimed that Dafa gave me back my health, which is the truth. If they knew about my back pain, perhaps that could change their mind about Dafa, and I would be damaging Dafa’s reputation.

I wanted to rest for a day, but I immediately asked myself: Why do I need to rest? Is this illness? No, it is not. I should go to the market.

As I began to load the cart I noticed the largest jar was left for me to load on the cart. Resentment toward my husband arose. Even though I did not say anything about my back pain, I would have thought he would notice. But wait, cultivators need to search within, not look at other people for mistakes. Wasn’t my husband helping me to eliminate this attachment?

My heart was immediately at ease. Since this pain was not an illness, but an illusion, why was I hesitating to pick up the heavy jar? I can do it. At this thought, I lifted the jar onto the cart.

On my way home, I realized that my back pain was completely gone.

Once again, Master Li showed me the way to search within to improve my cultivation.