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New Vietnamese Practitioners Share Cultivation Experiences of Distributing Flyers in Japan

Sept. 16, 2021 |   By a Vietnamese Falun Dafa practitioner in Japan

(Minghui.org) I’m originally from Vietnam and live in Japan. These past three years, many Vietnamese began practicing Falun Dafa. The Japanese practitioners who started cultivating years ago went through hardships as they shouldered responsibilities for many truth-clarifying projects. We Vietnamese practitioners are eager to help them. However, due to the limitations of language, apart from distributing informational materials and participating in parades, most Vietnamese practitioners could not participate in truth-clarifying projects. Since the pandemic outbreak, these methods of clarifying the truth were also restricted.

Last December, some practitioners started to insert truth-clarifying fliers into mailboxes. This January, the Falun Dafa Association of Japan sent out a notice calling on everyone to participate in this effort. We felt this was benevolent Master’s arrangement, giving those Vietnamese practitioners who had just obtained the Fa or faced language barriers an opportunity to reach out to people. As long as we have the heart to save sentient beings, we can participate in the activity.

Since most practitioners live in a few major cities, organizing activities in the small cities is complicated. Inserting the fliers into the mailboxes requires walking for hours in order to reach every household. In sparsely populated areas, especially in the secluded mountainous areas, walking to every house can be quite tough.

As most Vietnamese practitioners are young, we feel it’s our responsibility to do more. Now, more than 70 Vietnamese practitioners participate in distributing materials to households. We are spread out across 23 regions of Japan’s 47 capitals, provinces, prefectures and counties.

We cherish this wonderful opportunity to cooperate with all Falun Dafa practitioners in Japan to save people. Even if everyone just does a little bit, we can spread the truth to many places. Practitioners make good use of their limited time and do as much as they can. We have been persisting for nearly ten months and have delivered approximately 1.1 million fliers.

Below are some cultivation experiences three new Vietnamese practitioners had while distributing fliers.

Alan’s Story

I began practicing Falun Dafa about a year ago, and I’m very lucky to have help from fellow practitioners. I’ve had many opportunities to work alongside both Chinese and Vietnamese practitioners to distribute materials. Soon after I began practicing, another practitioner suggested I read Master’s teachings given in other regions. From them I understood that what I had been doing is “assisting Master in rectifying the Fa.”

I live in a mountainous region and there are fewer people here than in major cities. Initially the other three practitioners and I focused on more densely populated areas with many high-rise buildings near bus stops. Then, we gradually moved on to sparser areas.

One day, I rode my bicycle to distribute fliers. I parked it by the road, walked to the nearest building and began inserting fliers into mailboxes. When I came back, my bike was gone. I calmed down and thought: What I am doing is related to Dafa; why would I get upset about losing my bike? So, I kept distributing fliers. I distributed all the fliers I brought and headed back to look for my bike. It was right in front of me. I was very happy and thankful to Master.

Everyone in our small group is a new practitioner. At the beginning of this project, we all said that we felt tired after walking long distances. Some even said they brought slippers so they could change their footwear and rest for a while. Now, however, we sometimes leave the house when the sun has just risen and only return at night. At times we walk over 20 kilometres along mountain roads, but we do not feel tired when we reach home. Instead we feel energetic, and everyone has experienced how amazing Dafa is.

One female practitioner is small and slender. She always brings a lot of materials, and her backpack and handbag weigh around 10 kilograms. She twisted her ankle twice. She said that in the past if she twisted her ankle, it would take more than a month to recover and she had to tiptoe. That day when she twisted her ankle, her first thought was that she is a cultivator so there was no problem. She continued walking and was not in pain. The next day she noticed her ankle was swollen and bruised, but it did not hurt. She continued distributing fliers with us.

On rainy days, everyone gathered at my house to pack materials into envelopes. One day, a practitioner said that she often had a headache after leaving my house. She also had a headache sometimes when she returned home after delivering fliers. On that day, when she took the materials, she saw that they were full of Buddhas, Taos, and Gods. They sat in a circle, emitting a glimmering golden aura. It was very beautiful. They were all watching sentient beings who were making their choices. Everyone’s position was arranged, but the lowest level was all black. What she saw was in another dimension.

The practitioner understood that the materials at my house were placed in the bedroom and the room was very messy. We cleaned it up and re-organized everything. The next time she came to my home, she said that her head no longer hurt and it was very easy to calm down when she meditated here.

No matter what happens, we remind ourselves to maintain righteous thoughts. While participating in this project, our attachments are exposed and we keep getting rid of them. Every time we encounter problems, we will tell each other “nothing is by chance” and thank Master for always protecting us.

Ben’s Cultivation Journey

The village I volunteered to deliver materials to is sparsely populated. The houses are far apart and there are no street lights. I can only distribute fliers on weekends. It took a long time to walk to each house so I only distributed a few materials. I later decided that I would deliver fliers at the place I stay on Saturdays and I would go to the large cities on Sundays.

Since I just started to participate in this effort, my desire for comfort has not been eliminated. I have not done well in the three things that Dafa practitioners should do. Sometimes, my thoughts are disturbed, and I’ll think, “Am I really saving sentient beings? Is this method effective?” This thought made me question what we were doing.

A few days later, another practitioner and I went to collect the printer to print the envelopes the materials are inserted in. As we drove, the words “Spread the Fa” appeared on the car’s GPS. We were very happy. A few days later, I went out to distribute by myself. When I opened the car trunk to get the materials, I noticed two udumbara flowers. I photographed them and sent the photos to the other practitioners. Everyone confirmed that these really were udumbara flowers. This strengthened my righteous thoughts about what I was doing.

A few days later, another Vietnamese practitioner and I finished delivering a batch of fliers. When we opened the trunk we discovered more udumbara flowers had appeared beside the first 2 udumbara flowers. Everyone was very happy and we thanked Master for strengthening our righteous thoughts and encouraging us to continue despite the hot and humid weather.

One night, I dreamed about the day the Fa rectified the human world. I saw many practitioners who had already attained consummation status before Fa-rectification ended. Their bodies were already Buddha bodies. Some practitioners’ bodies turned into Buddha bodies when the Fa rectified the human world; others could only transform half of their bodies into Buddha bodies. Some practitioners wept in regret as they could not attain consummation.

I belonged to the group of practitioners who could only watch as other practitioners transformed into Buddhas, but I could not. When I woke up, I felt very sad and blamed myself.

When I returned home from work and turned on the computer, the phrase “End of the World” suddenly flashed on the screen. I was alarmed. The experiences I had soon after this showed me that Master was enlightening me and saving me—even though I had not been cultivating diligently. I realized that Master was asking me to cherish the limited time left.

Afterwards my righteous thoughts grew stronger and I really eliminated my attachment to seeking ease and comfort. Now, I make use of my spare time to do well in the three things that Dafa practitioners need to do. On the weekends when I do not need to work, I help to distribute fliers. I also place truth-clarification materials in my car. I distribute materials wherever I go.

Practitioner Chen’s Story

My work ends at 5.30 p.m., so I usually distribute fliers from 6 to 7 p.m. It often rains on summer evenings. Once when I just left work, the sky was dark and it was about to rain. Since I had the materials, I decided to go and deliver them anyway. As I drove to the neighborhood, I asked Master not to let it rain. After delivering fliers for half an hour, I looked up at the sky and saw it had suddenly brightened with just a few clouds. I was very happy, and it did not rain until later that night.

Another time when I was leaving work, the sky had already darkened. Once again, I sought Master’s help not to let it rain between 6 and 7 p.m. While we distributed fliers, it did not rain. After we finished and I was heading home, it began to rain heavily. I really understood that as long as we have the heart, Master will arrange everything well for us.

These are the cultivation experiences of Vietnamese practitioners in Japan while we delivered truth-clarifying fliers. Due to our limited level of understanding, kindly let us know where we can improve in our cultivation.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!