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Falun Dafa Restores a Disabled Graduate Student’s Health

Aug. 31, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Korea

(Minghui.org) Annhien, a 31-year-old Vietnamese woman, was run over by a car in 2011, after a friend accidentally pushed her. She suffered constant spinal pain afterward. The pain haunted her while she walked, laughed, coughed, and even breathed. Despite the many medical treatments she underwent, half of her body still couldn’t move normally.

Annhien used to work at the Korean consulate in Saigon. In 2015, she went to Korea for graduate school to study Korean language and literature at Kangwon National University. She hoped to access better medical treatment while in Korea, but the results of the treatments were not ideal. She still couldn’t walk normally after going through treatments.

Annhien said that Falun Dafa taught her how to look within during conflicts.

One day in 2015, her Vietnamese roommate told her about Falun Dafa, and told her that she could find answers to her questions about the world through self-cultivation. When Annhien started reading the book Zhuan Falun, she was surprised to see the Falun symbol.

“I used to work on logo designs, so I had often asked myself, what’s the logo for my life? An image would come to my mind at that time. The moment I saw the Falun symbol, I realized that it was just like what I had in my mind! It’s miraculous! I felt so strongly that I had found my goal in life that tears came to my eyes,” she said.

Besides her spinal pain, Annhien was born with deformed elbows. Any stretching movement brought her a lot of pain, and she couldn’t carry anything heavy. She couldn’t remember enjoying a moment without suffering. However, practicing Falun Dafa brought her amazing changes. Some of the Falun Dafa exercise movements involve stretching the arms and bending the body. As she got familiar with these exercises, her pain diminished, and was eventually gone after three months. She could then walk normally and live like a healthy person!

She said, “The form of the my bones didn’t change, but my pain simply disappeared, no matter which way I moved. It was an enormous change. I can stretch my arms and bend my body without any pain!”

Another enormous change was invisible, but uplifting. “Cultivation starts with becoming a good person,” she said. “I no longer get upset in the face of conflict, but reflect upon myself. I have better and better relationships with others. My mind has become clear. I wrote my dissertation smoothly and easily.”

Annhien’s parents had been very worried about their daughter’s life in another country. They were thrilled to see how much Annhien’s health improved. They said that Annhien had become healthier, prettier, and nicer. They even started to discuss their own difficulties with Annhien and seek her advice. Blessed with the wisdom of Falun Dafa, Annhient was able to help them out.

“I want to be a genuinely good person following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” Annhien said, “I would like to share with everyone how great Falun Dafa is, and tell everyone not to believe anything that slanders Falun Dafa.”