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Where the Evil Hides—My Reflection After Reading How the Specter Of Communism Is Ruling Our World

June 9, 2021 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I didn’t make up my mind to read How The Specter Of Communism Is Ruling Our World until I came across some sharing articles on Minghui.org talking about the authors’ understanding of the book.  

Minghui.org once re-published a satellite photo of the earth from NASA in 2000 and the image showed that the atmosphere of the earth looked like the face of an evil specter. When I saw this picture, I really felt that the evil specter had been occupying the entire earth. However, I only had a superficial understanding of its dominance back then, and I myself had even been influenced by some of the deviating cultures in society.

The book How The Specter Of Communism Is Ruling Our World started from the origin of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and explained how it infiltrated countries in the East and West, as well as its destruction of the family, nation, economy, law, education, media, cultural and social life. It is also behind terrorism, environmentalism, and globalization for the advancement of its agenda. The CCP’s ambition is to dominate the world in these aspects. The book also elaborated on the CCP’s performance in ruling the world and described in detail how it is dragging people to hell.

After reading this book, I was enlightened to many aspects of things. Some that I normally did not realize, including things I used to think of as good. I would like to share a few things which I have come to understand after reading this book.

Indecent and Depraved Entertainment Culture Is Harmful 

Today, with English being the international language, young people are almost all affected by English pop culture. The United States is the beacon of the Western free world, and since I majored in English at college and have an aversion to the CCP’s culture in my heart, I became very passionate about English pop songs and Hollywood movies.

When I was a student, I especially liked a few English-speaking rappers and film actors. Movies like “The Graduate” were recommended to students in college textbooks. What has always puzzled me is that in these songs and movies, there have always been scenes of violence, pornography, and drug abuse, and they seem to be called “symbols of freedom.” It was only after reading How The Specter Of Communism Is Ruling Our World that I realized that these bad elements had a lot to do with communism.

The book said, “The free love movement, which violates traditional sexual morality paved the way to the gradual erosion and disintegration of traditional family values.”

“Rock ‘n’ roll traces its roots back to the 1940s. In the 1960s, it had become the theme music of the counterculture movement. The genre’s hysterical vocals, violent drumming, and distorted electric guitar riffs can transport listeners to a mad, irrational state of mind.”

“Drug abuse has become a global issue over the last several decades. In the early stages, the root of large-scale drug abuse in the West was the counterculture.”

“The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) movement has been closely associated with communism ever since the first Utopians began touting the practice of homosexuality as a human right. Since the communist movement claims to emancipate people from the bondage of traditional morality, its ideology naturally calls for LGBT rights as part of its program of ‘sexual liberation.’”

It can be seen that communism is very harmful. As a cultivator, I can easily be driven by this negative information when I am not diligent, not to mention the innocent and vulnerable people in the world today. Indoctrination of these bad things makes them deviate and stray further from the divine.

“Terrorism” a Tool of Communism

I never understood what “terrorism” was. I just knew that it was a scoring question on my political test. How The Specter Of Communism Is Ruling Our World showed me that terrorism is also a manifestation of communism. Bin Laden's terrorist attack on September 11 shocked the world. In WeChat's public account, there are frequent articles about Bin Laden, which seem to describe him as a “hero” who fought for the “truth” and the “evil America” and sacrificed his life for it.

The WeChat articles are just like what I read in the book: “For the vast majority of people around the world, the 9/11 attacks were a shocking tragedy. But on the other side of the world, in China, where the Communist Party has clamped down on freedom of speech, it's a different story from Internet forums and chat rooms to university cafeterias, large numbers of people rooted for the terrorists, with comments such as ‘Good job!’ and ‘We strongly support the acts of justice against the United States.’ According to a survey of 91,701 people on NetEase, a major Chinese internet company, only 17.8 percent of respondents expressed strong opposition to the terrorist attacks, while a majority of people chose ‘opposition to the United States or ‘the best is yet to come’ in regard to the tragedy.”

Why does the Communist Party condemn “terrorism” in political textbooks, but use public opinion, and the internet army to praise “terrorism” in real life? It turns out “terrorism” is only a tool of the Communist Party which has been secretly supporting the terrorists all along. 

The book also said: “For the CCP, the commonalities of Islamic extremism and communism go beyond mere ideological overlap. The CCP maintained close ties with the Taliban and al-Qaeda after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, as well as during the time the Taliban provided protection for bin Laden. In 1998, after the United States attacked al-Qaeda bases with cruise missiles, the Chinese regime allegedly paid bin Laden $10 million for any unexploded missiles, presumably to steal the technology.”

“At the same time, the CCP continued to provide sensitive military technology to state sponsors of terrorism. At the end of 2000, the UN Security Council proposed sanctions on the Taliban to force it to close Bin Laden’s terrorist training camps located on its territory, but the PRC abstained from the vote. Instead, it sent military personnel to support the Taliban immediately after the United States began airstrikes in Afghanistan.”

It can be seen that terrorism is only a means of the Communist Party to rule the world. Some Chinese have been singing praises of the Communist Party, but they did not know their own wealth has been exploited by the Communist Party and used to harm the world.

The Three-Year “Natural Disaster” Was Massacre by Famine

From 1959 to 1962, there was a great famine in China, but the CCP claimed it was a "natural disaster" that claimed so many lives. I heard from older people that the potatoes and sweet potatoes in the field were very large in 1958, but because every family's pots and pans had been collected for the iron, everyone went to the village dining hall to eat, so no one harvested the potatoes. Plus, if anyone did cook at home, special inspectors would come to search and confiscate their food. Some “wise” people in the village knew that the communist commune thing would not work, so they secretly harvested wheat or preserved vegetables and then hid the food so no one would find it to ensure that they would not starve to death.

After reading the book, I realized that the original three-year natural disaster was essentially a massacre that killed people by famine. And when I was clarifying the truth to others, I often quoted a section of the book, about how the CCP assisted the Albanian state but ignored the Chinese people's suffering during the three-year natural disaster period. Most people were shocked to hear it.

The book said, “During this period, China was also in the throes of the Great Leap Forward famine, as well as the economic collapse caused by Mao’s Cultural Revolution. During the famine, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) used its small reserves of foreign currency to import food. In 1962, Reis Malile, the Albanian ambassador to China, traveled to China to demand agricultural aid. Under the command of Party Vice Chairman Liu, a Chinese ship carrying wheat purchased from Canada and bound for China changed course and unloaded the wheat at an Albanian port.”

After reading this book, I also found that Rousseau and Dewey, the educators who were highly respected in pedagogy, were also representatives of the evil specters. They both believed in socialism. Be it Marx or Mao Zedong, or the modern leaders of the Communist Party in the East and West, they all had low morals and none of them met a good end. And now the evil specter has taken over every aspect of American society as well, and the export of communism in the West is even less noticeable. 

On weekdays, I occasionally would fiddle with my phone and watch video clips. After watching the videos, my mind was foggy. Some seemingly good little videos such as those about environmentalism, etc., actually have brainwashing elements in them. 

After reading How The Specter Of Communism Is Ruling Our World, I can better recognize my own Party culture and recognize the devil in the subtleties, and it can also facilitate my truth-clarification. I really hope that fellow practitioners who haven't read this book will take a look.