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Dafa Disciples’ Mission and Responsibility

June 21, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Inner Mongolia, China

(Minghui.org) For many years, I have told people about Falun Dafa wherever I went and to whomever I encountered. Below are some of my cultivation experiences during the course of clarifying the truth and saving people. 

Working in My Sister's Store 

My sister opened a store, but sales were poor. She asked me to look after the store one day when she could not be there. I took good care of her store and also clarified the truth to every customer, and 90 percent of them listened and withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. The store's business improved. 

A CCP village branch head came into the store when I was helping out and I began to clarify the truth to him. He interrupted me with CCP propaganda about Dafa. He said he had seen many practitioners in prison, and he thought those practitioners were foolish and stupid. I responded, “Falun Dafa practitioners have established radio stations and TV companies in many countries around the world. Most of those practitioners are well educated and have great academic credentials. There are also practitioners who used to be musicians and high ranking officials. How can you call these people foolish and stupid? Why do such a large number of people including many well educated people believe in Falun Dafa?” 

I told him, “Since the CCP took power in China in 1949, it has killed people at every level of society, and now it is fighting against Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. How can you say the CCP is not bad?” He listened carefully with his eyes wide open, and agreed with what I said. He willingly renounced his CCP membership. 

Relinquishing My Job to Others

In the first half of 2019, I borrowed tens of thousands of yuan for my son’s emergency use. In order to help pay back the loan, I took a housekeeping job in an elderly practitioner’s home. 

A few months later, another practitioner came to visit this elderly practitioner. She wanted my housekeeping job. I told myself that I’m a practitioner, I should be considerate and think of others first. I said to her, “If my employer agrees, you can take this job if you want. I will find another one.” We worked it out and I left the job that same night.

I found a job in another practitioner’s home in early 2020, looking after that practitioner's mother. We worked well together.

One day, another practitioner called, requesting a job. She said she was given a hint in a dream that she should work there. I wanted to work for another month or two to help pay down my debt. However I thought about this practitioner and what her needs might be. 

At that moment Master’s Fa appeared in my mind: 

“As practitioners, you will suddenly come across conflicts. What should you do? You should always maintain a heart of compassion and kindness. Then, when you run into a problem, you will be able to do well because it gives you room to buffer the confrontation. You should always be benevolent and kind to others, and consider others when doing anything. Whenever you encounter a problem, you should first consider whether others can put up with this matter or if it will hurt anyone. In doing so, there will not be any problems. Therefore, in cultivation practice you should follow a higher and higher standard for yourself.” ( Lecture Four in Zhuan Falun

I willingly gave up my job again. On the way home, I thought about why it seemed others always wanted my job. Some negative thoughts surfaced and I found myself complaining. I immediately eliminated those incorrect thoughts. 

Master said, “Compassion is the Divine’s eternal state” (“Why Do You Reject It?” in Hong Yin III). I needed to improve my xinxing, because everything, good or bad, is for Dafa practitioners to improve.

My New Opportunity to Tell Others About Dafa 

After two days of staying home, I decided I would work giving haircuts to people in the market. I had actually thought about doing this two years prior. I could not only make some money, but also interact with people and help them withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. However, due to my attachments of being afraid of losing face and having people look down on me, I never tried it. After giving two jobs away, I had to reconsider this other plan, which would force me to get rid of my attachments.

My home is on the sixth floor. After I began cultivation I could easily climb the stairs. However, after I started giving haircuts I began feeling fatigued. After sending forth righteous thoughts at noon, I fell asleep on my mat. The fatigue went away when I woke up. 

My son, also a practitioner, asked me to give up the haircut job. I was thinking the same thing and thought I could find another job. However, the next day, after finishing the exercises, I went to the market again. I told everyone who came in for a haircut about the truth of Dafa. Once, on my way to the market, the words “do it well” appeared in my mind and I realized Master (Master Li Hongzhi, the founder and teacher of Dafa) was encouraging me. I knew I needed to improve the incorrect state of my physical body. Dafa disciples should not feel and accept fatigue and pain, because our main body is made of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The fatigue completely disappeared in less than two months. 

Every day, I told the truth to whomever came to have a haircut. Most people happily withdrew from the CCP organizations and took the truth-clarification materials. Some wanted to learn the Falun Dafa exercises. 

During those years, I tried not to miss any truth-clarification opportunity wherever I went. Before going out to clarify the truth I would recite the Fa and ask Master to strengthen me. For many years, I also made it a habit to transcribe the Fa. Whenever a new Fa teaching came out, I would transcribe it. Now I have a big stack of transcribed Fa teachings. Sometimes, I memorized the Fa too. Solid Fa study has built a firm base for my truth clarification. 

Saving sentient beings is Dafa disciples' mission and responsibility. Clarifying the truth has become part of my life. For many years, I have helped many people of various ages and from a variety of professions withdraw from the CCP and its affiliates. My only thought is that I will do whatever Master asks of me. 

Let us all remember what Master said: “Cultivate as you did at the beginning, and you are sure to succeed!” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”)