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Home Can Be a Place Where I Elevate and Cultivate

May 8, 2021 |   By Shi Hui, a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I am 35 years old. I obtained the Fa at my aunt’s house in 1996 when I was 10 years old. My aunt was a Chinese teacher, and during my childhood I went to my aunt’s house for tutoring. During my fifth and sixth grade years, I went to her house almost every weekend to do my homework.

I often saw many people gathered at my aunt’s house, watching Master Li’s video lectures in the living room, and I would also listen to the lectures from another room. I was young and did not know the true meaning of cultivation. All I knew was that Master was very compassionate and that the person in the video lectures had to be Master. Thinking back to my childhood years, this was my predestined relationship with Dafa. This was my long awaited opportunity of tens of millions of years, and I’d finally found Master and Dafa. 

Twenty years have passed since then, and I am now the mother of two children. Though I obtained the Fa in the early years, I am very remorseful to say that I haven’t been very diligent. My cultivation state has not been very stable and my mother, who was also a practitioner, was always very worried for me. She always reminded me that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and that as long as I do well, my husband, who is an ordinary person, would truly understand what Dafa was. She also told me to be a role model for my children, who all came for the Fa. 

When my daughter was four years old and my son was eight months old, my daughter’s school was closed due to the pandemic and she was home more often. It was truly hard for me to take care of my two children. I was still breastfeeding, and I had an irregular schedule. On top of everything, I needed to work and take care of my children. I felt very restless and started to develop a grudge towards my husband for being unemployed when I saw him watching television dramas and drinking coffee and in his garage, because I had to support the family, cook, clean the house and take care of our children. It was truly a struggle for me to overcome. 

I felt an upgrade in my cultivation recently because I wanted to study the Fa and practice the exercises from the bottom of my heart. It seemed that whenever I picked up Master’s lectures to read, my son would start crying. After putting down the little one, my daughter would then come to me and ask me to play. This would repeat itself in cycles, rotating between my son and my daughter. As time slipped by and I picked up to read Master’s lectures again, my son would start to cry again. I felt very agitated and even more resentful. I wished my husband would do more to help me around the house so that I could have more time to the study the Fa. 

Master said in the Teachings at the Conference in Switzerland

“Student: A four year-old child’s Third Eye has opened and he can see Falun and Teacher’s name emitting light. But sometimes he’s strong-willed, and if adults don’t yield to him he will cry and throw a tantrum. This agitation makes me upset.

Master: “This agitation makes me upset.” Didn’t you just point it out? You’re upset, and if you are upset, your mind is perturbed. Isn’t the child helping you improve? (Teachings at the Conference in Switzerland)

I was suddenly enlightened to the fact that being at home is also a cultivation environment! Why should I keep holding grudges? Studying the Fa is important, but isn’t the purpose of studying the Fa to improve oneself? One can improve in any environment and relinquish any attachments one may have. A genuine cultivator will validate the Fa by strictly adhering to the principles of the Fa under any circumstances. Regardless of whether one is at home or at work, these are all places where one can validate the Fa. 

Everything that happens is all predestined. This is Master’s arrangement for us to eliminate our attachments. My compassion and tolerance are lacking when I hear my son crying because I become impatient and agitated. I have resentment and contempt towards my husband and act in a perfunctory manner toward my daughter. I feel things are unfair if I do more work than my husband. This was a massive exposure of all of my attachments. 

My true self has been hidden away and has caused a barrier between me and my family. They’ve have seen the impatient, selfish and resentful side of me. 

I have never truly viewed cultivation at home as important, and this has become especially prominent while I stayed home due to the CCP virus. I have started to ponder why my husband has yet to cultivate and how I should become a role model for my children. 

I am thankful for all of the ordinary people and my family members for the many tribulations that I have encountered recently. I am grateful for Master’s salvation and guidance. I will continue to be diligent and return home with Master.

Please point it out for me if anything is not in line with the Fa.