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“I Am Able to Put Myself in Others’ Shoes and Live a Much More Relaxed Life”

May 20, 2021 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Germany

(Minghui.org) May 13, 2021 marked the 22nd World Falun Dafa Day and its founder Master Li’s 70th birthday. Ms. Yulia Zhu joined the celebration in Frankfurt, Germany on May 8, 2021. Having practiced Falun Dafa, an ancient spiritual and meditation discipline, for over 20 years, she is full of gratitude for the benefits she has received from the practice.

“My life changed through practicing Falun Dafa. I am now able to look beneath the surface of things and live a more relaxed life,” said Ms. Zhu.

Falun Dafa’s celebration of World Falun Dafa Day in Frankfurt, Germany, on May 8, 2021

Ms. Zhu is grateful for the benefits she has received from practicing Falun Dafa

First Impression

Ms. Zhu learned about Falun Dafa when she went back to China to visit relatives in January 1999. “I was so surprised to see the changes of one relative, who became very pure and pleasant. I wondered what brought about the changes.”

Ms. Zhu happened to have a stomachache that day, and the relative played the recording of a Falun Dafa lecture for her. “Somehow I fell asleep while listening to the recording. When I woke up, my stomach didn't hurt anymore and I felt very good.” Ms. Zhu recalled, “I still remembered that I listened to lecture four talking about loss and gain. I liked it.” She started to learn the exercise right after that episode.

However, during her stay in China, she was so busy that she only learned the 4th exercise. When she returned to Germany, she brought with her a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main teaching of Falun Dafa, and a set of recordings of Master's lectures.

“At that time, no one around me in Germany was practicing Falun Dafa. Some practitioners were meeting online. Because I didn’t like to talk to strangers, I didn’t call the volunteer coordinator and didn't start to practice right away,” Ms. Zhu said.

Second Chance

In 2000, Ms. Zhu developed severe asthma and pollen allergies. The next year, she began to suffer herniated lumbar discs and other medical problems. One day her shoulder was painful and she went to see a doctor, only to be turned away because she didn’t have an appointment.

On her way back home, she met a friend. She told her friend what happened and how frustrated she was. Her friend suggested, “How about giving Falun Dafa a try?” “Wow, she is a Falun Dafa practitioner!” Ms. Zhu was so happy, “I don't want to do the exercise alone, now I can do it with her!”

At that point, the Chinese Communist Party had already started persecuting Falun Dafa. The friend asked Ms. Zhu about her opinion. Ms. Zhu told her, “Practicing Falun Dafa is exercising our freedom of belief. People can practice whatever they want to.”

Diseases Gone after Practicing Falun Dafa

Ms. Zhu recalled that even though she had read Zhuan Falun when she was in China, she didn't realize how important it is. After she returned to Germany, she kept the book in a very visible place but didn't read it at all. She started to read the book again after she met the fellow practitioner, and really started practicing, “I regret very much that I missed out on it for about two years.”

The most obvious change after practicing is her health improvement. Her lumbar disc was first healed without any treatment. Whenever she suffered from pollen allergies, she did the Falun Dafa meditation and her symptoms would be eased. After two or three years of practicing, she was free of her pollen allergy.

Understanding the Cause and Effect Relationship; Life Becomes Easier

In fact, the mental benefits from practicing Falun Dafa mean more to Ms. Zhu than the physical benefits. She began to view things differently. “In the past, I often became jealous of others or angry on my own. Through learning Zhuan Falun, I understood the cause and effect relationship behind many things, and my life became easier.”

“In the past, I often felt others were treating me unfairly. When it happened, I always complained, lost my temper, or argued with others. Now I understand that it happened due to my own karma or I had done something wrong in the past.”

“Living with this mindset, I am now able to put myself in others’ shoes and think differently about many things. It is one of the many benefits I had gained from Falun Dafa.”

“If it were not for practicing Falun Dafa, my life would be much harder.”

Grateful to Master

Ms. Zhu moved to Frankfurt in 2015. “Our car was old. When we thought it didn't sound right while driving, we got out to check. It turned out that the axle was broken. I believe that Master was protecting me, otherwise if we drove the car on a highway, the consequences would have been unthinkable. It was very dangerous.”

Another time in 2017, Ms. Zhu strained her leg while trying to catch a bus. Her leg became swollen and it was very painful to walk. Despite the pain, she was determined to join the protest in front of the Chinese Consulate against the persecution. While it usually took her 7 minutes to walk to a bus station, she spent 20 minutes that day.

“While I was waiting for the bus, suddenly I remembered Master’s teaching: 'when something reaches the extreme it reverses.' (The Second Talk of Zhuan Falun) I thought that I am in the most difficult state now and I might get better soon. Then I immediately felt better. And my leg was totally fine the next day.”

“There are a lot more to be grateful to Master for,” Ms. Zhu said, “Falun Dafa has changed my life and the way of thinking. It has enabled me to live a much more relaxed life.”