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Denying the CCP’s “Zero-Out” Campaign With Righteous Thoughts

April 20, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official in charge of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in my village, along with the village’s Party secretary and the director of the village Women’s Federation, worked together to launch the CCP’s “Zero-Out” campaign against Falun Dafa practitioners in September 2020. The CCP has been attempting to force every practitioner on the government’s blacklist to renounce their faith through this campaign.

These officials went from house to house to pressure Dafa practitioners into writing the three statements promising to give up their belief. They said, “If you sign, we will remove your name from the blacklist, and we won’t bother you again. But those that don’t sign will not only been deprived of welfare benefits, but will also leave their children no chance of going to school, joining the army, or finding a job. You will also have to attend brainwashing sessions to be transformed. In short, no one is allowed not to sign this time.”

Some practitioners immediately tore up the statements in front of the officials.

The police and village officials frequently harassed me every year since July 20, 1999, in an attempt to force me to sign statements promising to give up my belief. I always clarified the truth, and never cooperated with them. They regarded me as the key person in the area and put all their efforts on me this time.

My niece told me that my daughter wrote something and asked her to give it to the director of the Women’s Federation. I immediately called my daughter to find out what she wrote. She told me that the village Party secretary called her and pressured her into writing something and signing the statements on my behalf.

The Party secretary stated that upper level authorities had launched the “Zero-Out” campaign against Falun Dafa practitioners. She also said that I was considered a key person and would be sent to a brainwashing center or harmed if I did not cooperate. In the end, she told my daughter to write and sign for me, and my daughter agreed.

I said to my daughter, “We absolutely cannot sign our name so casually. I cannot let you receive retribution for this wrongdoing. I will get it back.”

My daughter said anxiously, “Mom, you're already 75. I can’t let them persecute you. I’m willing to bear the responsibility for you.”

“This is not a question of bearing responsibility on a human level. Falun Dafa is the Fa of the universe. Anyone who goes against the Fa is committing a great sin. It’s just that serious. I cultivate ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance’ to be a good person, and I’ve done nothing wrong. I have Master and Dafa. I will be safe. Please don’t worry about me for not cooperating with the CCP.”

I hurried to the village office but there was no one inside. I then went to the director’s home and asked her, “Please let me see what my daughter wrote.”

The director said, “This time our superiors are very serious and we must achieve complete ‘Zero-Out.’ You must cooperate.”

“You need to let me see it first,” I replied. “I have to know what she wrote.” The director reluctantly took out three sheets of paper from a drawer. I exclaimed, “She wrote so much! I’ll have to take them back home and read them.”

The director told me firmly, “You must return these as soon as you finish reading them. You know my superiors are very serious about this and no practitioner can get away with it. You should know what ‘Zero-Out’ means.”

I took the statements my daughter wrote and tore them up immediately. I also swore to Master Li, with tears in my eyes, that I would never betray Him or Dafa.

By the end of the year, the township official, village Party secretary, and the director of the Women’s Federation stopped all my welfare benefits, totaling more than two thousand yuan per month. As a result, I had to go out to work and earn a living. I resented those who persecuted me, which revealed my attachments of resentment and competitiveness.

I recently read practitioners’ experience sharing articles on the Minghui.org website and realized that I was wrong to have all these human notions. I should not resent those officials, as they are most pitiful for committing crimes against Dafa.

I share my experience not only to expose the evil, but also to remind fellow practitioners not to deal with problems using human notions. As long as we firmly believe in Master and Dafa, there will be no test we cannot pass!