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Overcoming a Sickness Tribulation in 15 Days

March 8, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) I'd like to tell you how a fellow practitioner recently overcame a significant tribulation in just 15 days.

“Lily” developed severe hypertension and felt pressure in her head. Her eyes were swollen, and she could not see. She had constant nosebleeds. She could not sleep at night.

She remained calm and asked Master Li to protect her. Lily knew that old forces wanted to take her life. It happened during the city-wide CCP virus lockdown, so it was hard for her to contact other practitioners. She realized that one of the usual tactics the old forces use is to isolate practitioners in tribulations—when they cannot communicate with other practitioners, they do not have their support.

She found a way to get the message to other practitioners and asked for help. All those who learned about her situation sent righteous thoughts to help her eliminate this persecution. We understood that, as practitioners, if we have loopholes, we can rectify ourselves in the Fa. We denied all the old forces' arrangements. Lily felt clear-headed after the other practitioners sent righteous thoughts. Her eyes were still swollen, however, and she could not see. Her nose still bled and she couldn’t sleep at night.

Lily understood she should study the Fa more. Since her eyes were swollen, she could not read, so she listened to the Fa as much as possible. She sent forth righteous thoughts intensely.

She also looked inward. She found her attachment of looking down on her son-in-law and his parents. She also found her attachments to self-interest, competition, and so on. She eliminated them as soon as she identified them.

Eliminating Every Loophole

When she still didn’t improve, Lily looked within further. She understood there must be a significant loophole that she hadn’t identified and she tried to figure out what it was. She suddenly remembered that, while she was held in a brainwashing center, she was forced to write a guarantee statement promising to give up practicing Dafa. She had not negated it and written a solemn declaration to continue practicing. As soon as she realized this, she drafted the declaration immediately and asked me to help her send it to the Minghui website.

I helped her polish her draft and sent it to Minghui. As soon as I sent it, her nosebleed stopped, her eyes returned to normal, and she stopped feeling dizzy. She was completely back to normal as soon as her declaration was published on the Minghui website—15 days after her tribulation began.

As one of the fellow practitioners who helped her during her tribulation, I also improved in cultivation. In the past, when fellow practitioners were in tribulations, I did not do well. I always blamed or criticized them. I decided to do well this time and unconditionally support Lily. I went to her home almost every day. Sometimes I shared with her to strengthen her righteous thoughts. Sometimes I sent forth righteous thoughts for her.

I am grateful for Master’s compassion and protection in helping Lily overcome this tribulation. I also cherish this opportunity to rectify myself and improve together with her.