(Minghui.org) I would like to share my thoughts on two issues: the U.S. presidential election and a recent Minghui article entitled, “Thoughts on the End Time for Fa Rectification and Prophecies.”

It has been over 40 days since the American presidential inauguration, and people have calmed down. For us practitioners, staying calm should be the result of our cultivation, instead of letting things fade from our memories. We have put a lot of effort into sending forth righteous thoughts during the presidential election, and clearly know our responsibility to safeguard the righteous. Was this responsibility taken off our shoulders when President Trump wasn’t inaugurated for a second term? How can Falun Dafa practitioners give up halfway? Does a soldier stop fighting when the battle seems to wane? Even ordinary people say “Never give up.” Practitioners inside China have been trying to stop the persecution for the past 21 years, but it hasn’t stopped. Does it mean we won’t continue our efforts?

Regarding the Minghui article, “Thoughts on the End Time for Fa Rectification and Prophecies,” I think that the author’s intention was to validate the Fa, and to tell fellow practitioners not to be frustrated, and to steadily continue doing the three things. I feel the author meant to raise awareness of how events may unfold and to remind fellow practitioners to seize the time to do the three things. However, this article has caused considerable disturbance.

Some older practitioners who have cultivated for years felt sad after reading the article. They felt that the persecution was finally about to end and were disappointed that it would last longer. They know that the imprisoned practitioners are enduring tribulations—but isn’t endurance part of our cultivation?

Examining Our Fundamental Attachments

Some fellow practitioners say that the prophecies might not be accurate, especially the part about how long the persecution will last, and the CCP’s military action against Taiwan. We should follow Master’s teachings. Master said that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) would not have the good fortune to rule Taiwan.

My first reaction on reading the article was to be touched by Master’s profound compassion. I think Master must have extended the end time for Dafa practitioners to save more sentient beings and improve our cultivation state. On second thought, I knew that people with the capability of seeing the future may not see things accurately, and we should follow the Fa. The level of one’s cultivation and interference from the old forces can make visions inaccurate.

What’s critical for us practitioners is maintaining righteous thoughts, taking righteous actions, having righteous understandings of the Fa, and holding strong faith in Master and the Fa. Master is in control. Since things haven’t ended we should value every opportunity to cultivate ourselves and save sentient beings.

If we acknowledge the prediction about the CCP’s military actions against Taiwan, it may become a terrible attachment for us practitioners, and an enormous force that counteracts the righteous! As disciples, we should remember what Master said about Taiwan instead of what other practitioners said. No matter what happens, nothing can shake our righteous faith in Dafa and Master. This is a fundamental issue!

Most of us have misunderstandings about the number of people who quit communist organizations, which was mentioned in the article. Most practitioners think that 50% refers to half of the population in China, but forget the fact that a large portion of the population are children and non-communists. They don’t have any negative opinions about Falun Dafa. In addition, when Master answered a practitioner’s question by holding out five fingers, he may have said 50%, or he may have been telling us to do our best to save as many as we can.

The CCP indeed wants to take military action against Taiwan. However, it’s not part of the Divine’s plan. Some media say that the CCP head plans to take military action within two years. Every time I send forth righteous thoughts, I do it with additional thoughts to eliminate the CCP’s interference with the American presidential election, and its attempt to invade Taiwan. I deny the old forces’ arrangements. Master has the final say on all these issues.

The above is my limited understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate. Heshi!

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