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Young Falun Dafa Practitioner: Genuinely Cultivating with Diligence

March 5, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner who obtained the Fa in 2015. I am 31 years old and have two children. 

I first heard about Falun Dafa from my elementary teacher after the persecution had started in 1999. She told us the truth about the persecution, and from then on, Dafa was embedded in my heart. My family moved to Shandong Province when I was in middle school. Though I was living in the big dye vat of ordinary society, I always yearned to obtain the Fa.

A Falun Dafa practitioner clarified the truth to me at a supermarket one day in June 2015. I was very excited that my wish had come true! Tears rolled down my cheeks as I expressed gratitude to Master. I knew that my life came for the Fa and I needed to genuinely cultivate with diligence.

Memorizing the Fa

The more I studied the Fa, the more I realized how precious the Fa is. However, at times I tended to lose focus when I studied the Fa and couldn’t seem to recollect what I’d read. To fix this, I decided to memorize the book Zhuan Falun in two months. 

To strengthen my memorization skills, I read each sentence twice and then recited it twice without looking at the book. This way each word was firmly embedded in my heart. I was able to understand a lot more Fa principles and this helped me a lot while encountering tribulations. Though I am still lacking in cultivation, I am able to measure myself in accordance with the Fa’s standards and constantly upgrade myself. 

At times, I would encounter a bottleneck while memorizing the Fa and my head would become drowsy. It would become hard for me to memorize any passages of the Fa. Nevertheless, I never gave up, no matter how hard it became. Sometimes if it became too hard for me to memorize a certain sentence, I would read it over and over again. I truly enjoy memorizing the Fa. All of the cells in my body feel like wonderful musical notes.

I spent a month memorizing Zhuan Falun. After that I memorized it a second, third, and fourth time. By the fourth time, I’d included subtopics as a part of my memorization. I’d also connect the last line of the previous paragraph to the beginning of the next paragraph. Memorizing the Fa hasn’t been easy for me but I have persisted since 2015. My mind does not wander like it used to, and I am also able to concentrate better. 

The biggest interference I’ve encountered was going on my cellphone. I had a habit of going on my cellphone when I became tired of memorizing the Fa. I would surf the web, browse through social media, do online shopping and check the news. Time would slip by me, and whenever I used my cellphone many attachments would get into my thoughts, such as fame, personal gain, and lust. I decided to switch my cellphone for a regular flip phone that could not go on the internet. After switching cellphones, my mind became clearer and I was able to memorize the Fa better.

When my second daughter was nine months old, our family situation went through a drastic change. My husband had to work 12 hours a day, and not only did I have to take care of our two children, but I had to do other household chores and duties. It seemed there was not enough time, and I would get very upset because I did not have time to study the Fa. But no matter how busy I was, I persisted in memorizing the Fa when my daughters went to bed at night. Things got a little better when my oldest daughter started attending school. During the daytime, while my youngest daughter was napping, I was able to make use of my time to memorize the Fa. 

Small Dafa Disciples Receive Blessings from the Fa 

Many children are spoiled by adults and given whatever they want nowadays. As a result, children tend to become very selfish and arrogant. In the long run, these children grow up with their own notions and no longer listen to their parents. When children refuse to do what they are told, their parents then hit them and the children become more rebellious.

My oldest daughter started listening to Master’s audio lectures and was immersed in the Fa at a young age. When she was three years old, she was able to recite many poems in Hong Yin, and at five years old she knew how to recite Lunyu. After picking her up from school one day, she told me that her teacher had killed a bug. When she saw two people fighting on the street, she told her grandmother: “One should not fight because one will lose de [virtue].”

I taught my daughter to be independent at a young age, and I incorporated the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in our daily lives by teaching her how to share and be considerate of her friends.

During the CCP virus (coronavirus), my daughter’s school was closed. My daughter became quite disobedient, since I did not have much time to care for her. She started to display some bad habits, like playing music and stories very loudly and being inconsiderate of her baby sister. I barely had any time left to study the Fa. This has hindered my cultivation. I was agitated more often and would also reprimand my daughter. In reality, reprimanding my daughter did not work at all. The more I reprimanded her, the more rebellious she became. As a cultivator, I needed to abide by the Fa principles when encountering conflicts. 

Master said,

“Some people will lose their temper in disciplining children and yell at them, making quite a scene. You should not be that way in disciplining children, and neither should you, yourselves get really upset. You should educate children with reason so that you can really teach them well.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

I took Master’s words to heart and constantly reminded myself not to lose my temper when disciplining my daughter. I attempted to change my disciplinary methods. Instead of yelling at her, I started to reason with her. Slowly, everything at home returned to normal. At times when I got tired or fell asleep in the afternoon, my daughter would use the microwave to make herself some lunch. She would also help me by cleaning the floor. 

I stopped blaming my daughter for not listening to me. I’d cause harm to my daughter by yelling at her, and I know this was not good. I learned to be tolerant of and grateful to my daughter. During the lockdown, I’d study the Fa with my older daughter and read Zhuan Falun. Master has unlocked my daughter’s wisdom and she recognizes many Chinese characters. I finished reading Zhuan Falun with my daughter in two months. Master also encouraged my daughter when she sent forth righteous thoughts. She saw many Faluns and lotus flowers. With Dafa’s guidance, my daughter is becoming more considerate of others. 

Under Master’s protection, my daughter has never taken any medicine. Whenever she doesn't feel well, I play Master’s audio lectures and have her recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” There was a red ringworm-like infection on my daughter’s neck this year. She always scratched it and both of my in-laws were very worried. They wanted me to take her to a doctor. When I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to a doctor, she refused and did not want to take any medication either. My mother-in-law got upset but I told her: “Medications often produce side effects. I have told her to recite 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,' and everything will be fine.”

To reassure my in-laws, I asked my daughter once again if we should go to a doctor. My daughter said, “I do not want to go to a doctor. I am eliminating karma, and I will get better if I study the Fa. Master will definitely help me.” My daughter started to recite, "Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" 100 times each day. I also read the Fa and played Master’s audio lectures for her. Shortly after, her infection was gone, and I told my mother-in-law that my daughter was completely fine. I know this was because she was sincerely reciting, "Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good."

My family witnessed the miracles of Falun Dafa, and my husband expressed his gratitude to Master.

Fulfilling My Historic Vows and Saving Sentient Beings

I regarded clarifying the truth as my responsibility and helped my classmates from middle school, high school and college quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. Once a girl started talking to me on the train, and I thought it was an opportunity to clarify the truth. Without any hesitation, I started telling her about Falun Dafa. I also clarified the truth on a train to a middle school classmate who I had not seen for eight years.

When I obtained the Fa in 2015, I rode my electric scooter to clarify the truth to other sentient beings. Regardless of how hot or cold the weather was, my daughter never gave me any trouble. If she was tired, she would cuddle up and sleep in her seat and at other times when she was awake, she would politely say “goodbye!” to the elderly people that we met.

One winter, I saw a wallet lying on the ground while I was leaving a supermarket after clarifying the truth. It had a few hundred yuan and some credit cards inside. Seeing that there was a telephone number, I dialed it and told the person on the phone that I’d found his wallet. Initially, the man wanted me to bring it to a movie theater. I told him that I was unable to do that because I had groceries on my scooter and my daughter was sleeping. I told him that I was able to wait for him by the front entrance. A while later, three young men walked out. I returned the wallet and told him that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner. I also told him how the CCP regime has killed many innocent people in the past and now they are persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. I told them about the hidden stone characters in Guizhou Province that said “The CCP will be disintegrated.” One of the three men said that he did not like the CCP either. After helping them quit the CCP and its youth organization, they were very happy and went back to watch the movie.

On another occasion, I saw an elderly man walking on the side of the road as I was riding my scooter home. I stopped and started to clarify the truth to him. He told me that he had been on his way to catch a train to go home for the Chinese New Year when he realized that his wallet had been stolen. Not only was he not able to go home, he also had no money to buy food. I felt really bad for him and told him to wait while I ran home to get some money. He was very touched when I gave him 200 yuan and wanted to leave his watch and National Identification Card with me as collateral. I politely declined his offer and told him that he should give his gratitude to Master Li. Master has taught us to become better people.

I tried to also clarify the truth to a middle-aged man one time. At first, he was not willing to accept what I said and commented that it had nothing to do with him. After many attempts to reason with him, he finally accepted what I had to say and understood that Dafa disciples truly care about other people. I also helped him quit the CCP and its youth organizations. The man praised me for speaking so wisely. I knew that the wisdom was given to me by Master and that Master has arranged everything.

Ever since the start of the CCP virus, I knew that I needed to save more sentient beings. Though I still have to take care of my two children, I also cooperate with other practitioners and do my best during the Fa-rectification. When I have to go out to clarify the truth, my husband will take care of our children. I am very grateful to him for this. Though my husband is not a practitioner, he is very supportive of what I do and has never once complained to me.

I know I still have many attachments such as a competitive mentality, jealousy, being impatient, and the attachment to comfort. I will genuinely be more diligent and strictly adhere to the Fa. I hope that in the limited time remaining we can all save more sentient beings.