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Installing NTD Satellite Dishes Changes the Lives of the Predestined

Feb. 15, 2021 |   By Yu Ting, a Falun Dafa practitioner in China


Chen Chen

Chen Chen, a rebellious teen, ran away from school several times. His parents spent a lot of money arranging for different schools to accept him. They hoped that he would continue his studies. However, their efforts were in vain as he never lasted more than several months in any school.

Chen Chen’s parents always consulted a fortuneteller about his future, and the fortuneteller always made accurate predictions about what would happen to him. This time, his parents asked about their son’s schooling and the fortuneteller said that he would drop out his second year of high school and would never be able to attend university. There might still be hope for him if he lived with someone other than his parents, but his parents could not bear to part with Chen Chen.

Chen Chen’s parents were introduced to a Falun Dafa practitioner in 2014. They hoped the practitioner would teach Chen Chen how to install satellite dishes so that people could see uncensored news televised by New Tang Dynasty. They wanted Chen Chen to learn that work is not easy and, ultimately, to return to school.

The practitioner agreed to take Chen Chen along. The boy was very excited and willing to install the satellite dishes. The practitioner told him, “You will not be compensated during your internship. We will install dishes if we have any orders, and you will get off work in the afternoon. If we do not have any installations, you will have to go out and promote the satellite dishes yourself.”

Chen Chen rode a tricycle throughout the city and villages for several months and did not seem to mind installing the dishes even in the heat. His parents spent another huge sum of money to get another school to accept him. Persuaded by the practitioner, Chen Chen grudgingly returned to school.

Chen Chen was accepted to a key provincial university in 2020. His parents were quite surprised and doubtful. They'd gone to several fortunetellers and all of them said that Chen Chen would not be accepted by any university.

His parents then asked the Falun Dafa practitioner about Chen Chen. The practitioner said, “New Tang Dynasty Television is a network that saves sentient beings. Chen Chen’s life was changed because he promoted New Tang Dynasty Television and saved people from the CCP’s propaganda.”

This incident became a favorite tale repeated far and wide by Chen Chen’s family.

Xiao Yang’s Blessings

Xiao Yang was in a car accident and tore his hamstrings. He had surgery, but it was unsuccessful. He became disabled and could not walk normally.

Xiao Yang had married not long before and his child was just a month old. He was under a lot of financial and psychological stress. To help tide his friend over, a practitioner took him along to install a New Tang Dynasty satellite dish on a snowy day. Since he couldn't walk, he stood on his crutches and handed the practitioner his tools and hardware.

“I paid him 80 yuan a day,” said the practitioner. “I also bought him formula for the baby and fresh milk. He worked with me for 28 days. On the 29th day, when I arrived at his house, he said, 'My legs are fine!' I was very surprised and quite doubtful. He walked around his living room and said, 'My legs are completely fine!'

“In a few days, Xiao Yang told me that he was going to work in a factory to support his family.

“Not long after, Xiao Yang knocked on my door and asked for my help to pick up a new refrigerator. On the way, he wondered aloud, 'Why is everything going so well for me now?'

“He told me that he'd been promoted to be a technician and he got raises all the time. He now earned as much as a supervisor and even won first place in his workplace raffle. Out of 3000 people, he was the winner of a full-size refrigerator. He was very happy and excited as he told me this.

I told him, “You are being blessed by Dafa!”

“After we arrived at Xiao Yang’s house, I clarified the truth about Dafa to him and his wife. I told them that, by helping to install New Tang Dynasty satellite dishes, Xiao Yang had done a good thing, that he'd supported Falun Dafa practitioners despite the CCP’s persecution. As a result, Falun Dafa had blessed him. This is why practitioners are helping people quit the CCP and its youth organizations—to be safe. I also told them to remember 'Falun Dafa is good!'

“I helped Xiao Yang and his wife quit the CCP and its youth organizations. Not long after, Xiao Yang’s wife gave birth to a daughter and they moved to a bigger apartment.

“Xiao Yang asked me, 'Why have I been so blessed while you do not seem to be?'

“I told him that I was a cultivator and that my blessings are used to upgrade my level in cultivation. Through suffering and enduring hardships, we can ultimately return to our original, true selves. As practitioners, we are happy and content as long as others are healthy and safe. He smiled and nodded.”