(Minghui.org) Many practitioners probably have felt the same way as the fellow practitioner who wrote the article “What’s on the Final Test? – Some Thoughts on the Result of the U.S. Election.” I was also surprised by the result of the U.S. general election as I had hoped that some miracle would have happened. But after I gave it a deeper thought, I realized, “Oh, this result might be a bigger test for Dafa disciples.”  

I believe that our “disbelief” in the election result is largely the result of our failure to calmly and comprehensively consider the many factors that have influenced the outcome of the election.

If anyone has read the book How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World, they will know that many things talked about in the book are actually happening right now in the world. Given this general context, is it an inevitability before the end of this period of history that the devil prevails?

In this U.S. election, a series of incredible things shocked the whole world: The scale of election fraud is staggering; the U.S. Supreme Court has ignored all election related lawsuits; and the mainstream media were filled with disinformation. The unthinkable nature of all this actually confirms the saying: “The specter of Communism is ruling our world!”

We saw in the election that the United States has been eroded and corroded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Left-wing socialism and the CCP have been collaborating for a long time. A “deep state” is in control of the United States, and some people have been plotting to overthrow the U.S. for a long time. The real America has ceased to exist, the devil has ruled the United States, and the power of evil is now far greater than the power of good. So, under such circumstances, the election result shouldn’t be a surprise to us.

Many practitioners believed that “as long as Dafa disciples are in place to eliminate evil in other dimensions, the chosen one would be re-elected.” We only focused on ourselves and completely ignored other important factors, including how rotten the United States has become and the reality that the power of evil in the United States is far greater than the power of good.

So, looking back now, the original focus about sending righteous thoughts was a bit off track. I'm thinking that it's because of the evil elements that exist in this human realm and other dimensions that made the election result up in the air, possibly this way or that way. It was indeed a very treacherous and fierce battle between good and evil, due to those terrible factors beyond the human level. So, I think we, Dafa disciples, did what we could this time.

One more thing – although the election is over, the war between good and evil, between divine and the demonic, is not over. After the election, many fellow practitioners are continuing to send forth righteous thoughts. I think this is very right. When the problem in the United States is completely solved, the divine will step in and only then can we call it over!

A fellow practitioner had a vision while meditating, and he saw that the U.S. was completely enveloped by an energy belt. He got the idea that the divine is resolving the problems in the U.S., as it is the center of the world. There are so many serious problems that must be solved, and this must be one of the issues to be dealt with in the Fa-rectification. When the divine intervenes, what cannot be rectified?

In fact, the real meaning of the American election lies in the behavior of each life in the election, and their respective choices would determine their future. As Dafa disciples, we should focus on eliminating evil and saving all beings. As for the result of the election, it might be “incomprehensible and unacceptable” for others, but we should not let it affect us that much or mess up our minds. As long as we believe in Master and Dafa, and carry out our duties well, that will be plenty for us.

This is my understanding at the current level, and please kindly point out shortcomings.