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Severe Pain Disappeared after Identifying Attachments and Sending Righteous Thoughts

Oct. 2, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) The Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday, which is also a family reunion in Chinese culture. Just as many other families, I was going to join my family for a holiday dinner in September 2016. However, an unexpected illness interrupted the plan. Looking back at the incident that happened five years ago, I knew that I needed to look within and improve. Nevertheless, I hope to help fellow practitioners who are facing illness karma.

On the night before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2016, I started to feel some abdominal pain. I was not worried, and went to sleep as usual. However, the next day the pain worsened at work. It was my turn to cook lunch at my workplace. After I cooked and ate, my pain worsened so I requested to leave work early.

Conventional Thinking 

Upon returning home, I followed conventional thinking. I believed that I'd come down with a cold after riding my bike in cold weather to attend a Fa study the night before. I wanted to prepare a hot water bottle to warm my abdomen. But the pain increased so much that I put the water bottle aside. After a while, I rolled around on the floor in pain, sweating profusely. I finally remembered to ask Master for help. I called out to Master to save me and recited “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and kept repeating the phrases to send righteous thoughts.

After tossing around for about 20 minutes, I vomited in the bathroom and felt a little better. I looked inward to find what I did wrong. But nothing came to my mind. I decided to send forth righteous thoughts. While pulling my leg into the meditation position, my body lost its balance I was in such pain that I lost strength to pull my leg up again. I knew the evil was afraid of my sending righteous thoughts to eliminate it. After several failed attempts to pull my leg up, I thought that I should listen to Master’s lectures.

After a while, I called my sister, also a practitioner, and told her that I could not visit our mother to help her make dumplings. My sister came to check on me. I thought that she would help me improve, based on the Fa. However, she commented that some people might have accumulated a lot of karma. She suggested that if I need to go to the hospital, I should go. I asked her to help our mother make dumplings and leave me alone. I continued to listen to Master’s teachings.

After my family finished eating dumplings, they visited me and suggested I let them take me the to hospital. I did not listen to them and they began to say something against Dafa. I felt that I could no longer endure the pain, and decided to have a check-up at the hospital. My thoughts deviated from the Fa so the evil persecuted me severely by intensifying the pain. I vomited a few more times on the way to the hospital. 

After the examination, the doctor advised that he found a kidney stone about the size of 0.5 by 0.7 near the stenosis of the right ureter. My younger brother talked to the doctor and told me, “Sister, it is okay. You have to endure it. Let’s go home.” I knew that Master helped me reduce my worries. My brother took me home, although the doctor wanted to admit me to the hospital.

Wrong Choice

On the way home, the pain remained unbearable. I knew my condition was not a disease, but I still couldn’t find my attachments. I continued to feel pain. So I walked around but tried not to disturb my family. I barely closed my eyes that night.

My husband took me to a community hospital the next morning. Although the doctor told me very confidently that an injection would help me get better, it did not improve my condition, and I still felt the pain. 

I knew that I made the wrong choice again. As a practitioner, I should believe in Master and the Fa instead of resorting to human measures to improve my condition. 

My husband suggested waiting until the Festival was over so people would return to work, and he would take me to another hospital to break the kidney stone. I replied that I wouldn’t go to the hospital and wanted to just go home.

Looking Within Results in Sending Righteous Thoughts

After arriving home, the pain intensified for a while and then subsided unexpectedly. I knew that Master bore the pain for me. I thought that it would be great if any fellow practitioners could help me and Master granted my wish. A fellow practitioner called to find out if I needed her to come over. I was overjoyed. She came to my house and discussed her understanding of the Fa with me. I told her my ongoing attachments of chatting with people on WeChat, and identified other attachments, such as lust, fighting, and vanity, which took away my time for Fa-study. 

My fellow practitioner suggested that we send forth righteous thoughts after I exposed these attachments. I pulled my leg into the meditation position easily this time. I was very excited. After sending righteous thoughts, the pain disappeared as soon as I took the leg out of the meditation position. It was as if something associated with the pain had been removed from my body. I felt relieved at once, as if nothing had happened. 

I shared the special feeling with the practitioner and she was also very surprised. She said, “We haven’t done much.” I realized that the seemingly huge illness karma disappeared instantly after we immersed ourselves in the Fa. We truly experienced the power of Dafa!

Practitioners' Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful

The holiday would be over the next day so I was not sure how to handle my going back to work given my condition. Meanwhile, the fellow practitioner called and asked me if I needed help to go to work. I replied, “I am thinking about it.” In an instant, my stomach hurt again. I knew that I was wrong so I looked within and sent righteous thoughts. I sent her a short text message to thank her for her kindness -- I could go by myself. In fact, I was full of energy the next morning. My family witnessed the supernatural power of Dafa.

Given that incident, I realized that practitioners’ righteous thoughts are very powerful to help fellow practitioners persecuted by evil. We should help them unconditionally to eliminate the tribulation, just like the fellow practitioner helping me. She didn’t blame me for my shortcoming but looked inward with me to help me identify my attachments, and then sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil.

Practitioners, when experiencing tribulation should look inward to expose the evil, and abandon the bad substances that the evil imposed on them so they may get better quickly. If the fellow practitioner experiencing the tribulation hesitated a little bit, it could mean that they did not fully believe in Master or the Fa. Then the effect of eliminating the evil would be greatly reduced.

Master said, 

“If you can let go of life and death, you’re a God; if you can’t let go of life and death, you’re a human—this is the difference.” (“Teaching the Fa in New York City,” Lectures in the United States)

Cultivating in Dafa is solemn. Compassion and being majestic go hand in hand. As long as practitioners believe in Master and the Fa, Master can do everything for us. Master is always by our side and protects us from any danger.

This is my sharing based on my personal experiences. Please kindly point out any deviation from the Fa.