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The Manifestation of Self-Blame As Seen in Another Dimension

Jan. 28, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I noticed a fellow practitioner had strong emotional attachment to her children so I pointed it out to her. She was unhappy and refused to listen.

She helped me when I experienced a tribulation so I felt I owed her. I worried that we would no longer be friends and she would no longer help me. I regretted saying anything and blamed myself. 

The self-blame seized me so hard that I curled up in pain. The pain became so intense that I almost had a thought to stop practicing. The moment my head nearly touched the mattress, I suddenly realized that self-blame and regret were not correct emotions. If I made a mistake, I could correct myself and do better next time. 

“Why am I so filled with regret and self-blame?” As soon as that question formed in my mind, I saw something in another dimension. 

I was on a beach at night looking out over a vast ocean. But the water was smooth, silent, and oily and it quickly surrounded me. In the middle of the wide black water, a small head emerged and two sneaky, narrow eyes furtively scanned left and right. Then our eyes locked. It looked shocked and quickly and quietly slid back under the water. In this dimension, my body felt normal again.

I believe Master saw my righteous thought and removed the bad substance in other dimensions for me. Thank you Master!

Writing down this experience, I want to remind fellow practitioners that these incorrect emotions are not our true selves. The negative beings are disguised as our own thoughts and attempt to control us. I hope other practitioners can recognize that these negative thoughts and emotions are not ours and decisively purge them.