(Minghui.org) My teeth started to hurt while I was eating something in September 2020. I started to look inward and found many attachments, including being attached to food and talking behind other people’s backs. After finding these two attachments in the past, my teeth stopped hurting, but not this time. I was unable to eat anything and even lost approximately 11 pounds.

I read on the Minghui website how a practitioner had asked for Master’s help when she experienced discomfort, and through Master’s enlightenments she was able to find her shortcomings and eliminate her discomfort. I thought I should do the same thing and also ask Master for help.

I realized that while listening to Master’s audio lectures I subconsciously recited what Master was about to say in the following sentence. I have listened to the recordings many times, and this had become a habit. I suddenly realized that I was not being respectful to Master and the Fa. My teeth seemed to stop hurting after I realized this problem. I am grateful to Master for compassionately enlightening me, and I will do better as a Dafa disciple.

The evil used ordinary people to slander Master a while ago. We need to look within ourselves and make sure we are truly respectful of Master and the Fa. We might be interfered with by the evil, and could even do such a dreadful thing. Do we truly believe in Master in regards to the 2020 presidential election? From my own understanding, I think many Americans have not awakened to the harm that the new administration and the Chinese Communist Party will bring society. Master is having the evil show its true colors to expose their evil nature. Master is revealing the truth to sentient beings and allowing people to make the right choice, the choice towards justice and goodness. The choice that sentient beings make will ultimately save them.