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Pay Attention to Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Aug. 22, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner outside China

(Minghui.org) Master asked us to do three things, one of which is to send forth righteous thoughts. At first, I did not know how to do this. After I gradually learned how it helped me avoid unnecessary tribulations. I was also able to help other practitioners who experienced sickness karma by sending righteous thoughts for them. 

Since my celestial eye is closed, I cannot see other dimensions or scenes. I did not feel how powerful it was. I did not know if my righteous thoughts were effective. I actually doubted whether my righteous thoughts had any effect. I think many practitioners whose celestial eyes are closed may have similar issues and they may regard sending forth righteous thoughts as a daily assignment.

During the past 20 years, Master has repeatedly reminded us that we must do the three things well. I knew I should focus while sending righteous thoughts, but when I sent righteous thoughts at the four global times every day, I was not focused and I never thought that they were effective.

Witnessing the Power of Righteous Thoughts

About ten years ago, my three-year-old child suddenly developed a red, itchy rash all over his body. My mother looked after him all night.

The next day, his body became swollen and the rash was much worse. I wanted to send righteous thoughts for him with my husband, who is also a practitioner. But my husband disagreed with me and wouldn’t join me. Although I was a little upset, I thought to myself, “I can send forth righteous thoughts myself.” Then, I focused my mind on sending forth righteous thoughts with all my strength, although I could not see anything.

The next day we were surprised to see our child’s rash had completely disappeared.

I experienced the amazing power of sending righteous thoughts. I feel it was effective because my mind was focused, and I believed I could do it.

However, I was not diligent in cultivation, so for a long time, I still did not treat sending righteous thoughts seriously.

Four years ago, another practitioner suffered serious sickness karma and was admitted to the hospital. I visited her every day after work. She suffered such severe pain and I sincerely wanted to help her. I didn’t think about anything else but focused on sending righteous thoughts for her. She said that as soon as I began, her pain stopped. 

She told me afterwards that not everyone’s righteous thoughts were as effective. I was surprised and I thought it may have been because my intention was pure and I had great compassion for her. 

My ability to send righteous thoughts improved after that experience. I knew that I had divine power. Since Master gave me this ability I needed to use it. Even if I could not see or feel it, I firmly believed that I had divine power. I reminded myself to focus when I sent righteous thoughts. Sometimes, I became distracted but I was able to realize it and immediately re-focus.

Although my celestial eye is closed and I cannot see other dimensions, Master gave me a lot of encouragement. Sometimes I felt that the energy field was strong, and my body became hot. Sometimes I feel that I am huge. Other times I can feel the negative entities diminish in the field of my righteous thoughts. I also felt the realm of compassion.

What I want to share here is the process I went through. In the beginning sending forth righteous thoughts was a formality because I did not feel the power. I gradually felt the extraordinary power of sending righteous thoughts. I started to pay attention to it and I sent righteous thoughts seriously. If we don’t believe that we have such abilities, then do we have faith in Master? In turn, this mentality blocks our capabilities.

At the critical moment of assisting Master to rectify the Fa, let’s keep up with the Fa-rectification process and seriously send forth righteous thoughts to save sentient beings.