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My Thoughts after Reading Hong Yin V

June 9, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I have been studying Hong Yin V for the past few months. At first I thought it was written for ordinary people, and I did not realize that thought was incorrect and disrespectful. I scorned people’s deviated thinking. I wondered how could I even talk to them about Falun Dafa when they are so attached to fame, self-interest, and emotions.

I thought Master wanted us to understand their state of mind and have us tell them about Dafa and urge them to be good.

As I continued to read the poems, some of my attachments were exposed when I encountered issues. I was reading a sacred book with human notions and lacked humility and purity.

I thought I was doing well after more than 10 years of cultivation. I was about to reach consummation, so how could I lecture anyone else? That’s why I thought the book was written for ordinary people to read.

I am a Fa-rectification period practitioner and responsible for assisting Master. Shouldn’t I strive to do well and walk straight on my cultivation path? I wouldn’t be worthy of being a Fa-rectification period practitioner otherwise.

If the book was meant for ordinary people, to let them see their attachments, then I could show them that I’ve eliminated all my attachments and that it was their turn to cultivate. This was such a dangerous thought!

I have not cultivated well even though I’ve been practicing for more than 10 years. I thought I had let go of my attachments, but I discovered something today. I had a negative, indifferent, and passive attitude. Perhaps it was because I felt helpless or resentful to the point of ignoring things. I knew I should not let ordinary society’s things keep me from consummating.

Maybe I was avoiding things. So on the surface I seemed to have let go of things, but I was actually being selfish and sly. I wanted to return to heaven and enjoy life, but I did not want to go through hardships or be disliked. I wanted to avoid conflicts and anything that made me unhappy.

I did not want to change or have the Fa-rectification process touch my “selfish self.” I wanted the best and to live a blessed life in the new universe. I thought I had already given up a lot. I had forgotten that “measuring things out” was a selfish act.

My fake self was conjuring up an ideal outcome, conforming to the thought of the old forces. Previous cultivation methods placed great importance on the cultivation of the assistant spirits, thus the factors behind a practitioner are very complicated. We would not be able to achieve consummation if we were not practicing in the righteous Fa and without Master’s protection.

Although my cultivation has reached the surface, my human notions are still very strong. The attachments want to struggle until the end. I know I should reject them and not treat them as part of my pure nature, but the old forces keep amplifying karma to interfere with me. How are they exploiting the loopholes?

I have been slacking off and becoming complacent and passive in my cultivation the past few years. I have been cultivating alone. I felt lonely and began to spend more time on WeChat, QQ, Baidu, and Taobao.

How much time have I spent on doing the three things? How can I be a practitioner if I haven’t been focusing my energy on cultivation?

I’ve been indulging in good food and fun things, traveling around the world, and following fashion trends. I’ve forgotten that I’ve reincarnated many times, and this time I came here to practice Falun Dafa, so that I can return to my real home.

I have a big house and a car now. Practitioners say that making more money is also a way of validating Dafa. Some say they need WeChat for work and for truth clarification on the Internet, all of which can be counted as validating Dafa and doing the “three things.” Let’s not fool ourselves. We should cultivate instead.

There is not much time or opportunity left for us to cultivate. People are awaiting and expecting us to do better. I hope my sharing will remind practitioners who have not learned to be humble to do better.