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My Understanding of Remaining in the State of a God

June 7, 2020 |   By a practitioner in Japan

(Minghui.org) When I was sending forth righteous thoughts last night and began to exercise divine power to eliminate the evil, I immediately entered into ding. I felt the whole world become tranquil and I entered into an empty open space. My celestial eye is closed, and although I can't see other dimensions, being in the state of ding felt magnificent and extraordinary. It was such a wonderful feeling. I had not reached such a state for a long time. I thought this must be the state of a god.

I enlightened that when you remain in the state of a god, your thinking patterns will be completely different. The way you look at this world and how you think about passing so-called tests will also be completely different. After coming out of ding, I picked up a Dafa book to read and this paragraph jumped out at me,

“A god wouldn't pay any heed to what a human being said about him--you can't affect him. He wouldn't in the least try to figure out how what you do relates to him. He pays no attention at all, because you cannot affect him. Gods can control the human mind and lead humans to do certain things, not vice versa. How could human beings possibly affect gods? So if you wish to become a divine being, don't you yourself have to be that way? Don't you have to let go of those attachments? And don't you have to let go of those feelings of yours that can be stirred up by human beings?” (“Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. VII)

I enlightened that this is the mindset when your heart is outside of the world. You wouldn't even have the concept of passing a tribulation and thus your heart would not be affected at all. You wouldn't think about having to forbear when others treat you unfairly, or even about having to endure suffering resulting from trying to forbear. That is because you would see yourself as a god and your heart would not be affected at all. At this key moment as we assist Master to rectify the Fa, being in the state of a god enables us to easily conquer evil and use our divine powers to overcome difficult situations. I have experienced this deeply in the past during key moments while I have assisted Master in Fa-rectification.

When I couldn't remain in that state for a long time, I started to wonder how I could.

I woke up the next morning to do the exercises. That wonderful state of a god was gone. I fell back into feeling all too “human.” I felt dizzy and my thoughts were not clear. My eyes were watering and my nose was running as I experienced a so-called pollen allergy. I felt despondent and a sense of impatience that came from nowhere. The wonderful state of a god that I had experienced the night before and the understanding I’d gained from it seemed to be a remote memory. 

But my heart for cultivation reminded me: “I must be in the state of a god.” I suddenly thought, “Why don't I exercise my divine powers?” I’d read in an experience sharing article that a Dafa disciple has an army of millions of soldiers. So I directed my army of soldiers to eliminate all the factors behind the incorrect state I was experiencing, because with the abnormal things I was experiencing, I could never reach the state of a god.

After about 10 minutes, my head gradually cleared and I stopped feeling dizzy. The symptoms of the pollen allergy were also gone. I longer felt downhearted. 

There are even more reasons to reach the state of a god during a conflict. Reminding ourselves constantly to not be affected by anything, even the very tiny things—isn't this the same as working hard to remain in the state of a god? In the past, I thought that to try to live by the criteria of a god was too lofty and far-fetched a goal. But if we keep thinking like this, how will we be able to instantly reach the state of a god at the moment when Master receives us for consummation?

The state of a god that Master let me experience that day—and that paragraph of Master's teachings—helped me to enlighten that Master was telling me to deal with everything in my everyday life in that state, the state of a god. I must work hard to achieve that.

In fact, when we really achieve the state of a god, everything will become simple, and you will also become invincible on your journey of cultivation. As a “human,” one's power is weak. But a god has almighty power to solve any problem. So we shouldn't look down on ourselves. When we look down ourselves, we look down Dafa. I challenge myself to regard myself as a god and face all things with a god's thinking and a god's mindset, from today on.