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Practitioners Must to Remember That We Have Divine Powers

June 18, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) When my mother received an indictment and was facing an illegal sentence, I held the letter in my hand and sent forth righteous thoughts continuously for half a day. I did so to eliminate all the old force factors behind this indictment that were trying to put my mother in prison, and at the same time I asked Master to give me a hint about how to completely disintegrate this persecution of my mother.

I called the police officer in charge of my mother’s case the next day and told him: “You need to bring all the witnesses [you cite] to the court. My mother is innocent. If you made up these witnesses, I'll take you to court.”

The police officer, and the case against my mother, disappeared without a trace.

I found that a very crucial aspect of turning things for the better is whether a practitioner can have righteous thoughts immediately upon encountering a tribulation.

Master said:

“Some demons manage to harm our Dafa disciples because the disciples can’t see them, and so the disciples think that they are powerless to turn things around. So those demons have taken advantage of this fact.” (“2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C.”)

Remember, We Are Cultivators

I often read in Minghui Weekly that practitioners are still being harassed and imprisoned, even at this late stage of Fa rectification. This made me feel sad and anxious.

Through my third eye, I saw that the compassion of some Dafa practitioners was not pure enough, and a lack of determination in their hearts was also a factor in their being persecuted. Furthermore, some practitioners did not have a clear understanding of what was happening to them, and thus did not directly confront the old force elements controlling the police or officials from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and eliminate them with righteous thoughts.

We must first regard ourselves as cultivators, and we must be clear that those police or others who attempt to persecute us or interfere with us are being controlled by old force elements and evil spirits. We should use the divine power and wisdom that Dafa bestowed upon us to eliminate these bad elements.

If we handle things with a human mindset, we will not be able to eliminate them, but if we approach things from a cultivator's standpoint the old force elements will disintegrate immediately.

Meeting with Director of Brainwashing Center

I went to meet the director of a brainwashing center to try and get a fellow practitioner released. He reacted very rudely.

Through my third eye, I saw thick dark clouds close behind him, and a scorpion-like monster going straight over his head. Before it entered his body I sent righteous thoughts and asked Master to eliminate this evil being. I then said to the director: “Let's change the subject!”

The director suddenly looked like a different person, and he even said the CCP is no good. I laughed.

Some practitioners believe that police officers are not good people. This belief is formed by human notions. If the old force factors behind them are removed, we would find that most of them are precious lives waiting for salvation.

At this critical moment during Master’s Fa rectification, let us send out strong righteous thoughts together, and disintegrate all of the old force elements that try to manipulate and control these people.

Let's assist Master, save sentient beings, and fulfill our mission.