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Working as One Body: Producing and Distributing Dafa Materials During the Pandemic

May 7, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province

(Minghui.org) Fourteen years ago we set up a Falun Dafa materials production site in my home with Master’s protection and fellow practitioner’s patience and support. Once I learned how to get on the Minghui website I downloaded the Minghui WeeklyMinghui Weekly Newspapers, and other Dafa truth-clarification materials. I then bound them into a truth-clarification booklet. 

There is not a minute when I do not pay great attention to quality. I always use materials from Minghui. I make sure each page is clearly printed. I use coated paper and color printing for the covers, and they look very attractive. I then bind the booklets neatly and seal them in a bag. Fellow practitioners deliver these booklets into the hands of everyday people.

My husband and children all witnessed that it only took me a very short time from being computer illiterate to being able to make beautiful booklets and CDs, install computer systems, and even teach others how to use computers. They were very surprised, and it showed them how powerful and amazing Dafa is. They have subsequently become very supportive and understanding.

The materials production site has been operating smoothly for 14 years, and it has never stopped even during the most difficult times. My technique continued to improve as I became more experienced. I study the Fa daily, do the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts, as these are the fundamental things required to keep the materials production site going smoothly.

Dealing with the CCP Virus Outbreak

The Wuhan Virus (also known as COVID-19) outbreak started in Wuhan City around the Chinese New Year of this year, and soon many provinces, cities, roads, intersections, and residential areas were locked down. Our surroundings changed quite a bit. On the third day of the Chinese New Year, my son’s family returned to their home, and I immediately began making materials. The covers looked almost exactly like the original files. I then bound them into booklets and sealed them in bags. I also printed some stickers. 

A local practitioner came to pick them up on the eighth day of the Chinese New Year. I never stopped making the booklets. Two days later the practitioner came back again and said that everything had been distributed. He picked up several dozen more booklets that I had just made.

The many roads and paths to each of the villages were all closed down one night. Each village only had one entrance to get in and get out, and it was closely guarded. Going in or out required identification, as well as body temperature measurements.

I sent forth righteous thoughts, “Dafa practitioners are awakening people's conscience, and they cannot be stopped. Dafa practitioners are not managed by the rules in the Three Realms.” I also asked Master to help fellow practitioners so that they could smoothly enter the villages to pick up materials. I heard the familiar knocks when it was time. I asked him, “How did you get in?” He said, “No one asked me anything. I just walked in.” 

When it was not convenient for fellow practitioners to get into my community, we scheduled a time, and I took the materials to the appointed place. I also delivered Minghui Weekly to practitioners who were confined at home and shared with them. Some practitioners were inspired by the articles in the Minghui Weekly, found ways to pick up the Dafa informational materials, and distributed them in their communities.

Even though all the communities were in lock-down, it could not stop Dafa practitioners’ hearts from distributing Dafa materials. Our materials production sites continue to operate as usual, and practitioners continue to distribute Dafa informational materials. 

We are actually delivering more Dafa informational materials than we did during normal times. We mainly use the special-issues from Minghui that have content related to the Wuhan virus pandemic, such as how to avoid it by renouncing the CCP, and stories of a patient getting better within one night after reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

I have been making the booklets specifically to fit into a smaller-sized bag, which makes them easier to carry and distribute.

We also continue to print Dafa phrases on currency bills. Practitioners are clarifying the facts to owners of supermarkets, and the owners found that their businesses were doing better when they used the cash containing our Dafa phrases. So fellow practitioners were able to trade small denomination currency with them, and then bring them to me after cleaning and flattening the bills. I then printed the Dafa phrases on them.

Minghui released a new template on January 31, suggesting ways to avoid the virus. Each currency bill is a piece of truth-clarification material and is repeatedly saving sentient beings.

Master said, 

“Right now every minute and every second is crucial. If you miss out during this period of time, you miss out on everything. History won't recur. The history of the cosmos and the Three Realms have gone through so many, long, long years--what have all the beings been waiting for? What are they all here for? For exactly these few years!” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IV)

The sudden arrival of the Wuhan virus has made me feel that the time that’s left is so precious. Since the lock-down occurred, we are continuing to cooperate well, and we have not slowed down in distributing Dafa-related materials. The special situation seems to be limiting us, but as long as we believe in Master and the Fa, keep a correct mindset, and solidly cultivate, our paths will widen.