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After Years of Talking about Dafa, Colleague Agreed To Quit the CCP

May 7, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) I began to talk to a colleague about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations in March 2012. It took eight years to convince her, but she finally agreed on March 14, 2020.

My Work Environment

I was illegally detained by the local public security office for 35 days in February 2012 because I was clarifying the truth about Dafa to people. After being released, I was demoted to the next lower level at work.

My colleagues all knew that I was a good person. No one looked down on me, and everyone liked working with me. Many came to talk to me about the problems they had at work and at home. They treated me like a close friend. I was assigned to be the manager of the office. 

One of my colleagues invited me to her home for dinner, and I brought up the topic of Falun Dafa. I could see fear on her husband's face, and he asked me not to talk about it.

I later often talked to her about cultivation and quitting the CCP. Every time I brought up the topic, she refused to consider it, and the conversation ended abruptly. 

I still talked to her about cultivation now and then, and she was less resistant, but still insisted that she did not believe what I was telling her. I asked her why she always put out food to worship gods during the Chinese New year. She said that it was a ritual passed down from the older generation, but she could not explain why. I told her that maybe it was about respecting God and having faith.

After years of interacting with her, she saw the compassion and sincerity in Dafa practitioners, and she understood why I was clarifying the truth.

When I was going to another practitioner’s house in 2017, she asked if she could come along. Sometimes, when other practitioners came looking for me, she talked to them and invited them over for dinner. When I was in a hurry to leave with other practitioners, she was happy to finish my work for me. 

I thoroughly explained to her the meaning of quitting the CCP in the winter of 2018, but she was still not convinced. She gave me a smile but no answer. 

She came to my home on March 14, 2020. When we sat down, I told her I wanted to get straight to the point. I went on about how I had often told her how important it was for her to quit the CCP, but she was still doubtful. I said, “Now the plague is rampant, and it is dangerous if you don’t quit the CCP. Please don't hesitate any longer.” 

She said, “The world situation is indeed serious. I am now ready to quit.”

I suggested that her daughter quit as well. She allowed me to ask her daughter myself. Her daughter was happy to quit the Young Pioneers, a CCP youth organization.