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Falun Dafa Is Mighty and Merciful

May 7, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) There was a massive arrest of Falun Dafa practitioners in our area a few years ago. Several police cars surrounded my house. The policemen scaled the fence of my yard and busted into my home. They pinned me down on the ground and handcuffed my hands behind my back. They took my computer, printer, cash, and other valuables. They were screaming and yelling.

One of the officers who scaled the fence was crying out in pain. I asked him what was wrong. He told me that his arm was throbbing in pain. It turned out when he jumped down from the fence, his arm was scratched by a tree branch, and he was stung by a poisonous bug.

I suddenly remembered a program in Shen Yun Performing Arts called “the Power of Compassion.” In the story, a policeman got injured and couldn't move while abusing a Falun Dafa practitioner. The practitioner helped the policeman get up, only to be punched by the latter. The practitioner continued clarifying the truth to him without any resentment. The compassion awakened the policeman's conscience. He understood the facts about the persecution, redeemed himself and also began the cultivation of Falun Dafa. The story deeply touched me. I felt the mighty power of Dafa and Master, and I knew it could save all sentient beings.

Facing the injured policeman in my own life, I felt sorry for him and suggested that he wash the wound with cold water and apply some ointment. He did what I suggested and his pain subsided.

Seeing my interaction with the injured officer, the one who pinned me down on the ground loosened his grip and allowed me to sit up. A third officer put a mat on the ground for me to sit. The first policeman that I helped became very respectful.

I was taken to the local police station and sat in an iron chair. The police cuffed my hands behind my back and shackled my legs to the chair. I looked within and sent forth righteous thoughts to negate the persecution. After sending forth righteous thoughts all night, I felt I was enveloped with warm energy.

They interrogated me in the afternoon, but I refused to cooperate with them. They threatened to tear my Dafa book apart. I urged them not to do it, and the policeman that I helped came over. He took the Dafa book and saved it for me.

They took me to the hospital next for a physical exam, and I told the medical staff and other patients how the CCP has been persecuting law-abiding practitioners. Somehow the medical devices broke down one after another, and the doctors could not carry out the tests. The police then took me to a detention center.

I persevered in studying the Fa and doing Falun Dafa exercises while in the detention center. I also sent forth righteous thoughts. The police interrogated me many times afterward. They did not get anything from me and attempted to fabricate evidence against me. They tried to get my neighbor to testify against me, but he refused.

In one of the interrogation sessions, I told the two officers there that they'd be held accountable if they kept persecuting law-abiding practitioners like me. One of them, who I talked to before and already quit the CCP, showed some respect toward me.

The other officer, however, did not believe what I said. As I was trying to clarify the facts to him, he suddenly fell backward in his chair and hit the ground hard. The sound was so loud that it shocked everyone in the room. They were wondering if I had done something to them. They were scared and left in a hurry.

When I was detained, I thought about one question: when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I was able to dissolve part of the persecution, but couldn’t completely negate it.

Later on, I realized that when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I harbored the thought of validating myself, not the Fa. Dafa has its own peerless powers to straighten things out and eliminate the evil. What I should do is to let go of myself, assimilate to the Fa, and let the mighty power of Dafa manifest itself in the human realm.

When I realized that, the notion that I was detained or persecuted dissolved in my mind. My heart was filled with the Fa. Nothing mattered any more, except for the Fa. And nothing could harm me any more, because I was with the Fa.

Shortly after that, I was released.