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My Experience After Being Hit By A Car

May 6, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Jilin Province, China

(Minghui.org)  A car hit me at high speed on January 5, 2020. I was thrown into the air. I don't recall exactly what happened right after, but apparently, I landed in front of the car after being pushed quite a distance. Semi-consciously, I remember hearing someone yelling about calling an ambulance. I opened my eyes and realized I had been hit by a car. I immediately asked Master to help me. “I have many things waiting for me to do. I won't go to the hospital,” I thought.

A young man was next to me. Holding a cell phone, his hand was trembling. “I'm so sorry, Auntie!” He crouched down next to me when he saw that my eyes were open. “I drove too fast and the road was slippery.”

I tried to get up. A bystander yelled, “Don't move now!” I quickly realized that I was not able to move. My tailbone hurt so badly. It felt broken.

“Quickly! Go to the hospital!” A voice yelled. I begged Master to help me, keeping this thought particularly strong and clear: I will not allow the old forces to persecute me. Even if I did something wrong, I have my Master. The old forces should not have any business here!

Instantly, I felt my tailbone came together as one again. The young man who had spoken to me earlier told another man, “Big brother, you can call a taxi and go. I will take her to the hospital,” referring to me.

“You don't need to take me to the hospital,” I told him. “Please help me get up. Then both of you can go on with your day.”

The brothers stared at me in disbelief. I comforted them by telling them that I am a Falun Gong practitioner, and I wouldn’t try to extort money from them. They wanted to take me to the hospital. I told them not to worry about me.

“Have you heard of Falun Gong?” I asked them. “We practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. My Master teaches us to always consider others first.”

I then asked if they heard about “withdrawing from the CCP to keep safe.” They said that they heard of it, but they did not really believe it. I said Falun Gong is for saving people, and I explained to them why people should withdraw from the CCP. I also said that if it was destined that I got hit by their car, then they are destined to be saved today.

Upon hearing this, the two brothers agreed to quit the CCP organizations. The older brother had joined the Youth League, and the younger one was previously a member of Young Pioneers.

They wanted to give me their phone numbers so that I could contact them if I had any injuries from the accident. In order to ease their worries, I refused to take their information. They were very touched and kept thanking me. I told them to recite, “Falun Dafa is good.”

I waited for a bus to go home. When the bus came, it stopped behind another bus. People ran toward it. I walked slowly towards the bus since my back was hurting. I apologized to the driver for being slow and told him that I had just been hit by a car. The bus driver was nervous about my potential injuries and insisted that I sit down before he started driving.

A woman sitting behind me overheard and asked, “Have you got the phone number of the driver who hit you?” I told her that I did not, but that I was fine.

“You didn’t take his phone number? ” She was shocked. “Don't be foolish! How old are you?”

I told her that I was 70. “I practice Falun Gong. I will be fine.”

“You are 70! Cars are made of metal! It's dangerous even if you practice Falun Gong! ”

I explained to her that Falun Gong is supernormal and that all practitioners have Master Li's (the founder) protection. “Why do you think that there were so many people who want to practice Falun Gong, even as the government persecutes them? Falun Gong is indeed amazing for improving people's health. Many cancer patients have been healed after practicing Falun Gong!”

She nodded, and then added, “That driver was so lucky to meet you, a Falun Gong practitioner!” Several other passengers around agreed, and said that in normal cases the driver would have lost at least 200,000 yuan.

After getting off the bus, I found that I was completely fine. My body wasn’t even aching anymore, as it had been when I boarded the bus. I cried, knowing that Master had been protecting me. I knew I could have been seriously injured without his protection. It was just like Master said:

“We have said that good or bad comes from a person’s initial thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

At the time of the accident, my heart was full of compassion. I had considered the driver first, not thinking of myself. I know that Master is always looking after me.

I thank Master for saving me! I will try my best to improve my cultivation.