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The Power of Righteous Thoughts

May 29, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Master said: 

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide”(“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin Vol. II)

Many practitioners have experienced such power. I have truly witnessed Dafa’s power and the power of righteous thoughts.

Computer Works Again After Given a Righteous Job

My son bought a new computer, so he did not need his old one. I thought I could use the old one for Dafa truth-clarification projects. I planned to re-format the hardware. My son said: “It is broken. It often won't restart, the battery is dying, and the cover is broken. I can buy a new one for you.”

I thought the reason the computer was broken was that he played video games on it, and installed too many games on it. However, I needed it to do Dafa projects for saving people. The machine should be happy to do that. I told my son that I would try. 

When I checked the computer, the situation was as my son mentioned. But after being reformatted, it turned on as normal. I told this computer that I installed good and pure stuff on it, and if it behaved well, it could work for me. 

At first, I prepared some simple copies. After a while, I saw that the computer was working very efficiently. Everything was back to normal. I installed more software to help me do Dafa projects. There was never any problem.

A year later, another practitioner helped me update the operating system. He told me: “There is nothing wrong with this computer. The previously bad track is no longer a problem.” It was so amazing. The battery issue was also resolved, with it lasting two to three hours. The computer was six years old.

I couldn’t imagine this happening if I did not experience it. My family was also very surprised. 

This old and dying computer returned to normal functioning after I installed software related to clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa. What about Dafa practitioners? If our minds are all filled with Dafa, what will we be? We definitely would return to our original, true self. 

Righteous Thoughts Brought Back a Dying Secondhand Laptop 

I helped practitioner Bing buy a secondhand laptop, and asked Kai to install a new system on it before giving it to Bing. 

Several days later, Kai told me that there was something wrong with Bing's computer. After the computer was started, it would shut down automatically as soon as the keyboard or mouse was touched. It seemed like a hardware issue. He double- checked it and indeed something was wrong. He asked me if it should be exchanged. 

I did not think too much about it. We studied the Fa together, and sent righteous thoughts. I thought nothing is accidental, so I should look inward. I talked to the computer in my heart: “Is there anything we did not do correctly? If there is, we will correct ourselves based on the Fa. If you have something wrong, please correct yourself. You became a Dafa practitioner’s machine to clarify the truth. This is a great opportunity! You picked a great future for yourself.” 

After sending forth righteous thoughts, I asked Kai to try again to restart the computer. It was amazing, as there was no longer anything wrong with the computer. I tried several times and each time it was fine. Kai was confused about how the problem was resolved. I then shared what I said to the computer when sending righteous thoughts. The computer chose to correct itself. Master Li (the founder) helped it. Kai realized that we do need to send righteous thoughts, and correct ourselves whenever anything negative happens. 

When Kai gave the computer back, Bing said: “It is back to normal, right? When I got this computer I had a negative thought about it: 'Wouldn't it be a problem to use a secondhand computer?' Then it was broken. After you took it, I realized that thought was not righteous. I looked inward and I knew my thinking was not correct. Now, I am sure it is back to normal.” After that, the computer no longer had any problems. 

My understanding is that Dafa cultivation is serious. We should maintain righteous thoughts and correct ourselves at any time and at any place. Everything around us will correct itself. As long as practitioners have righteous thoughts, Master will give us the best!