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Paying Attention to Doing the Exercises and Manifesting Dafa's Power

May 26, 2020 |   By Xiyuan, a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I always thought I did well in certain areas of my cultivation practice. This made me become complacent, however, particularly when it came to doing the exercises. 

Last month, a loophole in my character caused trouble for me. My back and chest began to hurt. I knew it had something to do with my attachment to lust, but I lacked the righteous thoughts to eliminate it. I was short of breath, and the pain I felt made me unable to sleep. My condition was serious. 

My righteous thoughts were insufficient. I then convinced myself that it was my fate if I died. However, I felt I was still entitled to receive blessings, and my life would not have been wasted. 

My wife said she mentioned my situation to other practitioners. I believed my death would not cause much of a disturbance to our cultivation environment. But how would an ordinary person look upon me? The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would take my death as an opportunity to smear Dafa and hamper our efforts to save people. So I came to the conclusion: “No, I cannot acknowledge this persecution. I need to eliminate it.”

I felt bad physically, however, and could not sit, lie down, or lay back in bed against the headboard. It was painful regardless of my position. Then I decided to get up to study the Fa and do the exercises. I did a few complete sets, but my back and chest still hurt afterwards.

I held onto the thought that I only accepted Master Li's arrangements. So I began to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad factors that affected my back and chest. I then fell asleep after a while. 

I was still in pain two days later, but it was tolerable. A few small bumps developed on the left side of my chest and on my back. They were very itchy. As I continued to do the exercises, the bumps disappeared. From then on, I developed the habit of doing the exercises whenever I could. 

As time went on, I felt there was a big change in me. 

In the past, I had strong lust toward my wife. She was better about dealing with this attachment than I was. While I knew it was not right, all I could do was force myself to suppress my desires. Now it is easier for me to eliminate lust when it occasionally emerges. 

I also gained a new understanding about cultivation. How the future will be is not something we can know based on our current experience of life. The elimination that Master has mentioned many times has already begun in the world. The CCP will attempt its last futile struggle. However, we cannot relax. 

We need to follow Master’s requirement to diligently study the Fa and do the exercises. This way we will have more power to eliminate the final evil factors. We will also have more wisdom and capability to clarify the truth to people about Dafa. Only then can we truly manifest the power that Master has bestowed upon us. 

If one relaxes, however, and makes all sorts of excuses to hide laziness, desires, and other attachments, it will be disastrous when calamity strikes. We are fortunate to cultivate Dafa in this lifetime. We can remain calm no matter how things change in this world. 

I used to have dreams about being back in the prison cell where I was persecuted. It appeared that I lacked the motivation to eliminate this interference. Now it’s different. I can utilize the divine power of Dafa to affect change. In some dreams, I am able to clarify the truth to people and even felt that I was flying freely. 

I used to feel uneasy and disgusted when the police or people from the neighborhood association visited me. Now, when they call or meet with me, I feel calm. All I think about is how to save them. 

On the surface, they were also friendly. They said they only came to see how I was doing. I told them I would not change my belief and will cultivate to the last second of my life. 

They said it was okay if I wanted to do the exercises at home, implying that I should not go out to talk to people. I told them they did not have the final say-- not even about the promises they make. They admitted it and said there was no other way they could be in such a system. I felt sorry for them. 

My business was recently affected by the CCP virus. It remains closed. I passively accepted the situation at first. After a while, I changed my mind and felt it should not be that way. These tribulations were for ordinary people and practitioners should not bear them. I added a thought when sending forth righteous thoughts, to eliminate the economic persecution that the old forces imparted on us. Pretty soon, phone calls started coming in for business. 

I feel that the cosmic change has come to the stage that the CCP is perishing. It’s about time it faces retribution for its deeds. Eliminating the evil and letting those party members face retribution is the best manifestation of righteousness!